How To Make A University Seminar Hall World Class

University seminar halls are for facilitating interaction between the students and the faculty. Besides, these rooms are also used for having conferences with visiting faculties. So, a seminar hall must be comfortable and encourage interactive learning. Here are some ways on how you can do that.

Choose the right hall

The seminar hall should be situated in a prime location on the university campus. It should have a beautiful driveway and a pathway for comfortable approaching. The entrance should be appealing. There should also be a ramp for the physically disabled.

Provide comfortable seating

Usually, the seminars last for a day and these may also continue for several days. This makes comfortable sitting arrangement an essential element in seminar hall designs.

While considering comfortable seats, ergonomic chairs provide the best solution. For a fixed seating arrangement, be sure that provisions for the left-handed persons are also there. Make sure of arranging special seating arrangements for persons with physical impairments.

Chairs with rubber casters wheels are high for the faculty. These are flexible and make no sound. No matter what you do, the sitting arrangement should complement the overall decoration of the seminar hall.

Install chalkboards

There should be a chalkboard in the instruction zone. Alternatively, marker boards can also be used. These should be placed to have maximum visibility. Some whiteboards can also double as a screen. Those can also be used in the seminar hall. Divide these boards into two sections. One should display the subject of discussion and the other for aiding the lecture. This can be cleaned and reused through the seminar.

Include multimedia systems

No seminar room is complete without audio and video systems. These help secure communication across the seminar hall. Depending on the size of the seminar hall, you may have a single screen or double screens.

The screen should be placed at a height to make it visible. Have ceiling mounted projectors and provide bright and clear images. Placing the screens in the corner increases the viewing angle. This lets one have a great viewing experience.

Consider the ceiling height

Research reveals that when people sit in a hall with a low ceiling, they feel constrained. And, when they sit in a high-ceiling room, they tend to be more focused and indulge in abstract thinking.

Choosing a seminar hall with high ceiling makes it a great success. Moreover, in a high ceiling hall, you can also place the projection screen quite high. Aside from this, high ceilings ensure even distribution of sound across the seminar halls. For maximum efficiency, the ceiling should be sloped.

Window treatments are necessary

Projectors are frequently used in the seminar halls. For this, harvesting the natural light is not a good idea. Ideally, there should not be windows in the seminar halls. In case these are there, they should be covered to block the daylight from coming in. Use artistic window covers to improve the look and feel of the seminar hall.

Have proper lighting

There should be appropriate brightness in the seminar hall. If the illumination is low, it tends to make the participants drowsy. Lights with high glare are also distracting. It makes people restless and hampers concentration.

Consider having indirect diffused lighting for creating a nice ambiance. There should also be overhead lights for taking notes and doing other activities. Arrange task lighting for the boards. The lighting system should be provided with a dimmer switch. It helps to control the illumination. Moreover, you can also make the hall dark, as and when required.

Consider the color palette

Selecting the right color for a university seminar hall is challenging. Functionality is the key of the seminar halls. Select the color scheme that complements the lighting requirements and the size of the hall.

If your seminar hall is more massive, you can play with colors. Since the same color can evoke opposite reactions in different people, neutral shades are the safest option. If the university has a signature color, that should be used in the seminar hall.

Make the hall biophilic

Humans have an innate connection with nature. This is in our genetics. People feel safe and relaxed to natural elements. You can establish a direct connection with nature by installing live plants in the seminar hall. Plenty of office plants are available in decorative pots. Use them in the corners of the seminar hall for an improved look.

Additionally, you may opt for wooden floors. This will also connect you to nature and ensure a feel-good vibe. You can also have a fish aquarium at the entrance of the in the seminar hall. This will let you have a glimpse at nature and create an excellent first impression.

Adorn with acoustic felt panels

Using felt acoustic wall panels is a great idea to make the university seminar halls world-class. This is because these decorative elements have a great ability to dampen the noise level. These products are available in plenty of varieties with new improvements coming on regularly. Since too much of sound-soaking makes a hall dead, you need not cover the entire wall. Covering the critical areas will deliver you a fascinating seminar hall.

While improving the seminar hall, do not forget the ceiling. Many options custom felt wall panels are available for embellishing the ceiling. You can use ceiling baffles or ceiling suspended solutions to make the seminar hall soundproof.

Coming in a plethora of vivid color options, these felt panels also improve the aesthetics. These can be customized to suit any d├ęcor needs. You can also choose from a bookcase, bumps, gravity, fence, fin, etc. to highlight the seminar hall.

Using 100% woolen felt, the acoustical felt wall coverings deliver a soft and elegant feeling to the seminar hall. Sitting there you can experience a calm and comfortable ambiance with a luxurious sense.


Seminar halls promote interactive learning. These also explore new ideas and sharpen skills. Having a cozy and comfy ambiance is necessary to stay focused. These tips will no doubt take your seminar hall to the next level.