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Are you tired of your boring kitchen? Can’t you think what to do with those dated cupboards? What are your ideas for the countertop?

Of course answer to these things seem simple, but people often fail to realize those ideas. So we offer some help so that you get a cheesy upgrade for your kitchen.

1. Modify the lighting

If you see everything dull and drab, how can you enjoy it fully? Lighting is like the hidden magic of beauty. If your kitchen looks dim or has just one or two normal light bulbs, then you perhaps need to make a huge makeover of the whole lighting system, both electric or otherwise. Get rid of a traditional wall mounted light bulbs and bars and tried something exotic, like the overhead light fixtures. They come in various design and installations. Choose whatever is fit for your overall look, or you can always get the more generalized versions that fit everywhere. Rustic vintage light bulb holders hanging from the ceiling are nice for a countryside theme. More modern amenities call for something ultra-modern like the flashy metal finished light fixtures. Also prevalent in the market are the LED paneling that is efficient to use and look beautiful. Apart from all those don’t forget to install under-cabinet light systems. They can create a really illuminated and perfectly organized outlook.

2. Open kitchen shelves

A bit of a show off of the dish collection will improve the looks of your kitchen. It is a trendy décor idea. Most important points to remember are that the shelf design and the design of dishes are going to modify everything. Apart from all those design benefits, open shelving gives you more space for storage and at an affordable cost. Traditional cabinetry often attracts attention but also come at a huge cost. As the second component of this idea, you can go for selective removal of cabinet doors so that you get a more mixed and balanced look. Keep the shelves, and cabinet colors basic and simple as that help keep the focus on your favorite dishware. Try to be purposeful with your dishware arrangement. You can follow the internet too. But it’s better to go on your own. Similar items of similar color and shape should be kept together, and you can add a little embellishment like flower stands and boxes.

3. Storage maximization

Storage is a key component of your kitchen. Whether your kitchen looks swanky or not, it’s going to need storage definitely. But here we introduce some modifications to maximize the storage along with a taste of style. Concealed storage options come in handy at this moment. They are modern, easily accessible and do not attract unwanted attention. Cabinets with upper success doors and drawers are fine but, you can go for toe-kick drawers at the bottom of those cabinets and slide-in drawers underneath the cook-top. Baskets are also stylish, and you can add some those handcrafted ones on top of the fridge and nearby the basin area. Under-shelves are perfect to keep things like spoons, plates and other randomly used materials. Go for repurposed storage options too. Add imagination to every possible thing that can be used for storage.

4. The illusion of higher ceilings

This idea is beneficial although it doesn’t seem that vibrant. A higher ceiling feels spacious and gives you room for ceiling decoration using trendy overhead light fixtures and a myriad variety of color and pattern options. To create an illusion of heights you have to do some new window treatments. It will feel grand and big if you raise the window panels. You can do this by simply adding fabric to the existing panels. Choose a complimentary fabric that suits the already existing one and just get it tailored to fit it into the setting.

5. Wooden countertops

Wooden furniture has been historically considered a symbol of luxury and royalty. Its effects are visible in every possible use of wood. Residential use of wooden countertops is preferred to other material as home atmosphere commonly requires a sense of purity and natural outlook. Due to the types of wood available, you can get your favorite design, and these tend to be very easy to maintain. Other materials such as marble, stone or metal surface get scratched easily, wood stays protected. In case of any trouble just get it sanded and add some polish. This inexpensive and long-lasting solution is a nice call for a classic or otherwise cool-looking kitchen.

6. Kitchen floor update

A swanky kitchen needs a swanky floor. Don’t think that the floor can be ignored. It’s a huge chunk of space, and it automatically attracts attention as soon as you enter the kitchen. Apart from going for marble, you can go for wooden flooring that can give you flexibility for further modification. Or buy those paneling materials for the floor. Whatever you buy, think beforehand of the theme of your kitchen and then buy the complimentary pieces. Keeping it simple you can paint the floor in a single bright color where your theme will be a mix of modern amenities and classic furniture and the color pattern will be a bright mixture of vibrant color fabrics and faint shades at the background.

7. Feature wall

This is going to be your kryptonite. This is the place where you need vibrancy and color. Extraordinarily stunning will be feature wall whether made of the partial wall or a full wall. If the half wall, then keeps it around the seating area. Choose your wallpapers carefully, because you have to buy the customized version for the kitchen. 3d decorative wall panels of natural design or the bamboo wall panels can give you a natural look whereas there are modern 3d wall arts available for more sophisticated industrial sensations.

8. Introduce vintage furniture

Yes, it can make your kitchen look swanky. In the era of omnipresent style trend, this is a revived style. A look that emanates hard-work and audacity will be the industrial look you will get by using vintage furniture. Reclaimed chairs and tools, rustic hanging lights and candle holders, old wooden benches, all these things, with just a little imagination, can embellish your kitchen with a new romance.

9. De-cluttering

Last but not least, do the de-cluttering work. Give it some time because leaving this as it is, will just give you a nasty feeling later on. Throw away unnecessary things such as old towels, unused spoons, fruit baskets, etc. Keep the utensils in a visible and accessible area so that you know where the dirty pieces are. Clean the surroundings of the appliances regularly. Buy those bamboo made baskets to keep random things.

The kitchen must feel welcome and look inviting as it is the most important destination for a family gathering. A happy meal must be accompanied by a happy mood that comes from a beautiful interior.