The Essentials Of Making Your Hotel Rooms Different Than Usual

Creative solutions have been integrated into modern era hotels in response to rapid social changes. From reinventing configurations to creating vastly personalized experiences, hotels are transforming into the highlights of any trip. A usual hotel room would provide you with a standard hotel experience but a usual one, well, you will have to wait until you read the end of this article.

Here are the elements to make it happen.

1. Personalize the experience.

To customize a hotel room, a consensus with the client’s wants must be achieved. Let the customers have a hand in the design of their room. Reserve space for objects like refrigerators, coffee machines, reading tables and the like.
Let the clients choose and mold their experience in their way!
Personalized rooms will give the clients exactly what they prefer and how they prefer it.

2. Lights will guide you home!

Lights impact everything that one experience’s in a hotel room. Lights can help in masquerading the room in a variety of themes. For example, neon lights could ensure that the room turns into a place you would want to party in.

Audio-controlled lights are also an option where clients are provided with a unique experience in being able to control the lights with a clap or with one’s voice. Make sure you do put dimmer controls on every light; you never know which direction a client’s mood might take!

3. The View!

The view out of a hotel room is one of the many reasons certain hotel rooms are famous. From having windows that open up to a live active volcano to having of the view of the savannah grassland, the playground of wild animals, hotel owners have done them all.

Just ensure that the view is exciting or just quirky enough to keep a prospective client fascinated and wanting to come back for more!
In the city, clients would usually prefer to have a comprehensive view, encompassing greenery or the brilliance of the concrete jungle.

4. Blur Indoor-Outdoor Limitations

A perfect blend of indoor and outdoor elements could revamp the hotel experience for your client. Sensory sessions go a long way. A sense of ethereal is introduced when the indoor-outdoor transition is being conducted. Expansion through large decks and terraces and bringing nature it seems the way to go about it.

Wall felt, stone decorations, mass greenery, and indoor waterfalls, these are some of the aspects your client can expect in the hotel room experience that you are going to provide.

5. Dandy Décor

When it comes to décor, there’s no easy way to go about it. Comfort is the priority. Wall design should be adequately and accurately thought out. Go for felt wall coverings and felt wall tiles to create that feeling of smoothness coupled with tranquility.

You could also try felt wall partitions for a sense of privacy that could be required between two people sharing a room.

Review the room’s acoustics and ventilation as well. Acoustic felt panels for the walls and ceilings is a great option to provide balance to both loudness and silence. Or to try unusual, you could hide speakers inside these panels which would play music or soothing sounds like emulating a jungle or an opera concert. As always, let your clients choose the genre of this auditory delight!

6. Thematically yours’!

Every hotel room in existence has a theme. A normal hotel room design is supposed to be exhibit a vibe that best goes with the client’s preferences. But go one step higher.

Create themes by drawing references from popular pop culture or historical outfits. You could turn the hotel room into a dungeon complete with a stone bed, a bucket, and chains or you could turn it into a replica of a museum, complete with antiques and historical artifacts.

Make it as quirky as possible to draw the attention of your hotel’s primary target groups.

7. The necessary touch of art

Art is the gateway to the ethereal realm, or that is what you would choose to have your clients believe. Pepper the room with pieces of art that could either be soothing, weird or downright overwhelming to your clients.

Famous painting or impressions of them could radicalize your hotel room. Try to install a few sculptures as well and have your clients marvel at the wonder of these artistic pieces.

Wall art could also be locally sourced. Hanging felt wall panels with this art on display could jazz up the room!

8. Overload with technology!

Create a minimal effort experience for clients with hotel rooms where everything is automated and digital. Voice activation is the first step after which you can add personalized digital butlers like Siri or Jarvis that would facilitate fulfilling every desire of the clients’.

Add a lot of screens and gadgets where one could view anything on the internet and participate in any experience. Additionally, you could turn your hotel room into a thematic version of a famous control room (like in Star Trek) or the headquarters of Skynet in the Terminator series.

Considering these eight ideas or suggestions, you would be in touch with the essentials of how to turn a hotel room into one that does not fall under the category of ‘normal’ in any circumstance. Reach for the starts when you want to break the norm because you are going to create a product that is not part of the status quo.
It’s time to rethink, reinvent and evolve, thus providing for every variety of clientele that is out there.