Felt Wall Covering

Creating an entertainment room at home can be fun and relaxing for the people at home after a hard day’s work. The ability to create a room with a home theatre or a ping pong table can be very interesting. The entertainment room should be attractive and inviting where people can escape enjoying the entertainment. These days all the devices are connected with technology whether it is accessing the internet or playing games on the console. The entertainment room should have the right structure to support the different media and other equipment for entertainment. It is the place where the family enjoys good times with light moments of fun and laughter.

Location of Room

Before we plan anything, we need to decide on the site of the room which needs to be in a corner and away from the hub of activity. So that the other parts of the house do not get affected by the sound and noise from the entertainment center. There needs to be enough space to take care of the music, control the lighting system and absorb the noise factor. The place should have proper ventilation and also the proper electrical system for managing the wires.

Space in the Room

Before we start anything, we need to be clear on what kind of room do we want to create for entertainment? Are we planning to use the room for visual entertainment with a home theatre or music; or are we creating a room for gaming or some other sporting activity? Accordingly, we need to understand the proportions of the space to fit in the right kind of furniture. The room could have a pool table or a home theatre. The pool table can be put away in the corner while the home theatre is in use. Whether it is a game room or a home theatre in the space, the place can be well utilized by organizing the two entertainments side by side.

The space in the room should be planned in the manner where the audiovisual system would require a proper distance between furniture and the TV or the screen for the projector. We need to take care of the movement of the people during the playing of the visual media. It should be from either behind the seating arrangement or from behind the TV.

Working on a budget

Working on a budget is very important for transforming a room into an entertainment center. We need to prioritize whether it is the furniture that we need or the big TV for the entertainment room? The home theatre with an integrated system which would include the TV and the sound system can be heavy on the budget. If we decide to include wireless speakers, then the budget can become offshoot to any amount. Hence we need to prioritize on what is required and what is essential for the place. This will help us to stay within the budget.

Once we are clear on what is needed, then we need to plan the kind of furniture that we would require. Whether it is a comfortable sofa, couches or armchairs, once we are able to prioritize these and set a budget we can move ahead with the planning of the décor.

Décor of the room

While deciding on the décor of the room, we will need some good acoustic felt panels and acoustic felt tiles for absorbing the sound and noise from the room. The rooms will require acoustic felt wall covering to take care of the décor and the noise factor in the room.

The ceiling can be painted in attractive colors, and the flooring can have designs to make the place look trendy. The place can be given a themed look by putting in some posters or wall art on the bare walls. Though there are no basic rules for designing an entertainment room, it should look comfortable and well coordinated with the furniture and other accessories in the place.

Light and sound

The entertainment room would require just the correct amount of light so that the place does not look dark or depressing. One would require a minimal amount of light while watching a movie or TV in the room. If there are windows in the room, they would need sun blocking shades or curtains for the room.

Sound System

The entertainment room requires powerful speakers with the proper sound system in different parts of the room. The speakers would need to be in every corner of the room and also behind the TV. The wiring in the room should be well managed in a way so that the wires and cables do not run all over the place. It is important for the wiring to be done before the walls get covered with felt wall covering and felt acoustic wall panels. The latest trend is of putting the speakers in the wall or to have them inbuilt into the ceiling or bookshelves.

Storage cabinets

The storage cabinets are useful for storing all the accessories for various hobbies and takes care of the clutter in the room. These days with the advanced technology of the cloud system a lot of stuff gets stored online. But even then there is a big collection of CDs, DVDs and books that need to be stored and they require proper storing cabinets. The shelves and cases can be used for displaying the paraphernalia for entertainment.

Transforming the room into an entertainment center can be done strategically by putting in varied color schemes and adding posters to make the place look colorful. The entrainment area helps the family to indulge in their passions and enjoy the place. It is necessary to plan the room in such a way that it looks spacious and not cluttered and is big enough for people to walk around. The place should have the right decor for creating a cozy ambiance and make the room look cozy and comfortable. It could be the game room or a room with a home theatre where the family relaxes with each other and share some fun moments with one another with joy and laughter.