Modular Wall Panels

The living room is the center of luxury, enjoyment, and memories. Keeping it dull and drab can go on for days, but once you feel the beauty of a remodeled interior, you can realize what you have been missing out on. So start imagining, and we bring you something as help.

1. DIY wallpaper

This is one of the inexpensive ideas that often people don’t pay heed to. You can create your design instead of just spending a huge amount of money on expensive art and prints. Buy some good quality wall paints of prefixed color and use a pretty stencil and bring your imagination to fruition. Make your wall panels with the things at hand and by following the wall panel designs that are available easily.

2. Drop Cloths

It’s quite an interesting work to do. If you have a living room with substantial height, try to add some décor that takes advantage of this height. Drop cloths are best suited for this kind of arrangement. Alongside the windows and doors, you can use that drapery. Colour and pattern of those must suit the interior. So first make up your mind about the indoor paint style and then buy compatible cloths. Drape of creamy white, faint blue, beige or mild yellow often go along almost every kind of set-up, but they are even more attractive if you have a classic wall design, furniture, and showcase setting.

3. Glassware decoration

Clear glassware is just heart-warming. Although they fit in an otherwise modern décor, they can be of proper use in a vintage setting. Just imagine your white shelves holding beautifully crafted glassware of mixed color. That showcase demands to be the centerpiece of attraction. Here you have the freedom to choose from a wide range of options. Glassware often functions as flower holders. So you can be double benefitted by putting some bright color fresh flower in a vase and put it on the coffee table. Or the handcrafted wineglasses of interesting color can take center-stage in your showcase. Glassware can be used in many possible set-up and spaces, but they are best for open shelving.

4. Bring out the books

Believe it or not, books are beautiful. If you are a reader then it is evident but, if you are not, then also it is a source of joy. Make use of this not-so-conventional décor. A stack of books by the TV or the coffee table can be very casual but, still very lovable. Improvement will be a special shelf dedicated to the book décor. Open wooden shelves of raw wooden color can be fixed on to the wall where you can put your stacks alongside some small artifacts and fresh flowers to accentuate the feeling. Vintage bookkeeping arrangements have always performed very well.

5. Be original

Being original is something that will give you the impression of a home, belongingness to memories. Your memories never get old. And it is a great choice to incorporate your personalized articles and décor items in the overall makeover. Remember that when you were young, your dreams were reflected in your to-do list and you had plans for all your works all over the place. No one can ignore such special memories. Hang the map that shows your favorite sites. Photos of your favorite moments can also mount the wall in a suitable frame. Family photo collages or those explaining your success stories will express something that no other décor can do. Do not hesitate to display ancestral portraits or old family pictures. They add a sense of care and vintage upbringing to the family space. Artifacts that you collected from your visits, memorable and precious gifts from family and friends, academic achievements are some of those reflections of your ambitions, struggle, and success that you must cherish in your personal space. Keep those things in showcases that are perfectly lit and clean and fit the context of the living room.

6. Boldness

“Go Bold,” they said, this is the new trend they said. Well, they didn’t say anything wrong. Boldness reveals a dynamic sense of taste and although, it contrasts the very much searched peaceful state of mind, is very beautiful and practical. High-impact fabric works best. Buy your pillow covers, sheets, furniture, and other accessories after deciding what color to put where. Furnishing with vibrant color and pattern can bring in some hudge-fudge. The flooring, wall paneling, the ceiling everything can be remodeled according to what kind of dynamism you want. Acoustic ceiling panels or those house decoration 3d wall paintings are in currency nowadays.

But another better way is to mix the colorful accessories with a neutral background. A simple and faded palette ornamented with the mixture of differences will pull attention. Put some simple rugs under the seating area and buy a simple coffee table. But go bold with the books and the seating arrangement. Lampshades can sparkle with different color, and the furniture may be covered in accent leather. Shelves can be of crisp white color but, make its ingredients bright with impactful showpieces.

7. Exhibit the collectibles

Never let go of a chance where you can show what you have collected. There is sharp happiness in it. Pitchers, vases, plates, artifacts, vintage models, paintings, handicrafts, sculptures are some of those things that can find their place in your showcase. And again, if you are trying something mixed-up, these things are going to put the thrill in it. Open shelves should hold showpieces and must be accompanied by its assistants like wall mounted candle holders or LED paneling or mood lighting arrangement or may be situated in a place to be the centerpiece.

8. Go natural

Nature embraces eternity. It is easy to add a natural vibe to the indoors and also it is magnificent in effect. Nautical theme décor can be brought in by use of shells and nets. Wall side lamp table can have a few refurbished clear and colored beer bottles filled with seashells to enhance the beach outfit. Or you can go rustic by adding some repurposed furniture. Use the old glass vases to keep your fresh flowers or the old iron tool as the lamp table. A countryside look will be quite relaxing also. Add a few plants to the interior. Put some ferns and silk flowers at the corners and entrance. Freshness and closeness in dynamism are all you need here.


Ideas are unlimited. You need determination and a sense of creativity in arranging stuff so as to extract every bit of potential setting you can get out of those.