Acoustic Baffles

Thinking to open a retail store? It is not easy, as you have to survive the cutthroat competition. Since retail stores deal with human elements, decoration becomes a vital factor for attracting customers. Here are 15 décor tips that can make the retail stores rewarding for you.

1. Make it visible with glow signs

Using glow signs is a great way to make a retail store visible from a distance. It should include the title and logo. Better take professional help for designing it.

2. Paint the exterior

We live in a visual world and, as such, the physical attraction matters. Paint the exterior walls of the retail stores in bold colors. This will make it attractive.

3. Allure with a window display

An organized window display goes a long way to impress the customers. Display the important items and the latest arrivals. Also, back up every display with a catchy slogan. Never display any item for long. Change them every week for alluring the pedestrians.

4. Offer a red carpet welcome

It does not matter if your retail store is large or small. Laying a welcome carpet lifts up the decoration to the next level. When this leads to the front entrance, it creates a strong impact on the visitors.

5. Decorate the threshold

The customers step into this area first. This is, in fact, a decompressing zone and they create their first impression about the stores here. Since they may miss many things, improve this area with a colorful display and lighting. This will entice them to move in.

6. Impress with the layout

Plan the floor layout first. It should be so that the customers can move around freely and see everything. Most of the retails stores follow straight, angular, or loop layout. The straight layout guides the customers to the defined area and leaves more floor space.

Although it consumes maximum floor space, the angular layout offers a pleasing display. Paths are created with shelves in loop layouts, and it offers the best visibility. You may follow anyone based on the floor space and décor theme.

7. Consider the floor

People tend to look more downwards than they look up. You should, therefore, have a pleasing floor for influencing customer’s perception. A soft feeling under the feet also makes them happy. Cover the pathways with carpets. This will deliver a great shopping experience.

8. Illumination holds the key

Lights can lift up the ambiance and make the displays more alluring. Decorate the store with ambient, decorative and accent lights. While the ambient and decorative lights will improve the overall atmosphere, the accent lights will highlight the special items. Also, illuminate the billing area with task lighting.

9. Displaying should be unique

The thumb rule of retail shop’s display is to place the items in the eye level or below that. But, never display the small items below the eye level. If you deal in kid’s items, place them waist high. The kids will be happy.

You can also think vertically. This becomes more effective for items like curtains, drapes, and fabrics. Hang them from near the ceiling and spread on the floor. This will save space and create a stunning décor.

10. Create a power wall

Building an accent wall is a great way to decorate retail stores. Paint a wall with a bright color. You can highlight a wall with a large piece of art, or can also display colorful fabrics. When these are accented with lights, they create a magical ambiance.

11. Arrange zonal display

Appearance matters most in a retail store. You may follow any layout for your retail store. But club similar items zone wise. The customers will be able to choose things easily. It will also influence them to go deep into the stores.

12. Calm it down with felt wall panels

Retail stores are always busy and, hence, they tend to be noisy. The acoustic felt boards are excellent to provide a comfortable shopping place for the customers. These are the star performer in the world of wall panels and deliver a sophisticated interior.

There are many varieties including modular tiles for the walls, ceiling baffles, hanging solutions, and divider screens. Made from wool and acoustic fiber the acoustical felt wall coverings and panels have excellent noise reduction coefficient ranging from 0.45 to 0.90. You can get them in a wide color spectrum to suit any décor need.

Other than reducing reverberations, the custom felt wall panel adds texture to the walls. Using them in the retail stores imparts a soft and tactile experience in the retail stores. As these are available in geometric shapes, they are easy to install.

The felt ceiling panels make the retail stores cozier and offer a great look. You can use the ‘Flywall’ and other diver screens for creating different zones. Since these are non-toxic, non-allergenic and have class ‘A’ fire rating, they are safe to use in the retails stores.

13. Create a fun zone

Buying peacefully with a toddler is something impossible. Sometimes they compel the parents to leave without buying. When you have a fun zone, it will keep them engaged. As the parents will be able to do shopping freely, they will patronize your store.

14. Provide free Wi-Fi facility

Free Wi-Fi with full internet access makes a retail store stand out of the crowd. Connect it with e-commerce facility and mobile apps. This will let the shoppers surf the products on their devices and know the promotional offers

15. Arrange comfortable sitting

Continuous shopping is tiring. Give your customers a break by providing comfortable seating in the lounge. Arrange electronic displays of various items there. The customers can rest here in between their shopping sprees. This will jazz up the décor.


Offering a unique shopping experience is the key to a successful retail business. The ideas listed above are great to display the items, the way you want them to see. These are easy to implement and are sure to improve the customer base with more revenue generation.