Want To Detox Your Bedroom Try These Decor Options

On average, we spend one-third of our lives in the bedroom. So, it has to be a good sanctuary for our wellbeing. Having a clean bedroom does not mean that it is free from toxins. Here are some simple tips that will deliver you a green bedroom free from toxins.

1. Get rid of the electronic devices

Smartphone, laptop, and Television have become an integral a part of your life. You use it to talk, to check emails, do official work, etc. But, they emit low-level radiation. Even, the energy-efficient lights do the same.

Prolonged exposure to such radiation causes sleep disturbances. It may also lead to insomnia, migraine and other health issues. Your bedroom is for intimacy and sleeping only. So, banish it from the bedroom. This will protect you from these visual toxins.

2. Follow a no-shoe policy

Your shoes are your great companion, as they take you everywhere. But, they are also suitable carriers of dust, germs, bacteria, and toxic substances into the bedroom. Studies reveal that the shoes carry the pesticides of the lawns into the bedroom. So, follow a no-shoe policy in the bedroom. This help to detox the place.

3. Use natural cleaning products only

Most of the cleaning products available in the market contain chemicals. To detox the bedroom you should eliminate these synthetic products. Replace them with the green varieties only made from natural ingredients.

You can also make your cleaning product at home. Use baking soda, essential oil, lemon, salt and vinegar for this. It is highly effective and can keep your bedroom clean.

4. Get healthy bed sheets

Healthy bed sheets are vital for bedroom detoxification. Avoid the polyester and the anti-crease sheets. They contain petroleum-based chemicals. You should also avoid the dark printed cotton sheets because these contain more chemicals. Instead, use bed sheets made from organic cotton and other natural fibers.

Change the bed sheets frequently. You sleep on this for seven to eight hours every night. So, change this at least once a week. This will let you have a clean bed.

5. Change to healthier pillows

Pillows are also vital. Do not use the foam pillows if you want to detox your bedroom. You should choose pillows made from natural materials like organic cotton, down, or wool. Also, warm these up in the sun when the weather is nice. This will kill all the hidden molds.

Like the pillows, the pillow covers are also important. Get silk or organic cotton pillow cover. This will make your bedroom hygienic.

6. Mattress also matters

Regular mattresses can cause exposure to many harsh chemicals. They may contain formaldehyde and VOC as well. The manufacturers also never reveal everything they use to make them flame retardant.

You should, therefore, consider using a mattress made from natural materials. This includes non-toxic materials like organic cotton, linen, natural latex, organic bamboo, and organic wool. A large number of organic mattresses are available. Get one as a part of your detoxification project.

7. Do frequent dusting

Dust contains a range of harsh chemicals and toxins including phthalates and pesticides. So, you should vacuum clean the mattress every time you change the linen. Also, clean the bedroom furniture by wiping with a soft cloth. This will let you have a dust free environment.

Some people are asthmatic or suffer from dust allergy. They should cover the mattress with allergy-free cover. If you want to make a massive investment, you may go for air purifier and filter.

8. Use organic paints

The regular oil-based paints contain many chemicals including pigments, VOCs, resins, etc. This makes them a virulent source of toxins in the bedroom. Using such synthetic paints may cause a large number of health issues.

So use organic paints in the bedroom. You may also tray bio-degradable paints. These are less harmful than synthetic colors. They are also safe for those who are prone to allergies.

9. Switch to organic candles

Candles are usually made from paraffin. This is a petroleum-based product. Candles made from paraffin also contain synthetic fragrance.

Although these are romantic, they emit a large number of toxins while they burn out. Therefore, switch over to soybean or beeswax candles made with essential oils. These will stop generation of nasty chemicals in the bedroom and help to detox it.

10. Consider your furniture

Lacquers, varnishes and other substances used in making furniture could be a source of VOC. This pollutes the indoor and can also cause skin irritation. Look for solid wood furniture, or you may get one made from recycled steel. Use those brands that contain low VOC. This will help to detox your bedroom.

11. Fill the bedroom with positivity

Negative energies are mental toxins and can spoil your intimacy and sleep. So, you must fill your bedroom with positivity. Live trees and plants are great for this.

Since people have a psychological bond with the greeneries, they feel relaxed and positive near nature. But they are tough to maintain because of the up-keep demands. Having no maintenance requirement the artificial flowering trees the ideal alternative.

These are available in plenty of categories like small trees, deciduous trees, palm trees, etc. Including a fake bonsai tree or a ficus benjamina tree in the bedroom makes it refreshing. Coming in customized forms, they can adorn any place beautifully.

Crafted from high-quality artificial foliage and robust and colorfast pigment, they look like the real plants. Using the commercial silk trees never compromises with the aesthetics. Coming in standard pots, they can also be installed easily.

The fake plants are strong and durable. These do not grow mold and require no soil, fertilizer, and pesticide. Thus they keep your bedroom free from toxins.


Investing in healthier options may take some extra cost. But these make the bedroom a haven by promoting good health and comfort. Maybe you are going to take some New Year’s resolution this year. Including bedroom detoxification in the list will protect you from toxins, pollutants, and radiations.