Luxurious Perfection.
Pure Sensory Joy.

The crown jewel in the world of wall panels, PoshFelt® is pure elegance in any application.


PoshFelt® is a confluence of style, class, and character, where top-tier acoustic control comes standard. Made from 100% natural and renewable wool, designed by architects and crafted with care.

Feeling Felt

The Feeling of Felt

When you walk into a room with PoshFelt®, you feel it before you feel it. You are surrounded by quiet comfort and stillness of mind, as it dampens sound and insulates your world, freeing you to focus on the present moment.

This feature-rich, plush and premium material is designed to set you at ease with a premiere tactile experience that reads “absolute luxury” in Braille.

Plush Hush

The Plush Hush

PoshFelt’s® edge comes from its softness. While similar products use synthetic materials that feel hard and hollow, we take the high road by delivering a premiere tactile experience that invites people to interact with the world they move through. Our super- soft felted surface makes an immediate, tangible difference that transforms its environment. It invites curiosity, and begs to be approached, to be marveled at and thought about, to be remembered, and to be felt.

Whether a room has a single feature installment, or wall-to-wall coverage, PoshFelt® makes a statement across more senses than any other paneling solution. The quieted hush provided by the presence of PoshFelt® gives a sense of reprieve from a busy day, dulling out the distracting noise of our busy lives.

Place For People 3

A Place for People

We live in a world of efficiency and productivity. The structures we move through are made of drywall, fabricated steel and concrete, fitted together to make impressive but often hollow-feeling echo chambers.

We want to bring the human touch back into these settings, to create environments that promote community, comfort, and tranquility without sacrificing in visual aesthetic. PoshFelt® achieves exactly that, in as many functions, styles and colors as you can imagine.


Have the perfect conversation over a cup of coffee, insulated by the plush luxury of wool felt. Feel as comfortable out at dinner as you would be in your own home.



Find the perfect look. PoshFelt® has a dizzying array of applications and colors that can be suited to any environment. See the beauty in the marriage of function and style, with a physically compelling installment.



Allow yourself to become absorbed in something. Experience a stillness of mind like no other, and let yourself be overtaken by tranquility. Let your thoughts drift in an atmosphere of meditative calm and luxurious comfort.

Calm Lady


PoshFelt® is comfort that can be applied anywhere. Our soft and humble materials help to cut through the stress of everyday life in the office, or any place that has people desperate for a break.

Man Comfort


Communicate importance, gravity, and luxury. PoshFelt® is the unparalleled choice for a premiere tactile experience. Make a statement with a feeling of elegance that can’t be ignored and won’t be forgotten.