The Best Kept Commercial Decor Secrets That Can Make Worker Productivity Soar 1

There is no denying that the environment can significantly impact how we feel. But it does not stop there. The environment can also boost up productivity. You can integrate many décor tricks into your commercial setting. Read on to know some of the budget-friendly and straightforward ways that make productivity soar.

Design a collaborative space

Isolated cubicles of the old days make a commercial setting uninspiring. Smash all walls and partitions and let the employees sit together. Such an arrangement will encourage free communication and sharing of ideas. So, the workers become more creative, and this entails an increase in productivity.

You may also create different activity zones separated by free moving space. Better have the furniture on wheels. This will let you easy redesigning of new activity zones.

Organize storage

The workers spend a significant part of their time to find what they require. Bringing this down makes them efficient and improves productivity. Build cute storage to keep things that you need frequently. This will de-clutter the workspace and also make it chic and classy.

Lighting makes a big impact

Optimizing the brightness is the easiest way to cause people to bubble with energy. Harvesting natural light is the way to achieve this. Other than illuminating the workplace, it benefits the workers psychologically and physically. Working as a mood elevator, sunlight boosts up productivity.

Try to harvest as much natural light as possible through windows and skylights. This will also make your organization energy-efficient. Maybe you will face problems to do so in urban areas. In such cases opt for artificial lights that mimic natural light. This will deliver you the same effect.

Inspire with colors

Colors have large influences on human emotions and behavior. As a result, colors are full of productivity potential. Red, blue, yellow and green are the primaries of the color psychology. It is not the colors, but their intensities make them simulating or soothing.

Red affects the body and blue effects the mind. The yellow is great for building self-confidence, and the green helps to control emotions. Use shades of blue when you want some calming effect. For making the place more energetic, use red, yellow or orange. You can also use these colors in combination to get the effect of all constituents.

Liven up with a plant

Humans are psychologically connected with green trees and plants. Including live plants in a commercial setting imparts a feel-good vibe. Other than making the place attractive, the plants help to reduce stress and enhance productivity.

Customize your commercial setting with live greens in decorative pots. You may put those in a corner, near the window, staircase landing or anywhere you like. These liven up the place and make the workers more creative.

Ensure thermal comfort

Thermal discomfort is a common issue in most of the commercial settings. The crux of the problem is that no one is happy. Everyone has his or her level of adjustment. Studies suggest that maintaining a temperature between 69.8°F to 71.6°F (or 21°C to 22°C) increases productivity.

Most of the commercial organizations follow this as a thumb rule. Airflow and humidity also contribute to employees’ comfort. So, control these for productivity hikes.

Introduce ergonomics

It is a known fact that providing physical comfort while working improves productivity. Poor posture gives rise to many negative health issues. This becomes vital as sitting is now a major chunk of the daily routine.

Not all workers are built in the same way. Finding a single solution for all is a daunting task. Ergonomics take care of this. Having ergonomic furniture minimizes the unnecessary strain, and the workers become more productive.

Invigorate with scents

Pleasant aromas are great to make one stay focused. Thus, an aromatic environment improves performance and makes workers more productive. Essential oil diffusers provide an ultra-safe solution to have a scented environment. You may try anything from lavender, peppermint, jasmine, or any citrus scents. These scents are great for improving performance.

Built a space to relax

There is no denying that people cannot work continuously for long hours. They need to relax in between to stay focused on the job. Building a space to relax helps the workers to achieve that. This could be a separate room or a zone. No matter how you organize, it should be away from the active zones.

Include comfortable sofas and bean chairs. Here people will be able to relax with a cup of coffee. They will also be able to share things informally. These go a long way to improving productivity.

Decorate with felt wall panels

Wall panels made of felt are an elegant way of improving a commercial setting. It surrounds the place with a super-soft surface and lifts up the ambiance. These are available in plenty of designs like planar, cumulous, bookcase, gravity, etc.

You can use these as ceilings, coverings, dividers, and tiles. The custom felt wall panel makes a place cozier and also imparts a feeling of intimacy. The softness of felt helps to make the workplace seamlessly elegant.

Reduce the noise level with acoustic felt panels

Due to the open sitting arrangement, noise is a problem in most of the modern offices. Other than making a nice décor statement, these have excellent noise dampening properties. Thus, you can focus on the job in an atmosphere of meditative calmness.

These are made using unique core material, acoustic fiber and 100% woolen felt. Their noise reduction coefficient is quite high. Thus, your setting has a better acoustic effect.

Coming in geometric shapes, these felt hanging panels offer an excellent suspended solution. When the plush feeling of felt combines with wall panels, they deliver a minimalist feeling. This also creates a perfect environment for boosting up the mood.


Nicely decorated workplaces make workers happy. It also induces them to be in a positive frame of mind. This is true, no matter what is the size of the commercial setting. You may try these to make your workforce productive and increase the bottom line.