Are Your Office Meetings Unproductive Reinvent The Meeting Room

“Productive meetings never happen by chance.”

A meeting room is supposed to enhance productivity and efficiency. A lot of brainstorming is done here to bring people on the same page. Unfortunately, most of the meetings turn to be unproductive and time-sink.

Would not it be better if those be fruitful? Here are the tips to make it a place of innovation rather than frustration.

Integrate advanced technology

Consider if your current meeting room setup is lacking in cutting-edge technology. An ill-equipped meeting room is sure to make the employees exasperating. If so, upgrade the meeting room immediately. The business environment is becoming more and more digital and mobile. So, you must include audiovisual equipment like displays, screens, and devices for communication.

Embrace with BYOD

Laptops and Smartphone are essential in the present-day business scenario. A lot of information is stored on these devices. As such, BYOD or ‘Bring Your Own Device’ is the new theme of many business meetings.

But, different people use different devices, and that makes sharing information challenging. So, your meeting room equipment should be able to integrate all of these. Support BYOD with wireless technologies. This makes sharing information more comfortable and makes the meeting more productive.

Introduce wireless or USB technologies in the meeting room. This will enable the employees to give their presentations on their Smartphone. Since the process involves sharing a common monitor, it makes everything fast and smooth.

The shape of the table matters

Many people make a common mistake in designing the meeting room table. They think that as meetings involve human elements, roundtable sitting would be better. In reality, it discourages productivity. Having a rectangular or square table is the best for small size meeting rooms. There should be some free space between two chairs for evoking a personalized feeling. It also prevents whispering comments during the transaction. In case you have a large meeting room, you may use an oval-shaped table.

Consider the chairs

Chairs are an essential element of the meeting rooms. These should have a comfortable design so that people can stay relaxed. You should not opt for complex ergonomic arrangements. Make sure that these have simple height and tilt adjustments.

Maybe you need to arrange additional chairs for a meeting occasionally. Nesting chairs offer excellent portable solutions for this. If your meeting room is spacious, you may line the parameter with guest chairs. This will accommodate the extra people.

Do not forget the whiteboards

No matter how technologically advanced your meeting room is, whiteboards can be very useful. These provide much space for sharing and capturing many possibilities. Place it so that everyone has a clear view. Better use those types of whiteboards that can double as projection screens.

Lighting is important

Lighting a meeting room is a very complicated process. You have to consider many things like the types, intensity and the fixtures. The table is the central point of a meeting room. It should have the right intensity of light. Both extraordinarily soft and harsh lights are not conducive to a great meeting experience.

So, you must have optimal lighting on the table for enhancing concentration. A meeting room involves doing varieties of jobs. The lighting should, therefore, be flexible enough to accommodate all. Lights with dimmer switches offer a brilliant solution for this.

Mind the color

Colors can deliver a great meeting experience. In case your organization has a signature color, have it in the meeting room. Different colors evoke different psychological reactions. It is, therefore, safe to opt for the neutral shades. Another advantage of neutral shades is that you can spice it up with colorful accessories. Add multi-colored chairs for adding a bit of personality.

Make it thermally pleasurable.

A majority of the organizations take their meeting room to near arctic temperature. This is not the right condition for productive meetings. In such cases, people spend most of their energies to keep them warm. As a result, they are likely to make more mistakes. Maintaining the room temperature in the range of 70 to 72°F is the optimal range. It makes the meeting room more productive.

Plants can do wonder.

Introducing natural elements is a great way to boost productivity. Live plants have great influence on humans. When people are near nature, they become more relaxed and are in a positive mood.

Live plants also clean the air, and this makes people more creative. Including live plants in a meeting room is sure to make it more productive.

Create a congenial atmosphere

A meeting room need not be a stoic place. Laughing makes an individual happy and also elevates the mood. Having some fun can offer engaging and pleasurable experiences. Also, provide some amenities to make the participants comfortable. Include a fridge so that people can get a drink when needed. Investing in mini-cabinets for stashing things is also a good idea.

Soak up sounds with felt acoustic panels

Reverberating sound is a perennial issue in a meeting room. Most of the meeting rooms are echo-chambers and, therefore, unproductive. Using custom felt wall panel is a great idea to deliver pure sensory joy. These are available in many variants like wall panels, divider screen, suspended solutions, etc.

Made from woolen felt, acoustic fabric and special core material, these are great to prevent sounds bouncing from everywhere. Being soft and light, the felted tiles deliver a unique luxurious perfection. These are available in a myriad of color options and can also be customized.
Using felt hanging panels you can add a fuller look to your meeting room. Made from sustainable materials these are environment-friendly. These have a high noise reduction coefficient, and that improves with how you install them.

The felt ceiling panels provide unique solutions for soundproof ceilings. Introducing these deliver you a cozy environment to stay focused.


Meetings are the staple of any business environment. A meeting room should encourage an exchange of ideas and induce creativity. No matter how you design, it should be a safe, comfortable and collaborative space. Try implementing the above plans. You can hardly go wrong.