The Interior Decor Trends Set To Rock Throughout 2019

Like fashions, the interior décor trends also changes every year. Staying updated of the latest interior décor trends becomes challenging due to this. The New Year is almost at the door. Maybe you are excited to upgrade your home to welcome 2019. Here are some décor trends that are set to rock throughout the year.

1. Sustainable décor is the craze

In the present world reducing ecological footprint is not a choice but a compulsion. Only this can make our planet healthy. This makes repurposing and recycling natural elements the hottest trend. People are now trying to achieve luxury and elegance through organic and tactile options.

Green furniture, floor, and rugs are envisaged to feel every interior in 2019. There will be a lot of repurposed elements made of reclaimed wood, bamboo, jute fibers, and textiles.

2. Personalization through heterogeneity

According to the décor wizards, heterogeneous style is going to be prevalent in the coming year. This has also captured an ample space in the décor magazines. People will personalize their space by mismatching the décor elements in 2019.

This expects there will be a mix of bold colors and designs. This will spread everywhere from the entrance to everywhere in the home. Window treatments and other décor elements will not be aligned. They will be put in contrast to create a unique personal style.

3. Geometric and abstract art has put the stamp

Geometric and abstract arts have started coming to the forefront. This is sure to take a prominent place in the design trends for 2019. These deliver a simple, yet sophisticated look. The great thing about these décor elements is that they can merrily co-exist with other décor elements.

This could be anything from wall arts to textiles with abstract prints. They brighten the room and fill the place with a creative aura.

4. Statement ceiling is the current swing

Transforming the ceiling into a feature wall is the current trend. It lets you have a unique top-down décor. This is also going to be dominating through the coming year. In case you are re-decorating your home, don’t forget this fifth wall.

Paint the ceiling in bold color patterns, or you can also use decorated wallpapers. Adding molding makes the ceiling stand out and also lifts the ambiance to the next level.

5. Terrazzo is back again

This cheap flooring material made of marble, granite, and glass chips. Although it has been used for an extended period, its use came to a bare minimum in the recent past. Now it has returned with a bang and attained much popularity Instagram and Pinterest.

Besides using as a flooring material, this is also an excellent option for backsplashes, countertops, and lighting options. With their unique variety of colors and patterns, this is sure to stay in 2019.

6. Color splashes are the hot favorite

Using a single color shade to paint a room has lost favor. The current interior decorating trend calls for using different colors for the walls and adding a splash of color here and there. This makes the room colorful and vibrant.

You can add color splashes anywhere and everywhere. Adopt this for upholstery, throw pillows and drapes. They will remove the monotony and make a great interior.

7. Return of plush furniture with curves

Most of the people are now abandoning linear furniture with harsh angles and corners. They are now patronizing plush sofas and chairs with rounded overstuffed bodies for more comfort. People are also adding soft cushions on the sofa for an improved experience.

But this is not to be mistaken with the Victorian leather covered sitting arrangements. The velvet type is gaining acceptance and is sure to rule 2019.

8. Refreshing with plants

People have an excellent affinity for greeneries. As a result, bringing in live plants is the new trend in interior decoration. With their vibrant color, they are great to change the look and feel of any interior. These are available in decorative pots.

Install them in a corner to spruce up the room. You can also use them as hanging plants. Using a bonsai tree as a centerpiece is also a great idea. Given the psychological bonding between humans and greeneries, they are going to stay.

9. The metropolitan style is in the offing

Most of the people now live in small apartments in the high-rise complexes. This calls for small and furniture to match the space. It also opens up new vistas of creativity and imagination for artistic decoration. This is going to rule over the interior décor arena in the coming year.

10. Felt wall panels steal the limelight

Constructing new walls is not possible for apartment and urban living. This makes paneling walls the most obvious alternative. Using the custom felt wall panel is an excellent idea due to its versatility and elegance.

The acoustic felt panels are available in a plethora of varieties. This includes modular tiles, ceiling baffles, divider screens, and hanging solutions. Moreover, these can also be customized to fit any décor requirement. Made from 100% wool, these are non-toxic and non-allergic. Coupled with acoustic fiber, these have great noise dampening properties.

Available in many colors these can deliver a magnificent décor to residential and commercial complexes. Other than reducing the vibration, the acoustic felt tiles also hide the wall flaws. These conform to the building fire code with class ‘A’ rating according to ASTM E84. These environment-friendly panels are free from VOC and have LEED certification.

Adorning the interior with felt wall coverings creates an elegant design that lifts the mood. This also adds a pure textural feeling to the interior. No matter what is the size and type of the interior, they deliver a luxurious feel that pleases senses.


Changes in décor trends bring in new combinations of objects replacing the old ones. The above décor trends are a guideline for inspiring interior decorating ideas. Choose what is sufficient for you and apply it. This will help you have a contemporary home in the coming year.