Top 10 Kitchen Upgrades That You Shouldn T Delay Anymore

A kitchen is a crucial place in the home, where cuisines are prepared for the family. The look and feel of the kitchen plays a significant role in motivating the user to cook breakfast or supper with due diligence. If you are planning to improve your kitchenette, grab this chance of upgradation to make it look functionally efficient, urban, eye-catchy and stylised. Kitchen upgradation is a disciplined art which considers fundamental design principles such as spatial design and material use efficiency. It is advisable to hire a professional interior designer for your kitchen upgradation, who will act according to kitchen interior plan and customer specifications.

The kitchen must be spacious enough to accommodate kitchen equipment, utensils, condiments and cooking accessories. It must be designed with a functional viewpoint in mind, but the aesthetic factor must be given due emphasis. The upgraded kitchen must be easy to use, care, clean and maintain. It must have amenities to let off the fumes leave off. It must be adequately ventilated. It must provide the feel-good factor required for the right ambiance to make salubrious and delicious dishes. You can incorporate acoustic felt into your kitchen upgradation scheme, for better sound regulation inside. Acoustic felt is good to touch and helps you feel elegant.

1. Switch to Compact design with improved furnishings

It is essential to design a compact kitchen to make it more functionally efficient or user-friendly. The designer must try to maximize kitchen functionality by using small furnishings, kitchen cabinets, closets, shelves or drawers. Having kitchen shelves on the upper side of the oven will make it easy for the cooking buddy to take it out for use. Adding in-built kitchen cabinets to save working space. These must be made easy to close and open.

2. Incorporating new colors and colored elements in kitchen space.

If the kitchen is painted in a single color, it looks greater in space. Felted tiles are an excellent choice for walls as well as ceilings and floors. Some of the felted tiles do come with self-adhesive properties, making the installation-process quite simple. Plus, they add some tinge of vibrant color and texture to the kitchen space.

3. Resort to an Organised arrangement

It is important that the various kitchen equipment and utensils are arranged neatly. If items are left on the kitchen platform due to lack of space, it looks messy and poses serious risks. Kitchen shelves must classify from the items held. It is advisable to place similar items like cutleries in one area and vegetables or spices at another place. The total number of kitchen cabinets or shelves must be decided according to the kitchen area and the number of kitchen items available.

4. Replacing countertops

Countertops lose their shine after repeated use. So it is better to replace them and arrange new countertops to retain the attraction factor of your kitchen space.

5. Wall paneling for enhanced decorum

The kitchen walls are exposed continuously to smoke fumes. Kitchen walls lose their bright color and look weary. To upgrade a kitchen, you can add wall panels. It is possible to redefine the kitchen meaning by choosing a wall panel with a particular color or shade. You can make it look jolly by using bright wall panels or give a dark finish by selecting a suitable color instead. Stainless steel wall panels are quite easy to install and make the kitchen space look inviting. Felt boards are large and lightweight. Their resilience to tough weather conditions makes them suitable for kitchen wall paneling. Moreover, they are quite durable and maintenance-free.

6. Efficient lighting for kitchen interiors

Maximise the natural light entering your kitchen interior by having enough windows and ventilators. Have energy efficient lighting fixtures. There should be ample light at night when suppers are prepared. Having energy efficient lights will reduce your utility bills. You can opt for LED lights which provide higher efficiency as compared to halogen lights. You can have decorative and fancy lights which provide visual pleasure to the observer. Select light according to a color of felted tiles or panels in your kitchen.

7. Improve the acoustic features of the kitchen

Acoustics help the user by creating a peaceful atmosphere for preparing tasty dishes. You can have ceiling suspended felt tiles in your kitchen for improved acoustics in the space. These are especially more useful when the kitchen has room for dining space. Hanging tiles are available in many geometric patterns and excellent colors. These can be used in kitchens with unfinished ceilings too. The presence of acoustic felt mitigates the effect of background noise to create a calm atmosphere. It also imparts gravity to kitchen space.

You can add acoustic felt wall panels to your kitchen. Apart from their sound absorption qualities, such panels offer another benefit. These are portable and lightweight. Most of the latest acoustic panels are made out of recycled materials. These can be dissembled with ease. Before selecting the wall felt, consumers must ensure that they are not allergenic or toxic. Preferably, one must choose an acoustic panel certified by energy audit agencies like LEED or Green Star.

8. Upgrade sink and faucet

A kitchen has to be kept tidy. So while upgrading it, it is advisable to replace your sink and faucet with new models. Choose a sink design that looks stylish and contemporary. The sink size should be selected according to the area and daily dishwashing needs. The faucet must be smart, robust, durable and easy to use.

9. Getting new accessories and equipment

New kitchen accessories make food preparation simpler. They also add more visual sophistication to your kitchen space.

10. HVAC factor

Check if your kitchen is adequately ventilated or air-conditioned. Are there sufficient windows or ventilators? Is the ambient temperature comfortable from a user’s perspective? If not, you can add HVAC equipment inside.

Upgrading a kitchen must consider functional and visual elements like space, material usage, etc. It must be planned such that the resultant space provides freedom to utilize maximum kitchen accessories and preparation techniques while making it clutter free. Kitchen Upgradation includes steps such as adding colors, HVAC elements, new sink or faucet, advanced cookeries, etc. Besides, the overall design must be made organized and compact. The presence of acoustic felt frees a person from outside worries and helps him to concentrate or focus only on the present moment.