How To Hide Wall Flaws Intelligently

Walls form the rooms of the building. Any exterior or the interior appeals are based on these walls. They have to be maintained well for anything to work correctly. But over some time, there will be some flaws, breaks, and cracks in the walls. The look of the walls is more important than anything for a building or house. Deficiencies in the walls make you look unprofessional and irresponsible.

So, here are any ideas on how to hide wall flaws intelligently:

Wall paint

Wall paints are the best solution if there are any little flaws over the surface of the wall. If there are flaws like spill marks or dust marks which are tough to remove, then painting can be the best way to cover them up. Either paint the dots with the wall color or paint the entire wall with a new color.

This can be taken as a chance to paint your wall. Use different shades and colors to get new shades for your wall color. Make sure that your new color doesn’t get prone to tough marks easily. There are even washable paints available in the market. Get them for painting if you can afford it as it is slightly costlier than normal colors.

Custom felt wall panel

Felt is a sheet or wraps made of materials wool, fiber, cotton or mixture of materials. When they are customized and used to cover the surfaces of the walls, they are called custom felt wall panels. If you have either breaks or cracks in the wall and if they are visible. You need something to cover them. So, use custom felt wall panel for including them. They cover the breaks and also gives a beautiful look to the wall.

Wall hangings

Wall hangings designing is a beautiful art to design a hanging décor. They are designed according to each one's native culture. They are available in various types too. You can design them with your damaged or leftover decors or buy new material to make them during your free time. If you do not have time, buy them.

They are great at covering any wall flaws. Nail a hook right above the damage and hang a wall hanger so that it gets covered. Wall hangers cover the damage and make your wall look much prettier. So, they are like two-in-one things. Their cost depends on whether you make them or buy them. In anyways, they are useful and tender.

Black felt wall covering

Black color highlights anything light in front of it. It even gives an outstanding contract to other bright colors. Therefore, when you have any wrong wall color done, install black felt wall covering over your wall. It is easy to install and will effectively enhance the appeal of your room.

Wall art

Wall art is done by sticking stickers of a particular painting onto the wall. It is simple to implement as it involves peel off method. The components of the painting are given separately. They have a peel-off layer at the back. You have to affix them on the wall at appropriate distances from each other. You ultimately get the wall art.

They are customizable and can be altered as you want. This is one of the easy methods to cover the wall flaws. You can cover the wall flaws by sticking the stickers over the flawed area. They are affordable and are available almost in every décor store. The best part is that anybody can do this without anybody’s help.

Felt wall tiles

Wall tiles have always existed in the décor industry, but now there are felt wall tiles which are cost-effective. Go for felt wall tiles when you have cracks on your wall. It is possible to different designs using them. They are adaptable and reliable.


Paintings have always been on the favorite list for many. They have been in trend all the time. When it comes to hiding the wall flaws paintings are also another brilliant idea. The size of the painting has to be decided to cover the flaw. Depending on the size of the painting requirement the cost is selected.

The quality of the paint and the method used to make the painting also involves in its cost decision. So, before you buy a painting check with the size of the flaw that is to be covered. Then bring the appropriate painting. They cover the damage and increases the value of the place too.

Acoustic felt

Acoustic felts are the felts which have acoustic layers in them. They are useful in absorbing the unwanted noise at your place. If you have any damages on your walls using acoustic felts can be a brilliant idea. They will cover the damage and absorb noise as well. So, they are cost-effective too.

Wood sheets

Woodwork is another method to cover the wall flaws. There are some wood designs created just for walls. There are small wood tiles and one flat wood sheet for covering the wall with style. They make the place look natural and pleasant. Wood sheets are available in many small pieces or one single layer. So, according to your convenience, you can bring the wood sheets.

Affix wood sheet only to one side of the wall. So, if there are flaws on more than one wall of the room, then only one wall can be covered with one sheet. To other wall use another design of the wood art. This will save you from making your room look shabby and will enhance the look of the place. Therefore, wood sheets and wood-works are an intelligent way to cover the wall damages.


Above are a few ideas on how to hide wall flaws intelligently. These are the affordable and reliable methods to cover the flaws of the wall. They will brilliantly make them unnoticeable and beautify the place too. So, they cost-effective ways and anybody can try them.