acoustic wall panels

Traditional offices are dull and terrifying. If you find people taking selfies at the office, they will share the photos on the Instagram. An attractive office is the best to capture the attention of the social media for increasing your brand image. Try a couple of these to make your office Instagram worthy.

Make the blank screen pretty with wallpaper

Most of the office employees are now stuck to the computers throughout the day. This makes them feel bored and tired. Adding a screensaver or wallpaper can significantly improve the aesthetics of the office.

Plenty of these is available on the web. You can download free desktop wallpapers and screensavers to add prettiness to the blank screen. Moreover, including a green screen also improves the mood of the employees.

Jazz up the mouse and the mat

Even the smallest features can have a significant impact on the office décor. Changing the mouse and the pad to colorful designs can make the desk look beautiful. A large variety of ergonomic mouse and floral mouse pads are available in the market. Get those for improving office décor.

Bring colors in the office

Colors are great mood elevators and help enhance the beauty of the office. To create a sharp image on the Instagram, choose a shade that matches your business profile. This will help to create a beautiful brand image on the social media.

Include cute sitting arrangements

The present-day office decoration theme thrives on making it as comfortable as home. Using sofas and bean chairs make an office cozy and comfy. In case you are short on budget, you can easily musk the ugliness with a throw.

Better plump the chairs with IKEA sheepskin rug and can also add cushions on the chairs. You can strategically change the position the cushions and pillows every time you take a snap.

Get everything organized

Most of the offices have things scattered on the table. Such things create a poor show when photos are shared on the social media. You should organize the accessories on the table in different trays for imparting a beautiful look.

Better use different trays for mugs, pencils, stationery and other items that you need every day. You can use IKEA components for this. Otherwise, you may get some cheap trays and coat those with varnish. This will also let you beautify the office.

Decorate the desk with a board

Using a cock board is a great way to decorate the office desk. Paint it in your favorite color and display magazine cutouts, photos, stickers, ribbons, or anything else that inspires you. You can also download pictures and have those pinned on the board.

Alternatively, you can also use a pegboard, or may also opt for a minimalist approach with a grid board. These will let you beautifully showcase the stuff. If you like simple things, then choose for clipboards with masking tapes. Organize the boards displaying similar kind of things together for a better look.

Crazy wall arts help elevate the office

The earlier decor trend was to adorn the office walls with readymade framed pictures. At present office design theme opts for displaying something that is enjoyable to you. It could be anything from your first sketching to displaying the jersey of your favorite team. Even a family picture makes good impressions when someone shares a selfie on the Instagram.

Include a designer lamp to improve the mood

Maybe your office is flooded with natural light and has the right illumination. Mind, lights are not always used for making a place bright. Lights can also be used to impart a touch of homeliness to your desk.

Lighting also holds the key to be creative. There are many options available. You may favor a shaded lamp or a pendant lamp for creating excellent zonal lighting. Make sure that your choice of lights complements the overall design of the office.

Consider attractive window treatments

Window treatments also play havoc when improving the office aesthetics. You should consider selecting the right type depending on if you want to harvest or shield the sunlight. Many options are available as roller shades, drapery, etc. Get one that suits your overall design.

Have creative accessories

Majority of the people tend to fiddle with something when taking a tense call. Print the logo of the organization on all desk accessories. This will drive your office miles ahead of others every time your photos land on the Instagram.

Keep it nice and simple

Decoration does not mean that it has to be intricate. Fill the office with sweet and straightforward decor elements. You can also play with lines and patterns for making the office space appealing to the followers. By periodic change of the looks, your business stands better chance to be a great Instagram success.

Style up with felt wall panels

No matter what is the size of your office, you can style it up with custom felt wall panel. You can choose from varieties like Flaps collection, Stencil collection, Planner collection, Cumulus collection, Fin, Ladder, Partition, shield, etc. These let you have the soft and calm feeling of ‘felt’ with a luxurious perfection.

Available in a plethora of designs, these are great for improving the aesthetics. Using these in the office also helps to dampen the noise. Made from sustainable and environment-friendly materials, these are weather resistant, non-hygroscopic and non-allergenic.

These felt acoustic wall panels are a brilliant option for masking the wall falls. Since these are fire rated, you can use these safely in the offices. The felt hanging panels are also great for defining zones in the office and require minimum installation.

Moreover, these also provide thermal insulation to the office walls. Coming in a variety of designs these add a nice texture to the office.


Your office reflects who you are and what you are. Making an office space unique and posh also boosts up the organization. Maybe you are thinking to improve the look and feel of your office. These inspiring ideas will ignite a passion for working with the people around.