Countryside Decor Ideas That Look Great In Urban Homes

There is no denying that it is hard to resist the rustic charm of country homes. Even if you are an urban inhabitant, the countryside lures you. It adds a finesse of traditional beauty to make the place warm and welcoming. Here are some tips on blending the country décor themes to create your urban home heaven.

What is it?

This is just as it sounds and depicts aesthetics that relate to the local designs. It banks on local traditions and involves adorning the place with objects that have passed through generations. It takes inspiration from nature. The main essence of this décor theme is simplicity and elegance.

Mainly neutral and natural elements like wood, rock, and other organic material are used in countryside décor. Infusing these into modern decorating theme helps to jazz up the ambiance of the urban homes.

Embrace with color

The biggest challenge in implementing country décor themes into the urban apartments is to balance the traditional and modern. Colors play a vital role in this aspect. All countryside décor color motifs and designs are taken from nature. The country homes also have a contrast of colors that you can use in your urban homes.

Revolving round white and cream is a good option for the interior. You can use vibrant colors for great outdoors. Other than color, patterns are also essential elements of the country decor style. Do not hesitate to have a blend of stripes, checks, and spots.

For a strong visual impact, paint the room with the main color. Next, play with stripes and other patterns for beds, curtains, and artifacts. This will deliver you a gorgeous country like urban home.

Celebrate the heritage

Countryside décor ideas are in favor of embellishing with heritage items. You should have some decorative pieces that take you down the memory lane. It could be anything from an art piece inherited to something that reminds your grandpa. You can also get anything of national heritage.

Choose timber floor and furniture

Woods have irresistible natural beauty. This simple item is perfect to deliver a rustic country look to any home. It improves the aesthetics manifold when you invest in antiques. Covering the floor with timber converts the house into a place with warm vibes.

Install hardwood flooring in your urban home. Additionally, you can also cover up the ceiling with timber. This will transform the house into a cozy country-like place no matter where you stay.

Several varieties of wood like reclaimed woods, dark woods, and cherry woods are available. You can get any based on your choice and budget. Making floating shelves with timber also delivers a great countryside view.

Including an elegant bed makes a high focal point in the room. You can also include a farmhouse type wooden dining table with matching chairs. Having cottage type wooden furniture also imparts a great country style.

Transform the kitchen to country style

Having a country style kitchen is a popular option to introduce countryside theme in the urban homes. It helps to create a traditional rustic cuisine. You start with the cabinets for implementing this. Square type cabinet doors are a good choice.

Remove all Formica tops and replace those with wood. It is better to use salvaged wood. If you can introduce old fashioned porcelain sinks, that will add a more countryside feeling. Consider using traditional kitchen accessories for improving the look.

Include open shelves in the kitchen to emphasize the countryside décor themes. You can also have a farmhouse type table for imparting a rustic look. There should be a freestanding cooker for baking at home.

Consider having an outdoor kitchen with BBQ

Outdoor kitchen with Barbeque is great for imparting a countryside look. This also impresses the visitors. Have it on the lawn at a safe distance from the house. It should be a log or charcoal fire type to have a countryside look. In case you stay in an apartment, you may have a balcony BBQ. Of course, you have to follow the local fire and safety regulations.

Have a relaxed arrangement

Do not get carried away with the misconception that countryside décor always looks rustic. It also features a comfortable layout of the furniture and other accessories. While styling your home, you may have a rocking chair with a vibrant colored cushion. Add handmade wooden furniture in varying styles, where formality is the issue.

Also, cover windows with linen and cotton draperies. Include nature-inspired items like twigs and dried branches into the home for a countryside feeling. Adorn the home with heritage antiques, decorative potteries, carved wood, hand painted textiles, etc.

Refresh with decorative felt panels

Infusing country décor ideas impress the guests and make urban homes beautiful. This also makes it more comfortable with a vibrant ambiance. Sound pollution is predominant in the urban areas. That is why it is better to dampen the noise level with acoustic felt tiles.

These feature-rich premium wall panels are designed to provide luxury and comfort. It reduces the noise level in the home without compromising the aesthetics. The great thing about this is that it can deliver a calm and tranquil feeling.

The felted tiles are available in precise geometric shapes. There are many collections like planner collection, flaps collection, cumulous collection, etc. These design-savvy felt wall panels are manufactured using non-toxic, VOC free and recyclable wools. As such, they do not cause any health hazards.

These are LEED certified, and flammability conforms to ASTM E84 Class ‘A’ type. Thus, it is safe to use for home decoration. The custom felt wall panel comes in a wide range of colors to fit any décor theme. These are non-hygroscopic and durable. It can also absorb impacts and shocks. These make it ideal for home decoration.


It is not necessary that your style should always fit the conventional box. In fact, when inspirations come from different décor styles, it makes the place a cut above others. Try these tips, and you will get a great urban home with a countryside look and feel.