The Romantic S Guide To Transforming The Look And Feel Of Hotel Rooms

Couples, traveling for their honeymoon or on a romantic getaway, are excellent prospects for the hotel industry. Providing them, a comfortable stay while at your hotel or resort ensures a possibility they would think of your business in the future again. To make their stay more intimate and pleasurable experience, here’s a list of few things you can do to your hotel room beside impeccable service to add to your business growth.

Ditch the frills

A very pseudo-romantic idea that most hotels have is to add more frills and heart cushions to make the couple at home. Go for something more subtle that doesn’t scream love all the time but is in a way traditional like silk or satin with very soft color palettes like pastel gold, soft mint green, pale turquoise for the walls, sheets, bed with the addition of vintage furniture thrown in there. This would give the room a cozy vibe while keeping it simple and unique.

Additional Accessories- Choosing wisely

When it comes to accessorizing, it can either uplift the romance or completely set you off it, when chosen poorly. Here are amazing things you can add to your room to accessories it for the right cozy and intimate environment.

Wool felt for ceilings: making rooms cozier since their advent

Get yourself a ceiling with wool felt hangings, and half your work is sorted. This material available in many shades has a very subtle approach to room decoration while making the space look fuller, comfier and cozier. Now choosing the right color is a crucial step. For a more romantic look choose warmer colors when you buy wool felt fabric. Colors like wolf gray, chocolate, a warm toned purple make the view from every corner appear comfy. Companies like CSIPoshFelt sell 100% wool felt, which can help you transform the ceilings and walls beyond your imagination.

Hanging Panels: The modern approach to romance

Just because a piece of accessory is modern and not traditional doesn’t mean it makes the room any less intimate. Hanging felt panels are the bomb. They can make any big space seem cozier but not confined, as they come in different patterns, shades and can be customized to your preference. If you choose a pastel shade for the room like ecru or pastel pink you can go for grey hanging panels made from felt. These act as dividers and when placed wittily can change the vibe with a modern approach.

Stencils as wall panels: Do more with the walls

Keeping up with the modern take on a romantic room décor, use a stencil. You can get stencils with acoustical fiber materials which are available with tons of graphics options. If you are planning on giving the room a vibrant splash of colors goes for stencils with orange accents with a little bit of the same color strategically incorporated on the bed or other furniture in the room. Not only do stencils look and act great as room dividers, if you wish to keep the space in the entire room or suite more open while being intimate, but the stencil is also your friend.

Hanging panels from ceiling: Modern and fun

Just a cozy bed doesn’t cut it anymore; you need to refurbish the view from the bed as well. Hanging panels are one such thing that lets you use an already existing space for a fuller look. These ceiling panels are customized and modified depending on color, material, and design. You can have your eccentric hanging panels for the ceiling from CSIPoshFelt. They use sustainable materials for all their panels, making your business more environmentally friendly. Companies providing such products have a lot of color options for you to choose from, but when you are aiming at a romantic décor either go for an entire pastel setup with a bit of modern furniture or go for a warmer toned set up with vintage furniture.

The little things on the shelves

Often we see these cute small set of candles that look so pretty on a shelf or table, yes, those are not to be restricted to a home décor when it comes to a romantic setup. You can have two or three vibrant pieces set up in the room, for the couple to light up and enjoy a quiet evening. These can work so well for a room décor when used right. You can get the scented ones for spicing things up for your guests a little more.

Let there be light

The right set of lights can set the mood just right. When couples enter the room, they are looking for more than just a homely comfy stay. This means you are in-charge for the right setup. Dim lights, wall sconces, overhead lights look so much more flattering than harsh fluorescents. These can work wonders for the living space, making it seem more welcoming and intimate for anyone to have a good time.

Setting hearts on fire

Rom-coms have us thinking about this beautiful space with a fireplace. A real fire with wood or gas brings in a warm, relaxing and intimate feel to the entire living space. If you already have rooms with fireplaces great, if not go for electric ones, they are quite useful for providing the right ambiance for a romantic room.

Nothing speaks of love like flowers

A little flower arrangement on the tables or shelves can work way better than petal heart patterns on the bed; they are so out of trend. Add a little bit of nature to the room with the seasonal picks. Adding flowers can bring a fresh breath of air to any room décor, and a romantic set-up remains incomplete without nature’s best creation.

You can now do so much more to make your hotel room the right place for romance. From the right color palettes to accessories, accents, and furniture, everything you need to spice things up for your client’s romantic getaway, this year.