Bedrooms are not just places to sleep, but areas where you dream and plan new ideas. Bedroom decorum influences individual skills and potential to a great extent. People like to discuss their everyday problems inside a bedroom. One can personalize one’s bedroom by using favorite bed sheets, drawers, closets, and curtains. In order to get the best design, however, one needs to keep the room layout in mind. Individuals can try some useful tips to add some charismatic feel to their bedroom.

1. Wall painting or wallpaper installation

The color of wall paintings influences your mood, whether you want to share a thought or take rest in your bedroom. Color the walls of your bedroom with classy rich colors to introduce a fascinating effect. You can merge colors to bring some scintillation. Select a color which is right for you’re your health. For, eg. The color blue is suitable for high blood pressure patients.

Wall painting is a time-intensive process. If you have less time, you can bring beautiful wall powers and get them posted on your walls in no time. Wallpapers are available in attractive designs and themes. Select one that inspires you.

2. Ventilation aspects

Natural ventilation and air conditioning is a significant contributor to room aesthetics. The inflow of natural light adds a refreshing feel to the room. Natural air flow makes you feel connected to the surrounding nature, plants, flowers, and birds outside. Check your room orientation and whether your room has ample windows and ventilators to maximize inflow of natural light. If not consult an architect to decide point for window space in your room.

3. Bedding comfort

Choose bed size according to room layout. A bedroom has to be spacious to allow the freedom of thought. Else, it loses its purpose. Have a super soft bedding surface to have a super tactile experience and a sweet, relaxing sleep. Preferably, have a multifunctional bed with some storage space to keep blankets or spare bed sheets. Select bed sheet colors or designs as per a certain theme. For occasions like birthday, you can have a baby pink or ruby red bed sheet. Decorate your bedding with accent pillows, rendering a stylised look to the room. Choose bedding colors that contrast the wall colors of your room.

4. Limit excess furnishings and keep it minimalistic

Do not keep any furniture equipment you do not need in your bedroom. Make your room clutter free and spacious by following the only limited furniture. Arrange dressing tables such that they do not block your field of view. Use small closets with fixed compartments to store miscellaneous items like books or phone chargers safely. In this way, time spent on maintenance is reduced, and your concentration is improved.

5. Personalisation

Since your bedroom is a reflection of your personality, it is essential to make it functional according to your distinct needs. For instance, if you like to read at night, have a cabinet with books and night lamp, near your bedside top. If you use a laptop before going to bed, use a closet with sufficient space, for keeping your be-holdings safely before you go to bed. Do not ignore your likes. If you like to watch the interplay of colors before going to sleep, plan a window such that it allows to view the night scene from your bed. Else, you can have decorative hanging accessories in your room with luminous effects. You can have a wall hanging TV, which you can watch from your bed. But take care to have a closet near the bedside, where you can place your remote before going to bed.

6. Wall panels

Walls of a bedroom may start losing their shine and look dull. At this point, by coving those with wall panels, you can recreate the shine in very less time. The finances incurred on wall paneling are decidedly less compared with other measures like painting or plastering again. Most of the wall panels offer the benefit of ease of installation. In addition, they are resilient to tough weather conditions and quite durable. A DIY finds it an exciting job to fix wall panels. You can either purchase custom felt wall panels, which come in predefined dimensions. Else you can order a customized product by prescribing the size that meets your needs.

7. Energy efficient decorative lights

Select fanciful light fixtures which cast beautiful shadow patterns at night. This helps you in savoring the game of light and shadows. It also provides peace and enables you to sleep better. Take care to select only energy efficient lights. Such lights will reduce your bills and also make it easy for you to get an Energy Star rating for your dear room.

8. Improved aesthetics

Decorate your rooms with classy paintings, sculptures, photographs, and quotes to keep yourself inspired. Alternately, you can have flower vase in your room to get the aroma of a flower you love. If you are busy to take regular care, you can have decorative faux plants instead. You can add suspended ceiling hangers if your spatial area permits, to create a dazzling impact.

9. Improved acoustics

Acoustics is one of the principal elements contributing to a room’s decorum. Although it does not have a visual presence, it has a tactile influence on family members and the bond they share. Since the bedroom is a private space where you need to talk and work without any external irritants, it is essential to check the room’s acoustic elements. You can have acoustic felt wall panels in your bedroom. Similarly, you can have acoustic-curtains for your windows. With their sound dampening properties, acoustic curtains make your morning little more amazing. Felt panels in your ceilings also help in sound absorption and provide you the necessary peace of mind. You can also have felt partitions at suitable points. Addition of acoustic features improves speech clarity of people and raises their listening ability.

10. Flooring

The bedroom floor is very important because it’s the first place where you jump over out of your bed after resting. The room must be such that a large part of the floor is visible. Flooring should be done with soft and durable materials such as felted tiles. Alternately, you can have a mosaic floor. But felted tiles are easy to clean and maintain.


The bedroom offers an isolated space for an individual to relax and plan new ideas. With the help of a few simple tips, it can look amazing. Wall paints and bedding colors contrasting against each other create a delightful impact. Room aesthetics can be improved by incorporating sculptures or decorative lights into the room. Acoustic-features can be enhanced with the help of acoustic felt wall panels.