How To Make Office Swanky Without Breaking The Bank

An office room with an aristocratic feel is a dream come true. But such a design or redesign project demands extensive expenditure. However, with your creative mind, you can significantly reduce the expenses incurred. Let’s have a look at some smart techniques that help you earn an expensive look for your office.

1. Add a dynamic feel to office space

Offices are no longer places full of cabinets with desktops. They need to have original points where employees feel the gush of a feel-good factor and positive energy. Make a design for creating a dynamic and interactive ambiance in your office space. The presence of topiary trees near window sills is a great way to boost your employee morale. Employees get inspired to deliver when they observe innovative decorations. You can use artificial boxwood at entrance points. Reinvent usage of unused furniture to make it look like anything else.

2. Thematic design

Try to bring out the real character of your firm via your decor ideas. Have wallpaper reflecting your brand. Have furniture designed with innovativeness? Play with colors to add a touch of coziness in your office. To add some meaning, you can decorate walls with inspiring statements or quotes.

You can play with themes. A bird topiary against a background of fake planters and fake foliage will create a similar nature look in the office.

3. Introduce a splash of color with artificial foliage

Artificial landscaping is one of the most innovative design ideas. Having small fake planters is a growing business trend. Artificial flowers can be purchased in bulk for embellishing the spaces. There are many choices available on online portals. Clients can get their designs customized. Before making a selection, check parameters like color and fabric quality. Beautiful glossy vases help in light reflection, and their shadows fall on transparent or glossy surfaces, creating a welcoming and pleasing atmosphere.

Artificial flowers are used to ornament spaces during inaugural functions. Expert designers beautifully craft these. You can modify and re-modify office room décor according to seasonal variations. The ability to stay new and blooming combined with the original appearance contributes to an elegant atmosphere. Check for properties like fade resistance and fire retardant abilities. Also, ensure protection against ultraviolet light.

Silk tulips are soft, and their presence adds charm to space. The sight of deep violet against a green background of artificial trees will be an excellent way to de-stress employees during a heavy workload.

Place silk plants at strategic locations like table tops and peripheral areas. Have silk orchids at outer points or as ceiling suspensions. Silk orchids are available in lovely colors like baby pink or ruby red. Their presence adds exotic flair and aristocracy to office space. Silk ferns add beauty and texture to office spaces. You can place them on top of the mini office tables.

4. Restructuring for augmenting the spatial utility

If you have any significant or redundant accessories which are of little functional value, you can remodel or restructure the interior office layout. Get your old furniture recycled to create new designer furniture. Such a strategy will save additional money. Add cabinets and closets where things could be appropriately arranged. Work out the entire spatial layout and check whether any space is left. Maximize your spatial utility.

5. Sustainability throughputs

The need for paperwork has reduced by great degrees, as the workspaces are IT-enabled. Consequently, the firm staff often finds it messy dealing with accumulated paper stuff. Alternately of throwing them in the dustbin, you can them recycled. You can hire people to craft creative items out of used paper. There is much trending design for fabricating beautiful things like dancing peacocks and miniature trees, out of used paper. You can even use old bottles or recycled stuff to make pots, where your fake plants could be kept.

6. Acoustic design

Pay attention to acoustic features, especially in meeting rooms and seminar halls. It is crucial that the presenter’s voice reaches the listener’s ears. Acoustic wall panels are DIY friendly and help facilitate better communication in offices. Interaction helps in knowledge sharing and raising productivity.

7. Invest in energy efficient ideas

The office must have sufficient ambient light in the morning. It must have sustainable features like light retention and recirculate in the inside. Natural light is very motivating. The busy areas in an office must have sufficient windows to maximize the inflow of natural light. Get the windows covered with beautiful curtains or roller shutters. Use curtains or shutters to control light intensity. Such an atmosphere creates a tranquilizing impact.

A green office building where there is a plethora of natural air or ventilation is a beautiful design innovation. It reduces expenses incurred as you can reduce the bills due air conditioning.

8. Have neat looking washroom

An office washroom must always be neat and sanitary. Invest in moisture resistant tiles to reduce the need for manual labor.

9. Creating a playing arena

Offices are not merely workspaces, but where employees feel inspired to deliver. So having a play area adds a chic and luxurious look to the office space. Playing together helps employees in learning team building skills. You can ornament such gaming zones with artificial plants or topiary trees.

10. Garden touch

Cultivate a garden touch with green plants. With such varieties, you can decorate an office shelf or desk. Try to have only low maintenance plants, so that time for regular upkeep is minimal. You can mix small real plants with fake plants for decorating the office desk. You can have plants with slightly different shades of green against a light or off-white background. You can even have hanging planters if your carpet area is limited.


Do you want to make your office room swanky, without risking your finances? You need to go creative with your business strategies. Make your office green and sustainable with energy efficient and eco-friendly ideas. Restructure your office accessories and furniture. Get a renewed look to boost employee spirits. Invest in artificial landscaping ideas to add a chic look to space. Decorate entrance with artificial flower combinations. Select color combinations wisely. Rectify the office design to incorporate acoustic elements, to maximize interactive and effective communication.