acoustic felt wall panels

A restaurant of your dreams is where guests find delicious food and share the excellent dining experience with friends or family members. While space should be inviting for guests, it must have a simultaneous calming effect. With architectural innovations, restaurants have become a place of joy and tranquility, beyond the functional attributes of food or hospitality service. The visual design or the decor of the room plays a vital role in linking valuable guests with room ambiance. The décor sets the mood for the special day. Apart from visual feel, sound balancing or acoustic feature is something essential.

Better acoustic features help people interact better with their loved ones during dining. Room acoustics during business meetings helps create better professional ties. Listening power is enhanced in rooms with superior acoustic features. Investing in the right restaurant décor comes with financial outlays. But if planned correctly, this creative input can show more of innovative aspect and less of capital expenditures.

Introducing better acoustics with felt

To introduce useful acoustic features in the restaurant, certain structural modifications are required. The incorporation of felt acoustic wall panels in the room is one such structural feature.

Felt is a light material with soundproofing abilities. It is highly durable. Use of felt provides a textural and minimalist feel to the room. It helps to create a space with an elegant feel and a calming effect upon the observer. Felt has thermal insulation abilities too. For its visual and functional features, felt is used in making it a wide variety of décor materials like wall panels, ceilings, coverings, tiles, and partitions. Felt materials are available in multiple colors and patterns.

Acoustic wall panels made of felt regulate sound propagation and provide a pleasing appearance to the room at the same time. Some of the excellent varieties of felt acoustic wall panels are even resistant to Ultraviolet light. Felt has another functional element. It can be molded to form a variety of customized products to suit the project need. Investing in felt panels is a cost-effective way of creating beautified restaurant interiors. Application of felt provides a cooling effect to the room.

These are available in many colors and designs, but the list is growing every day to suffice for customer’s delight. For its softness, felt materials are good to touch as you walk along inside the restaurant. The quietness imparted by felted surfaces takes you away from the boredom of daily life, to another Pacific world where you feel close to your inner self.

Creating reserved spaces for family meetings

Felt partition introduces virtual separation inside the restaurant space. So, while one family interacts with members, the other guests are not disturbed by the commotion. Felt partitions make space look sophisticated.

Acoustic features of a restaurant can be rectified using felt tiles. Felt tiles bring a touch of sophistication and elegance to the venue. Different colors of felt tiles can be tried to create multiple thematic backgrounds. Felt tiles regulate additional sound flow and mitigate echo effects to enhancing perfect communication between friends or families.

Creating rooms for precious family moments or friendly Hangouts

Restaurants provide separate spaces where occasions such as birthdays are celebrated. Such rooms must have superior acoustic characteristics. Family members and friends must be able to share the joy of the moment. But the sound produced due to their zest and rejoicing must not flow elsewhere. The incorporation of felt based materials regulates sound transmission. Backgrounds for the floor can be designed using designer felt tiles.

Using felt for designing corporate spaces

Apart from being sharing points for families, restaurants also serve as inviting corporate spaces. Restaurant spaces are used for corporate events like promotions and corporate parties like the inauguration, centenary celebration, etc. Many firms organize key promotional events in big restaurants and invite a sizeable hi-fi audience as guests. So, hospitality services to guests become very important.

Promotions mostly involve a delegate or a speaker, who is supposed to present personal views or information on a certain topic. On such occasions, speakers have to address the esteemed audience and initiate the promotional event. It is important that the speaker’s voice connects to the audience. A room with good acoustic elements enables the speaker to establish eye contact with esteemed audience members including chief guests. The listening audience will also feel more involved in the speech if the acoustics are proper. So, the room must have structural features which facilitate comfort in listening and speaking process during an important corporate event. Consequently, the presence of acoustic felt in such a room makes a corporate event more successful and fruitful.

Corporate parties such as an inaugural party may have staged functions like songs, dances, award shows and interactive stage discussions. Since the opening party is a crucial event in forming a firm’s brand image, the light and sound effects on a special day must be well regulated. There should be merriment for the guests, but not at the cost of disturbance to the adjacent rooms. If the walls are insulated with acoustical felt wall covering, the guests will have fun and commotion will not exceed fair limits.

If the hosting firm invites a celebrity singer to perform on stage, it is essential that the audience rejoices the function in full fervor. There should be no loss of harmony generated through the singer’s voice. The presence of acoustic felt wall panels will enable you to achieve the goal with ease. Similar is the case when a professional dancer or group performs on stage and creates magic there. Efficient acoustics help the audience to catch the mesmerizing influence.

Centenary celebrations are also splendid get-togethers and play great function in building or reshaping a company brand image. Such events are organized in big halls. The success of the grand celebration depends on many features involving room aesthetics, acoustics, hospitality, food quality, etc. If any of the critical factors is missed out, the day of celebration will lose its impact on the audience. Acoustic felt based materials help a great deal by creating such sophisticated interiors.