How To Make Your Kitchen The Superstar Of The House

Most of you inspect the bedrooms and the bathroom in the house before finalizing a deal to either buy it or take it on rent. The choices of a large and fancy kitchen may not be many. Often you have to make do with a small kitchen with bare minimum accessories and space.

Just like you decorate your living room and bedroom, you need to try out some simple tricks to make your kitchen into the superstar of your house.

Colour and Décor

The best colors for a kitchen are shades of cream, white, green, and orange. Use pastel colors if your kitchen is small. These will give it volume and space. Take care to use the same color throughout rather than mixing them. Color breaks make the room look smaller. Add just a dash or two with flowers, a motif, kitchen towels, appliances, cushion cover, stool, jar, etc.

Floor, Walls, and Ceiling

Place anti-skid tiles on the kitchen floor. Avoid loose rugs as you can slip on them quickly and cause accidents. The floor could have a darker shade to keep it looking clean. But do this only if you have a big room. Fix felt tiles on the flooring for that stunning look. These are anti-skid and will last a long time.

Use either pure white or a large design on the ceiling to give a grand look to it. You can also use the pretty felt ceiling tiles for that wow look. Try the felt acoustic wall panels to keep sounds of the mixer from going into the room where your child studies or your family sleeps. They will bless you for it.

Paint the walls shades of white to give depth. Or you could fix felt tiles of your choice. Further, there is an option of sticking colorful wallpaper too.

Lights and Ventilation

There is a variety of bright lights and lamp shades available in the markets. Most chimneys and hobs have an inbuilt light in them. Don’t put diffused or colored lights in the kitchen. The simpler the fittings, the prettier they look. Arrange for as many windows as possible for that natural light and air. Don’t forget to fix an exhaust fan if you have no kitchen chimney or vent fitted. Place sheer shades or blinds on the windows. Avoid silk or synthetic drapes and curtains near the cooking devices. Tie them up with pretty bands while cooking. If budget allows, fix an air conditioner. The homemaker will be more than pleased to spend long hours in the kitchen.

Storage and Cabinets

The best kitchen is one who is neat and clutter-free. Utensils lying around on the shelves not only are a put off to the eye, but also make the work more complicated. Fix drawers on channels and cabinets with pull out shelves on channels. These are easy to clean and use as well. Have a pull-out larder which stores all your groceries.

Have cabinets from floor to ceiling. Customize the interiors according to the requirements of your family. Alternately, you could have shelves or drawers only below the countertops. This allows room for more windows to bring in natural light. This too depends upon the size of the kitchen and the family. Arrange to hang your pots and pans from the ceiling.

Give an impressive look to your kitchen by using safe and colorful felt wall covering and felt partition. These are easy to maintain and fire retardant too. Try to place a stainless steel sheet behind the gas stove or the hob. This is very easy to clean as it won’t hold stains. It is also safer than other materials when it comes to fire safety.

You may have the luxury of a having enough space to fix a kitchen island at the center. You may use this to place your cooking devices like the hob or the gas stove here. You can also place the kitchen appliances as a central place for preparing cooking. Additionally, the island may be used as a family dining table with high stools placed around it. This makes life so much simpler for the homemaker. Storage drawers can be fitted below the island top.


Go in for sleek and slim looking appliances for the kitchen. Place ovens and microwaves on in-built shelves so that the countertops are clear. Place water purifiers also behind closed cabinet doors. Put mixers, toasters, juicers, etc. inside a cabinet near the wall sockets. If your kitchen is tiny, place them at a corner of the slab to give more open length to the slab. Cover them with beautiful appliance covers.


The fittings should be contemporary and multi-use. The taps should have adjustable necks. Fix a spray jet to help you clean the counter near the sink. Go in for stainless steel or chrome plated ones. These are long lasting and maintenance free. Contrast them with the walls and other cabinet colors.

Personal Touch

Personalize your kitchen and beautify it too. Hang a favorite photo frame with happy memories. Hang some artificial fruits and vegetables from the ceilings for that color and good luck. Keep your favorite books or magazines at some corner. A small sound box for music is welcome too. Keep a chair or a high stool to rest your tired feet when you want. Have a footstool to take away the swelling from standing so long. You can also use it to reach out to higher shelves.

Place some colorful flower arrangement on the counter, near the window, on the Kitchen Island, etc.

Make it your haven. Look forward to being in the kitchen to cook delicious and nutritious meals for your family. You never know, they may join you to help in your superstar room!