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The consistent rise in easy transportation from one corner of the world to another is what keeps hotels and resorts in business. With the growing quantity of visitors every year for business conferences to family vacations, you need to match up to your client’s expectations on every level. Yes, management is a big part of the game but what about how the place looks? Does the lobby look welcoming? Is the room too elegant or overburdened with décor? Read on to know how you can put a warm spin for your clients to find a home away from home.

Winter décor with warm wool felt a texture

With the arrival of winter in most parts of the world, the festive seasons are showered upon us. To keep up with the theme, you can go for a cozy and comfy look for the rooms at your hotel or resort. No, you don’t need to switch up modern furniture for traditional wooden ones to get this right. What you need is to buy wool felt fabric. Warm tones like Cranberry, Cocoa, and Wolf Gray are just some of the winter friendly tones that would set the right mood with wool felt. Let’s take a quick look at what wool felt has to offer-

Hanging panels for a cozier makeover-

Wool felt hanging panels due to their original thickness can stand on their own externally the need for back-up which makes them more user-friendly and looks exceptionally chic. It can also be customized with perforations of varying designs to suit your need, and since it is a non-woven material, there is zero need for extra work to finish off edges. The best part about this wool felts is that it bears excellent acoustical feature which makes it perfect for use in unique conference rooms for business meetings or rooms in general at your hotel. It is also naturally fire-retardant, which is an extra thumb up for use in any commercial space, where you have to worry about your client’s safety.

Companies like CSIPoshFelt manufacture hanging panels made from 100% wool felt and made from the sustainable and recycled material. Using a warm-toned hanging room divider, you can create more defined spaces in a large room thereby giving it a makeover with multiple small areas making the entire setup look cozier. The grand idea is to have such hanging wool felts installed right at the foot of the bed in the room to have a room within a room effect using a bigger space to create smaller ones.

Floor Coverings for a room up-do-

wool felts work great as a floor covering, using a mix of warm tones like Cranberry and Wolf Gray or Cocoa and Champagne you can have the floors looking more modern but with a warmer feel to it. This look is extremely appropriate for the winter.

Fall color palettes for a modern take on remodeling

Autumn brings with it some little color palettes which when used right can create wonders in your room décor. Colors like burnt orange, sienna, mocha, espresso, garnet are just some to name right off an interior designer’s list for fall colors.

A touch of warmth with wall panels-

When it comes to changing room décor for an overall makeover, wall panels come to mind right off the bat. Opting for colors like chocolate for wall panels and furniture with accents like cream or orange works way better, than just switching furniture for getting a comfier look.

Pretty up the ceilings-

As you embark on the journey to transform your hotel rooms, you will come across several accessories, that can use up the already existing space to make it look cozier, and one such vital element is hanging panels from the ceiling. This is best for remodeling the interior décor with a modern approach while making sure space looks warmer than before. These are available in many forms, sizes, shapes, and color, mostly pre-designed but to have your hanging wall panels customized for a specific look, you can go for CSIPoshFelt products which offer a wide range of designs to you to choose of and personalize.

Acoustic Ceiling Baffles-dampening noise with style-

Now, these babies are not just for fall but can be put to good use for all the year round. These work very well for conference halls, meetings rooms where you can use the sound dampening or absorption technique to make sure space is more user-friendly for your guests. While hanging panels for ceiling works well for a single room or double room, these are mostly used in bigger spaces to make them look cozier. Most commercial spaces go for colors like Ecru, Wolf Gray, and Dove Gray to keep such business spaces look professional when it comes to choosing colors for ceiling baffles.

Summer décor- it’s not just about orange shades

It would be completely unfair to talk about making your space look warmer and leaving out the summer season. Yes, with the heat you might think cool undertones work better, but only when outside. An area of relaxation like a hotel room must look cozier all the year round. Instead of draping up, to open up space more in summer while making sure your guests feel comfy enough to call it home, for the time being, opt for ceiling tiles or wall panels with colors like exotic orange, refreshing lime, magenta and nautical navy.

You can find similar colors at CSIPoshFelt with more product options like a stencil for indoor space separation. A well thought-out décor can make the stay for your guests a wonderful experience; you can mix and match according to seasons to spruce-up the décor with wool felts, panels and more anytime.

Change your hotel room décor without dropping a sweat. Room décor ideas for specific seasons with the right color palettes for each is here to set the climate right for the guests staying at your hotel or resort. Starting from colors to various modern accessories like wall panels, hanging panels from ceilings everything you need to know is here for creating a warm and cozy space for your clients.