Acoustic Felt Panels

More and more people are looking for indoor means of staying fit. It could be the weather, the pollutions, the lack of open spaces for outdoor exercising, and many other factors which are promoting gyms today. To find a good gym is also an exercise in itself and people take a long time to decide on what their gym should be like. It could be for anything like weight loss, bodybuilding, simple fitness routine, etc.

If you are planning on opening a gym in the neighborhood, then it’s necessary to read on for the key décor essentials of a gym.

1. Licenses and permissions

The first thing to take care of while setting up a gym is to obtain licenses and permits to set up one. Contact the local authorities and get the necessary certificates. Make sure to display the license in a prominent place in the gym. Frame it and set it against the beautiful felt wall covering inside the gym. Every visitor should be able to see it clearly when he enters it.

2. Rules and regulations

After the licenses and permissions, the next on the agenda is the rules and regulations of the gym. Make sure to have some rules. Display them too against the pretty and elegant felt wall tiles. Let the exercise enthusiasts read them each day as they come into the gym. It can be near the reception area where you keep a register to record the visitors coming in. Hire a good gym trainer who knows everything about the various machines kept there, their use, their benefits, and precautions. Make sure he or she is courteous and helpful; and also has a license to train at a gym. Check the record as well.

3. Equipment

Once you have decided to set up a gym, it’s time to procure some excellent and modern equipment for it. Scout around and look for good sales and deals in your neighborhood. Place the basic machines for weight training, cross trainer, treadmill, weight machine, yoga mats, etc. Ensure that the equipment is functional and easy to use. See that the nuts and bolts are in the proper place with nothing left loose to chance. Keep it oiled and noise free as there is nothing more distracting or annoying than creaking machines in the gym.

4. Ventilation

Since there will be many people exercising in the gym, it is important to take care of the ventilation. You can’t afford to let the stench of sweat collected in the room. Allow natural air and sunlight to come into the gym as much as possible, especially during times when it is not in use. You will need to arrange for air conditioners for the time when people are exercising. Regulate the temperature of the air conditioners according to the seasons.

Reclaim your windows by fixing split machines rather than window air conditioners. They will look cool against the versatile felt walls. Use a room freshener whenever possible and keep the gym smelling clean and fresh. Avoid over spraying as too strong smells may cause allergic reactions to some. Have areas with wall fans in case someone wants this. Match the fans with the designs and colors of these panels.

5. Lighting

Another important aspect while setting up a gym is the lighting you use. Dark and dingy rooms are a put off for everyone. The lights need to be bright and sufficient so that people can see what equipment they are using and to what effect. Then again, avoid harsh lights which hurt the eye. Fix them carefully so that bulbs don’t shine into the eyes of the people using the various exercise equipment.

6. Music and Multimedia

Gyms are not silent places even though the health conscious are busy working out on various machines. You need to play motivating music through the speakers fitted against the chic felted tiles. The music system should be good with good sound output. Make sure that there aren’t loose and unsightly electric wires all over these beautiful panels inside the gym. Fix the cables in neat arrangements within matching casings with neat clips. Preserve the beauty of the felt panels.

Fix a television on the wall at a suitable height. The center of the tv should be at eye level when the gym goers are working on the equipment. You don’t want issues of craned necks to deal with.

7. Sound Proofing

Since there will be loud music playing all the time, you have to see that it doesn’t disturb the neighboring buildings or rooms. The reverse is also true. You also don’t want external noises to disturb the users. The best way to soundproof the gym is to fix felt acoustic wall panels or acoustical felt wall covering. These panels can be customized to suit any form or style. Soundproofing with these panels creates a calm and peaceful environment which is really needed for a gym.

The materials used in these felt panels are rich, plush, and luxurious and are made of drywall, fabricated and concrete materials. You will find them visually very aesthetic and available in many styles and colors. Add that touch of elegance and neatness to the interiors of your gym.

8. Wall Decorations

There won’t be much of wall decoration needed in the gym if you have selected the perfect and stylish felt panels. But yes, you can definitely put up motivating and appropriate posters showing various poses of exercises and their benefits. Frame them to match the different felt panels that you fix on the walls. Don’t forget to hang in a couple of large wall clocks depending upon the size of the hall.

There should be a poster hanging near each machine in the gym showing the following information:

  • How every equipment has to be used
  • The various positions in the exercise regime
  • The benefits of using the machine
  • The precautions to be taken while using the particular item.


9. Floor covering

Place good anti-skid tiles on the floor. You don’t want accidents on slippery floors. Don’t place loose and small mats just anywhere. Fix them well so that nobody slips on them. Try to put large mats that don’t roll out of place while exercising.

Keep the neighborhood happy and healthy with a clean, well organized, and well-equipped gym!