Felt Wall Covering

Do you have a spare bedroom in your apartment that remains unoccupied most of the time? Why keep it empty and drab, when you can earn from it? Don’t believe us? If you can manage to turn your average-looking guestroom into a 5-star rated hotel room, guests would loathe bidding you bye. You can also consider deciding to give it for rent thereby earning some bucks every month! Let’s check out how:

1. When you aren’t expecting any guests

At that time of the year when there would be only you at your home, then to do away with the cleaning struggles, choose for furnishings that disappear. Well not! Have you ever heard of Murphy bed? Well, when not in use this bed can be folded, and it will turn into a stack of shelves and built-in-cabinets, fascinating isn’t it? Doing so, you can also use the room for your personal use when it is unoccupied. Sofa beds, as you might know, are also a good option, but only the comfort level might get compromised.

2. Owe the pleasure to work

Since you might be expecting guests both for business and pleasure trips, it is vital to fuse decors which might encourage them to perform at their job. So consider building furnishings, preferably cabinets lining up the walls, and also a computer table with a chair. As for the look of the cabinets, it should coordinate with the décor of your room.

  • If you have decided to cover a portion of your walls in black felt wall covering, then remember to either dress the cabinets in the dark finish or contrasting but classy shade.
  • Or if you think adding a pc table will let the room lose its charm, then why not a vintage study table coupled with a chair?

3. When space is limited

Like the most of us your guest room offers very little space and adding both a bed and study table will make it look crammed, then here are some tips for you:

  • If you want to owe your guests with the flexibility of working then a primary study table is a must, and you wouldn’t be able to do much to get it out of the way. But, you can install loft beds on top of your study table, and this option wouldn’t eat up much of the space.
  • You can opt for bunk beds, either single sized or twin sized depending upon the space your guest room offers. You can get loft beds in various designs and materials nowadays, and it will add a quirky element to your room.

You should keep in mind, that to avail these beds one needs to climb up a ladder. So if you expect guests who are older, this might not be the most convenient option.

4. Escape from the outer world

When picking out decor items of your guest room, your only aim should be to turn into an escape retreat for your guests. Like, even if your apartment lies in the center of an asphalt center, the décor should give one the feel of living in a serene location predominant with tranquility.

  • Equip felt ceiling panels tented to give one the feeling of luxury meeting the vintage era. Remember that the décor items and furnishings should gift the room with an exotic look.
  • Now let’s come to how to maneuver your walls to make it look classy and exquisite. Spend some time online, and you wouldn’t have any difficulty finding felt wall tiles in subtle fabric prints.

Tip: to breathe life into the room add some plants, and you might find your guests extending their stay at your space.

5. Make the best use of an attic

If your attic doesn’t have any importance in your daily lives then yes, you have guessed it right, earn some bucks with it. Not all guests love to stay in a star rated room; some might fancy a cutesy room with a rural outlook. If your attic room is bigger enough, then divide into 2 segments, not symmetrically though! The smaller room would function as an attached bathroom separated with a small but out-of-a-fairytale door. And needless to say, the bigger room would be the bedroom.

For attic rooms, you might want to stick to a particular color shade for wall tones, furnishings, etc instead of adding a pop of different colors.

6. Make it look like your own bedroom

Studies suggest that most travelers want to stay in a guest room rented out by a house just to get the feel of their home away from home. Got the cue? Now get back to work! Inspect the elements and accessories of your bedroom and then take inspiration from it:

  • See if any part of the spare room looks barren and uninhabited and then add your homely touch. Remember that these little details would be what guests would come looking for in your guest room.
  • The way you have added paintings and artifacts in your bedroom to beautify it, do the same with this room. Even if you wouldn’t be staying in this room, someone will so gear up to make the changes.
  • Make the use of ceramics, pictures to make it lovable and happy. The room shouldn’t proffer negative or sad emotions.


7. A chic look

If you well live in the city and thus want to make your guest room look like the room of a boutique hotel, then let’s do it! You can either make the use of pop colors in the décor to offer a funky look or dress it in a monotone to give it a classy makeover.

  • Make sure to incorporate some old-school stuff, like a pop colored radio built into the headboard.
  • A lovely table-chair-duo coordinated by contrasting shades.

Always remember that since it is your house you are decorating you don’t have to live up to star rated hotel standards. Sometimes imperfect interior decoration and a touch of your naïve hands would what draw the guests towards your residence.