Make Your Dining Space Majestic With These 8 Decor Ideas

A dining space is a point of having healthy food and building family bonds. It is a particular part of our home. The design of a home dining space must be according to a number of family members. It must be very spacious if you have a joint family. Apart from homes, dining spaces are also found in food courts and banquet halls. Dining spaces in restaurants are lovely spots to hang out with friends. Design of a dining space contributes significantly to the brand value of a commercial area. The design must also include specific parameters like orientation, carpet area, lighting, and background. For creative and cost-effective design suggestions, you can refer an interior designer or architect. Have at a look at some exciting ideas to add delight and majesty to your dining space.

1. Sufficient light and ventilation

Breathing fresh air during breakfast is essential. A healthy breakfast makes you more prepared for the day ahead. So the dining space must be situated in a room, equipped with sufficient windows and ventilators. Natural light during daytime makes your dining experience unique. Also, you can have a glimpse of surrounding scenery through the windows.

The room must allow inflow of sufficient natural light during the day. However, at night, you must have ample ambient light. Use energy efficient lights for your dining space. You can have colorful lights to create a festive mood in your dining space. You can even arrange dim lights during celebrations and occasionally in your home like birthdays. You can also organize candlelight dinners for anniversary celebrations.

2. Get walls beautified with wallpapers

A beautiful wallpaper makes the dining space look more picturesque to the observer. You can have a wallpaper with natural scenery or abstract art, whatever you like. A restaurant can have a wallpaper with the brand name and marketing tagline, for creating an indelible impression in the visitors while they are having dinner.

3. Articulate your windows with curtains

Add elegance to your windows by choosing beautiful curtains. You can contrast curtains with floral templates against artificial topiary, creating a theme. You can also put fake flowers on the windows. Choose vibrant colors like violet which motivate you as you take your breakfast or supper.

4. Invest in quality furniture and ornament with your creative ideas

The dining table should be large enough so that the members find their dining experience comfortable and cherishing. There must be sufficient space for placing crockery and serviettes so that the delicacies could be served. The cuisines must be arranged so that it is easy for the members to take a scoop when required. You can choose a cabinet type dining table where there is space to accommodate things underneath. Dining table must be covered to protect its top surface. Choose a patterned resin or cloth to include it. You can ornate the dining tabletop with cool creative tips. You can have tabletops covered with potted artificial flowers.

The chairs must have sturdy handles to provide the right support to people while they dine. They must be cushioned so that the person is comfortably seated. You can choose from many designer varieties. You can scroll through furniture options to select a design which reflects your home personality to the visitor.

5. Artificial plants and trees

If you love nature, you will love greenery. Dress your dining space with fresh artificial foliage which looks genuine and are a naturalist's delight. The colors are quite close to the real green. Silk flowers are not only elegant to observe, but even soft to touch. You can have these planters on table tops, on shelves, window sills, walls and also on the ceilings. The best part about artificial landscaping is that you do not have to worry about regular watering or to care every day. Artificial flowers and plants continue to look beautiful, and their site makes you feel special every day. Make a careful choice with the color and quality of artificial foliage. Before choosing fake foliage check if they are fade resistant. Also, ensure if they are inherently fire resistant.

6. Add vibrancy to your ceilings

You can decorate ceilings with wall panels to create a theme. You can use large baffles to improve the acoustic quality of your room. Choose light colors which allow reflection of incident light rays in your place. If you have a chandelier, you can watch its shadow on the tabletop. You can decorate your ceilings with artificial planters or butterfly hangers.

7. Personalize your dining room with a theme you love

There are countless options available on creating a fascinating dining space. Choose one that matches your room settings. Let your dining room represent your inside thoughts to the observer. If you are a sea lover, you can have a seaside theme in your dining space. Have conches and shells to add a creative punch to the scene. Else you can create a tropical feel in your dining space by articulating with tropical silk flower arrangements.

Have a mini art gallery in your dining space. You can decorate the shelves with handcrafted artifacts and sculptures.

8. Focus on cleanliness factor

Even a gorgeous dining space needs to be maintained every day. You can reduce your maintenance using floor rugs or carpets so that the members can walk barefooted after dining. A dining space must have a basin for washing hands before and after dining. Have easy to clean tiles or mosaic on your floor, making maintenance easy. Restaurants need to be conscious of floor cleanliness, as it influences visitors.


Dining spaces are not just where you dine but where you share your experiences and feelings. These become even more special on a birthday event. Hence you must design your designing space using your love for colors and creativity. You can have an elegant wall background contrasting an exciting ceiling. You can decorate windows with floral curtains and table tops with artificial flowers. Focus on the lighting and ventilation factor. Get good quality designer furniture for the excellent dining experience.