Hide Wall Flaws Like A Magician With These 10 Tips

The wall breaks and tears are bound to happen after a period. After some time, the wall looks messy and shabby. Along with the decoration of the place, it is essential to keep the walls perfect. They add value to the place. They show your style and culture clearly, but it is not always affordable to repair the wall flaws.

So, here are 10 tips those which work like magicians to hide wall flaws:

Patches painting

The patches which occur on the walls could be easily managed by painting. You need not have to paint the whole wall every time you see a patch problem. It might not be affordable and a good idea to paint the entire wall. The cost-effective and time-effective method is to paint only the broken part. All you have to do is use the same paint formula or shade number to paint. If possible use the same type of roller or brush used previously.

Wall cleaners

The wall cleaners are the liquids which wipe the marks and fingerprints on the walls. They are easy to use and could be used multiple times. To check if the wall cleaner is harmful to your wall or not use it on a small area of your wall. If the paint does not fade or wear away, then it suits your wall. If you could use the wall cleaners immediately after a mark or fingerprint is formed, it would be more effective.

Felt wall coverings

Felt wall coverings are the surface covers which hide the actual wall surface. They are excellent felt products which help in hiding the wall damages. Any wall related problem like breaks, patches, cracks, and holes could be handled easily by felt wall coverings. They externally act like decors and internally cover the wall problems.

Wall decors

Wall decors are the easiest way of covering the wall flaws. The decorations could be anything that could be hanged on to the wall. They hide the wall damages along with adding value to the place. They even decorate the place beautifully, improving the visual effect of the place. There are wall decors available at various prices and materials. Bring those which suit the spot perfectly.

Acoustic felt panels

Acoustic felt panels are the wall panels which could reduce the echoes and noise of the place. They are unique and attractive wall panels which have multiple advantages. They are available in various sizes and designs. They could be even customized according to your needs. So, acoustic felt panels are great decors to the place and create a calm atmosphere there. The wall flaws are easily covered using acoustic felt panels.

Easy DIYs

There are a few easy ideas that could be implemented to hide the wall flaws. The toothpaste, toothbrush, woolen cloths, wall hangings out of waste materials, rags designs are best DIYs for covering the wall flaws. They are made of things available in almost every house and are easy to make.

The toothpaste fits any crack easily, and the extras could be removed with a toothbrush. The woolen cloths and rag designs would act like wall decors. The wall hangings could be made out of waste material at home which saves your money. Thus, DIYs are cost-effective methods to cover the wall flaws.

Spackles and wall-compounds

Spackles and wall-compounds are used to fit the cracks and breaks in the walls. They are formed due to weak wall materials used while building them or the strong weather change. The change in the climate could expand and relax the content of the wall causing breaks and cracks.

Supreme materials used while building the walls would save you from watching eye soaring wall flaws. If not, those breaks could be handled using spackles and wall-compound. The filling is done correctly with wall compounds, and spackles help to fill the gap. They are affordable and available.

Felt ceiling panels

Felt ceiling panels are the ceiling panels which cover the ceiling walls of the room. Even ceiling are the walls of the room which could suffer damages after a certain period. The felt ceiling panels are comfortable handles the ceiling wall patches and breaks.

The awkward droppings of the broken paint coats from the ceiling could be disturbing. So, use felt ceiling panels which helps you to hide the damaged part of the wall. Felt ceiling panels are also acoustic, so they provide a relaxing environment to the room.

Wall paintings

Wall paintings are the artistic way of hiding the wall flaws. They decorate the place and cover the wall problem if nailed over the flaw. Wall flaws like holes, nail pops, breaks, and patches could be covered with wall paintings if they are nailed over them.

They are various types of wall paintings. They are made of different painting materials and have multiple types of painting styles. So, bring home the cost-effective artwork which would hide the wall flaw easily. The viewers will look at it as décor and will not be able to find out the wall damage.

Room décor arrangements

Room decors are mainly used to decorate the place beautifully. There is a chance to use those decors to cover your wall flaws. If you cannot afford to bring essentials to cover the wall damages, then some alterations in décor arrangement will do the work.

The room decors like chairs, tables, desks, and vases of different sizes could help hide the wall flaws. The simple idea is to place the appropriately sized decor to the places where there are wall damages. You could cover lower wall damages with full-length table, for a hole at the bottom of the wall could be covered using the tall vase. Similarly, using decors, the wall flaws could be hidden.


Above are 10 simple tips to hide the wall flaws. These tips work like magicians to cover the wall damages. These tips cover all the possible and most common wall flaws. So, they are easy to adapt to any walls and maintain them for a long time.