10 Easy And Effective Wall Decor Ideas

Walls are the best part to decorate. They are large and do not consume any space to decorate. There are many ways to decorate walls. There are some decors created especially for the wall decoration. Some are made over the wall, and some are hung to the wall.

So, here are 10 easy and effective wall décor ideas:

Washable wall paints

The primary activity to decorate a wall is to paint it. The painting styles and the color you choose for the wall tell everything about you and the place. So, carefully select the right tone for the wall.

There are various colors and shades for wall colors. There are different types of wall paints too. Wall washable paints are one among them. You can use them to secure your wall from spills and dust. You can wash and maintain it well. So, make use of new types and varieties of wall paints to decorate your wall.

Felt wall covering

One of the new ways to décor wall is to use felt wall covering. Felt is a material or a sheet of wool or mat sheets. They are used to cover parts or an entire wall. This gives the wall a new surface and texture. Though the texture is optional, the felt itself has a texture of its own. So, felt wall covering is the easiest way to décor the wall.

Emboss work

The emboss work was earlier restricted only on paintings and artworks. Now it is extended to wall paintings and glass paintings. There are various techniques for embossing work. Some experts trained to do this beautiful art.

If you love art and want something separate on your wall, then get an embossed work on your wall. They are designed well by professional paints and artists. You can get it done by them. You can even get your favorite painting designed and embossed on the wall. It is most recommended on the exterior of your house or office entrance.

Custom felt wall panel

Wall decoration requires measurement of wall length and breadth. The decors have to be decided depending upon the size of the décor. Felt is one of the trending ways to décor walls. So, there are custom felt wall panel introduced. They are shaped into your requirements and affixed over your wall. They are available in various designs and are affordable.

Wall hangings

Wall hangings have been a fun activity for many art lovers since childhood. Some old and new decors are used to design something in a stretch and tied together to hang to the hook of the wall. Nail a hook to the wall and hang wall hangers to it.

If you have enough time for artwork, then go through books and crafts channels to find out how to do it. But if you do not have time for making it and want to have it for your wall then buy it. They are available almost in every décor store. They are affordable, and this idea is easy to implement.

Acoustic felt tiles

Tiles are another way to décor the walls. There are many variations of tiles available in the market. Acoustic felt tiles are now trending in the industry as they are unique. They absorb unwanted noise from the surroundings. They help you to have a pleasant atmosphere at the place. Hence, they differ in the material, look and the feel. Acoustic felt tiles give an excellent experience to the people in the room.

Sand and clay arts

Artificial sand and clay are used to make many decors. Sand and mud are flexible materials which can be used to create many designs. They can be made according to the seasons and occasions. So, get some art sand and clay to prepare your wall décor. Even wall hangings can be made using these materials.

There are some hobby classes which teach you how to make clay and sand decors. Even animals and characters models can be made using sand and clay. They can be affixed to the wall. You can learn and make them, or they can be bought from your nearest décor store. You can even paint on the exterior to suit your interior or exterior design.

Large paintings

Paintings are the new way to décor the wall. Today, there is a new trend in painting the whole wall. You can get your entire wall painted. Exciting! Yes, there are various designs made ready to decorate your entire wall. It will not look weird of exaggerated.

It brings a feeling of a different world to your place. Even the embossing art can be done in these wall paintings. It is mostly recommended for commercial place entrance. They will reflect your culture and taste. At residential places, they make your home, look luxurious and grand.

Black felt wall panels

Black is a unique color. It highlights anything before it. Black felt wall panels have a special place among the wall decors. They are liked and used by many companies and designers. If you like to add something unique to your place for wall décor, then go for black felt wall panels. They are useful and beautiful when used on the single wall of a room.

Wall arts and paints

Wall arts and paints have been in existence from a long time. They have been in trend always. They are easy to implement and remove. They are adaptable to any room. So, without any hesitation, anybody can implement wall art and paint.

Wall arts and paints are stickers like wall decors which can be stick to the wall easy. You have to peel off the back layer of the wall art pieces. Then have to stick them to the wall at appropriate places. They can be simply removed when you want without damaging the walls.


Above are the 10 comfortable and effective wall décor ideas. They are simple and easy to understand. They can be quickly implemented as no alterations are required. Whatever is the condition of your wall is, it can be decorated using the above ideas. So, try them.