Why Go For Wall Repair When You Can Use These Hacks Instead

It is quite natural for walls to wear and tear after a few years. Earlier, repairing was the only option to get the walls right. Now, the technology has improved so much that there are other better ways. There are a few hacks and some favorite ideas spread over the internet to solve wall repair problems without exacting repairing it.

Here is why you could use hacks instead of the wall repair:

Drywall patchwork

Drywall patch is a great savior for many people. The set of spackle and compound wall mixture will help your wall damages greatly. They cost less compared to the amount it takes to repair dents, holes, and pops. The spackles and compounds are used only according to the necessities.

Use spackles to the broken walls more than wall compound mixture as the previous ones suit better. The spackle requires more time to dry than the wall-compound but adapts better. For nail pops or big-sized holes, use wall compounds, as they suit better than spackle for this purpose.

Acoustic felt panels

Acoustic felt panels are an excellent solution to your damaged walls. They are technically advanced and have many benefits for the users. If you have a commercial space to be repaired acoustic felt panels are a perfect investment. Along with covering the damaged walls, they control the unwanted noise and decorate your space.

Acoustic felt panels are good at covering the walls so for damaged walls they suit best. They will absorb the high sound waves frequencies like noise and echoes. They even have an adorable surface for decorating as per customer requirements. They are suitable for any places so use them to any damaged wall at your place.

All-purpose cleaners

The fingerprints, marks and crayon marks made by children are troublesome for clearing. They are not small marks to ignore and not big enough to get the whole wall repainted. So, to solve the problem of dots and prints, cleaning fluids are best. They magically clear all the scuff marks.

All-purpose cleaners are the fluids that are made to clean tough marks. They could be used to any place for cleaning so they suit walls as well. Try to wash the wall with micro fabric cloth using all-purpose cleaning liquid. They work well and fast. They are available almost everywhere and are affordable but test them before use. Apply to a small part of the wall to check if they do not drip off wall paint and then use them.

Felt hanging panels

Felt hanging panels as the name suggest, are felt products that could be hanged from a decent distance. They suit any place they are unique in functionality and appearance. They could be used for quiet areas and commercial locations, both. Felt hanging panels have an appropriate thickness to hang from the distance. They are customized according to the purpose.

The felt hanging panels are boards which are capable of decorating the ceiling and covering up the faults at the ceiling. If they are attached through stands at walls, even walls damaged could be covered up. Until and unless the wall’s damage is causing the only appeal problem and not to the strength of the building, felt hanging panels are a good investment.

Painting touch-ups

The wearing out of the paint is another problem that requires more time, money and effort to repair. The best hack is to paint only the damaged part. Keep note of the color of the paint that the painter of your house is using. Paint’s formula name or number to help you in future references to paint the patches. If possible take note of the brush number or roller type they use.

If you do not have any information of the paint used on your place walls, there is another method. Scrap off a bit from your damaged wall patch. Take that scrapped bits to paint store your place. They will let you know the details; you could buy the exact ones required for patching the wall.

Felt ceiling tiles

Felt ceiling tiles are the types of tiles that have the acoustic property. They are good at absorbing the unwanted noise and irritating echoes. So, when your place walls require repair then use felt ceiling tiles. The roof paints o some places wear after some time, so tiling is a good idea.

Tiling the ceiling with felt ceiling tiles is another good idea. It has many other benefits like how the felt ceiling tiles act as decors to your place. This one product has many advantages that could add value to your place. They are cost-effective, and their installation is time-effective.

Do-It-Yourself ideas

There is some simple wall repairing methods to help the damage of the wall. Do-It-Yourself ideas are the solutions to help people using the ingredients that are available in every house. They are doable by anybody and easy to understand too. These methods are preferred by many as it does not require bringing in new products.

They are also kind of hacks which help to repair the damaged walls. Soap dish, damp cloth, soapy water, absorbent sponge, toothpaste, toothbrush, and towels with washers are good enough for minor damages. They are available in every house and requires little time and effort to solve the problem.

Felt wall coverings

Felt wall coverings are the technical wall panels whose primary job is to cover the wall. They are made to cover the wall with style to make it look posh from external. The damaged wall is the best reason to bring in felt wall coverings to your place if you have not yet. They are adaptable to any situation and suit any purpose easily.

Felt wall coverings have varieties of designs and sizes for various requirements. They are even customized according to the customer requirements and needs. From minor problems like marks, scuffs to the massive issues like holes and breaks, felt wall coverings are amazing solutions.


Above are some hack ideas to discuss why to go for wall repair when you can use hacks instead. This will help you understand how hacks are helpful and how they reduce your time and money consumption.