The 7 Easy And Inexpensive Office Decor Makeover Hacks You Ll Love

The modern employees spend more than half of their active life in the offices. It should, therefore, be convenient, comfortable and inspiring for the success of the business. Office decoration has to play a significant role in this. Here are some adorable, yet inexpensive décor ideas for you.

1. Light adequately

Lighting can create an excellent office environment. If your office is blessed with windows, keep those open to harvest maximum natural light. This will deliver a bright interior and also increase the energy efficiency of your office.

Other than this, quality lighting arrangement can improve the office ambiance. Both harsh glare and low light can create an irritating interior. You should, therefore, strike a balance in illuminating the office.

For this, you must opt for both ambiance and task lighting like industries. Remove all hanging lighting solutions. They make the office interior dull and cumbersome. Light up the office with indirect diffused light reflected from the ceiling. They will deliver a soft and pleasing experience. Also, get desk lamps to work as task lighting. This will instantly jazz up the office.

2. Refresh the air

The present-day office is almost like a second home. The employees spend a significant part of the day there. So, your office must smell right to keep the employees motivated.

This makes engaging the senses a great way to improve the office environment. This can be done by including essential oils in the office environment. This delivers multiple benefits. It not only refreshes the air but also keeps people happy and motivated.

No need to spend much for scenting the office interior. The aroma diffusers are great for this purpose. Coming in attractive colors and shapes, they also add to the aesthetics.

Pick up anything from lavender, lemon, jasmine, peppermint, cinnamon, and rosemary scents. Pour the essential oil in the aroma diffuser and plug it in. The fragrance will make your office collaborating and engaging.

3. Make it comfortable

Contrary to the excellent belief comfort is closely related to efficiency and productivity. Most of the modern office jobs are sedentary types. The employees get stuck in the seats with their eyes glued to the monitor. This gives rise to many health problems.

Sofas and bin chairs can make your office more comfortable. Including them can create a home-like ambiance in the office. This makes the employees relaxed and comfortable as well.

Shifting to ergonomic furniture provides the best solution. They have adjustable height and armrests. So, the employees can maintain e right posture while working for long. Thus, they are relieved from the usual professional health hazards like backaches. These are available in varieties of modular options for sprucing up the office.

4. Add a glimpse of nature

Introducing a splash of color with plants is the easiest way to animate the office. People have an innate attraction to greeneries. They become relaxed and positive when they are near nature.

Plants also help the employees to concentrate more and thus, improve the productivity level. They also help to unwind and reduce stress.

Large varieties of office plants including Chinese evergreen, English ivy, and Jade plants are available. They require less space and minimum maintenance. Other than beautifying the office, they also clean the air by removing toxins. As the employees work in a clean environment, they become less sick.

5. Optimize the storage

Although most the current office works are done online, papers do accumulate. This includes bills for payment, literature and reference books. Nothing spoils an office more than a cluttered desk. As such, these need to be organized.

Building smart storages is a great way to improve the office décor. Other than cabinets and drawers, you can also build floating shelves at the workstations. They can be made in many shapes like intersecting square, beehives, etc. These will remove the heaps of document from the desk and give a clean look.

Cords and cable are also a part of the modern office. If you can conceal them, get them organized using cute clips. This will also add to the office aesthetics.

6. Get something quirky

The successful offices are not clean and functional. They are also captivating. These are decorated in a way to draw the eyeballs. After the basic office décor needs are fulfilled, include something quirky in the indoor to make it attention-grabbing.

It does not mean that you have to spend a lot on this. Creating a feature wall with the logo is enough to convey the signature style. Including an antique also lifts the décor.

7. Invest in CSI felt wall panels

Maybe you want to make your office a sensory paradise with luxurious perfection. The felted wall panels are second to none in this respect. They are available in many features collections like the planar, flap, cumulus, stencil and many more.

Made from 100% wool felt and acoustic fiber, the CSI acoustic felt panels could relive you from a noisy environment. These have a noise reduction coefficient of 0.45 to 0.90 and can deliver a reasonably quiet office space.

You may go for modular tiles or hanging solutions depending on your décor requirements. All of these are highly customizable and need no demolition or surface treatment. This makes their installation easy and saves on cost and labor.

The acoustic felt tiles and hanging felt panels is that they are non-toxic and non-allergic. As a result, they make not create any health issue. These also conform to the building fire codes with class ‘A’ fire rating as per ASTM E84. Thus you get a safe and legal office decoration.

The felt ceiling panels are perfect covering the ceilings and improving the acoustical quality. Coming in many colors, these can deliver you an excellent office.


Functional and inspiring offices are the current office décor trend. The above hacks are perfect to do this singularly and in combination. Try to adopt these while renovating your office. This will simplify the décor challenge and let you have an attractive office without thinning the wallet.