Regardless of the style and type of the business, interior decoration is the ultimate catch for the commercial settings to impress customers, clients, and guests. While decorating a commercial space from scratches, or revamping an existing commercial interior, everyone wants that the indoor should have a modern look and feel. At the same time, no one wants the interior to look outdated in just in a few years. Decoration costs money and, that is why all investments should be judiciously made.

It is no secret that keeping up with the design trends is tough. Like fashion, the decoration landscape is dynamic. It goes for new changes after some time, and this makes interior decoration a challenging job. Maybe, you are thinking how to achieve timeless interior decoration when there is so much fluidity. However, this is possible to accomplish.  Sticking to the design fundamentals will let you have a commercial interior that will look absolutely fresh and modern, and it will not be outdated in a few years down the lane. Here are some of the tips that you can follow.

1. Let there be light

Light and light alone can let you have a timeless interior decor of a commercial setting. Studies show that bringing in natural light in any commercial indoor elevates the space. A wall to wall glass window can be instrumental in decorating commercial interiors. In case, you need to cover the windows, it should be done in such a way that allows a great part of the natural light to pass through. If you are constrained by minimum natural light, zonal and indirect lighting is the best for creating an amazing interior.

2. The minimalist approach helps to stay stylish

While making the bright interior boosts up the decoration, attention must be given to the objects that may cause distractions. The thumb rule of the decor trend is to stay low for getting maximum effect. That is, you must keep the commercial interior as simple as possible, so that it is not crowded with objects, and do not distract the people there. With the minimalist approach, you have to dust less as well.

3. Engage the senses

Engaging the senses of the people around is a timeless commercial decor trend that continues to pay dividends in the ever-changing interior decoration scenario. Studies show that when people are near nature, they become relaxed and productive. So, why not include a green element in the commercial interior? This will jazz up the place in a jiffy. For these, you may opt for the faux greens that need no maintenance but are absolutely like their natural cousins.  

4. Introducing clean lines pays a dividend

There is no denying that everything becomes outdated eventually. However, the ornate ones are likely to be out of style faster than the plain and simple things. Furniture in the commercial indoor must have geometric shapes with simple black and white combination. This will create a simple contrast and also help to improve the illumination. These are more likely to pass the test of time.

5. Contrasts can do havoc

Introducing color contrast in the commercial interior is a great way to timeless decoration.  Every color has its own stimulating effect and it increases to a great degree when colors are perfectly balanced.  You can play with your imagination to introduce the best color contrast for making the place vibrant. As a thumb rule, you can mix dark orange, black, and white to make the indoor precious.

6. Splurge on the accent

Quality accent items are sure to pass the test of time. Always avoid the trendy items and instead introduce some classic art pieces to elevate the commercial indoor. Although these involve some cost, they will let you enjoy their beauty for many years to come. Moreover, these can always be interchanged to impart a new look.

7. Have functional furniture

Furniture is meant to be used. So, introduce only those things that have great functionality and are comfortable as well. Office furniture must make the people there more productive and so; get only those that are good to work with, rather than being chic and admirable.

8. Do not discard the natural items

As trends continue to change, the natural material returns. So, if there is oak furniture or beams, those should never be changed. These are both beautiful and functional and are unlikely to be outdated than the artificial materials.

9. Go for neutral colors

With changes in trend and style color concepts also change. While there are many shades that can warm up the commercial interior, only a neutral can deliver a timeless elegance to the office space. Introduce these to make the commercial indoor chick and classy regardless of the present trend.

10. Let walls lead the way

Plain and bare walls make a commercial interior dull and drab. When walls are used as a canvas, they deliver an inspiring ambiance and make people charged. Other than embellishing the office walls with art pieces and paintings, adorning the walls with wool felt panels add elegance and sophistication to the commercial indoor.  

Where to buy wool felt

It is easy to buy wool felt fabric based wall panels. CSI Creative have wide varieties of modular wall panels to provide turnkey solutions for any commercial indoor. These are double-faced perforated panels made from 100% wool felt.  CSI offers wall panels in more than 160 designs and in 4 different collections; Cumulus Collection, Flaps Collection, Stencil Collection and Planner Collection. These panels are weather resistant and conform to the class ‘A’ fire rating as per ASTM E84.  Other than making the commercial interior elegant, these also provide acoustical insulation. The great thing about these panels is that they are durable and can withstand impacts and shocks. Provided with pin-able surfaces, these are easy to install. These panels have no toxicity and cause no allergies and, hence, ideal for indoor decorations. Coming in a variety of colors, patterns, thickness, graphics these can lift up the indoor decoration to the next level.