Want A Romantic Bedroom Vibe Choose These Decor Options

You may often overlook the décor of the bedroom as no guests see it unless there is a party and you let them in. But remember, romantic vibes created by beautiful décor in the bedroom helps to hold the mood of the entire family.

Love is like a flower bud that should bloom between the married couple. And romance is the catalyst which helps the bud bloom and prevents it from withering and wilting. Therefore, the décor in your bedroom should be such that it gives romantic vibes.

Accessories and Décor

The colors of romance are shades of pink, red, and surprisingly, purple. Use them to bring in excitement into your life. Reddish pink hues take away all stress, anxiety, and anger – the enemies of romance. This shade of pink is for fun and flirtatiousness in your relationship. A dark ruby red is a next shade to add romance. Shades of orange and caramel invoke romance and intimacy. Shades of black and white in a large sized bedroom create a cozy and romantic effect. Purple is said to attract love and romance too. Use shades of lilac and purple and feel that soft feeling in your mind.

Use materials like jute, soft fur, wood, and wool in the bedroom. Combine the colors of romance with shades of soft blue, copper, gold, and smooth grays.

Have the room smelling clean and fresh with scents of roses and lavenders. Place some beautiful red roses in a pretty little vase at some corner. Remember to hang some beautiful photos of your wedding day on the walls. Hang them on the pretty and colorful felt wall covering. Place some acoustic felt tiles on the floor. They are beautiful and low on maintenance as well. Place some vases with scented candles. Place a soft rug or two on the floor. Add some acoustic felt ceiling tiles on the ceiling. Have a happy moment looking at them before you tuck in for the night.

Furniture and Furnishing

Flowing drapes in soft shades of romantic colors add to the romance. If you can, place a canopy above the beds and hang these soft sheer drapes. Keep the sheets clean and ironed and not looking crumpled and shabby. Silk sheets are too romantic. Keep a soft double duvet rather than a pair of them. Some soft fur blankets or bedspreads also work wonders. A bedroom looking soft and feminine always evokes romance in life.

Place a double bed in the room rather than twin beds. The same holds for the mattresses which should be comfortable and not hard like stone. Have a charming and pretty looking headboard. A hard plain one does nothing. Keep it quilted or softly padded. Give it any shape that you want. Have the sheets, bedspreads, and duvets in lighter tones and layers for the soft and romantic feel. Take care that the bed is not pushed to one wall, but has enough space to walk around on all sides.

Place twin pillows and twin bolster on the bed. Engrave your names on the cushions and place on the beds or any sofa or armchairs in the bedroom. You could even have four cushions with the letters ‘LOVE’, one letter embossed on each of the cushions. Your photographs, transferred on the cushions, are a great idea too.

Lighting and Ventilation

Having lots of natural sunlight coming into the bedroom is essential. However, you may think of some dark drapes to let you oversleep on some days. Tie up the drapes and curtains with laces and ribbons. Use large floral prints for a big room, and small ones for a tiny bedroom. Keep the place well ventilated. Install an air conditioner if your budget allows. Keep it airy and light. The right breeze and temperature always set the romantic mood. You can’t romance if you shiver or sweat in the bedroom. But, remember to keep the doors closed at all times to preserve the sanctity and privacy of the room.

Place some candles in groups on the cabinet, the television wall unit, the chest of drawers or the dresser for that soft and dreamy light at times. Fix pretty lampshades and light fittings in the bedroom. But have some sweet and diffused nightlight as well. Watch a movie together in the candlelight. One grand chandelier hanging from the ceiling can have the same effect. Its glittery lights can brighten up the room and your mood. Don’t make your bedroom dingy and dark, but soft and romantic.

Sound and Electronic Items

Keep away external disturbances from coming into your bedroom. It could be traffic from outside, your neighbor’s party music, the function in the society complex, or your kids playing with their friends in the other room. You need to install hanging felt panels if you face any of these issues. At the same time, these felt acoustic panels keep the noise of the television, the music, your family gathering from leaking out. These beautiful and decorative felt walls give you the complete privacy you deserve.

Play some soft music in the bedroom and keep away harsh sounds from it. Avoid keeping the television in the room. If unavoidable, keep it out of direct line from the beds. Keep the screen covered at night. Also, it’s a definite no-no for electronic items like the computer and laptop to stay in your bedroom. These electronic items not only take away precious times of togetherness but also give out negative vibes in the room.

The surroundings of the place where you sleep to rejuvenate yourself or spend some private moments with each other have to set the mood. Keep it pretty, keep it romantic. Think in pairs. Involve your partner in doing up the room. See how love blossoms and romance stays fresh in your life.