Acoustic Felt Panels

It is not very daunting to guess that employees are one of the biggest factors behind a company’s success. Organizations which know to this fact look out for ways to keep their employees content and satisfied. The most prominent way to feed their minds with motivation and satisfaction is to create a perfect workplace for them. Intrigued to know such office designs which will blow their minds and bloom up their productivity?

1. Let the sun kiss

Artificial lighting fixtures are mandatory, but natural lighting sources can impact the state of mind of us humans. A study suggests that sunlight can influence the quality of sleep an individual gets every night which in turn can provide the necessary energy required to function at work. If your employees get a hearty sleep, they tend to be less fatigued and groggy and can showcase their skills at the job perfectly.

2. Create a clean and comfortable ambiance

It shouldn’t be a wonder that a tidy and organized workplace generates healthy emotions and feelings. The same logic applies to the ones who work from homes as well. If your workplace is clutter free and devoid of any furnishings which are either broken or of no use, then automatically you will feel at peace even while cracking up a tough assignment. Take some time and look for amendments needs to be done.

  • If you can see cracks building up in the walls, make sure to either repair them or install felt wall covering to conceal the cracks.
  • Likewise, if you can find worn out flooring, time to groom it up with felted tiles.


3. Seek out the help of artists

Who said that the décor of an office should be kept professional and in a simple word, boring? The décor of even a workplace should comprise of subtle elements of art and fun. Communicate with local artists and with their help bring out the fun and sociable nature of your organization.

  • From vivid wall tones to fun memes and dialogues painted in a comical way on the walls can be a great way to start with. Make sure that the nature of these themed wallpapers and quotes should always compliment the nature of your organization.
  • Now even if your employees are having a hard day at work, the smile wouldn’t leave their face thanks to the crazy initiatives you have taken.


4. Rugs can owe you with a feeling of comfort

Just to give your workers a feeling that they can be themselves even in the office, use rugs instead of physical barriers. Suppose a vast area requires to be divided into fragments, use rugs instead of dividers, this way it would be less formal and unyielding. Rugs with lively prints and colors can seriously liven up the ambiance of a formal workplace thereby easing up the stress of the employees.

5. Fun wall decors to lift up your spirit

The first thing one notices after entering an office or home is the walls, and it’s not rocket science, see it yourself! So to evoke the fun element in your organization, you can make the following alterations:

  • Go for a custom felt wall panel if you have got something particular in mind. Like for example, if any specific sector of your office comprises of mostly young staff, then adorn the walls with something today’s youth can connect and relate to.

Or else, if you want to add something which would be fabulous and fun for everyone then you can consider about equipping your walls with contrasting elements. Here is an idea just for you: for one wall pick, black felt wall covering and for the next pick an acoustic felt wall covering in a subtle shade.

6. Cutesy cuddly rubber ducks

At first glance, you might think this idea is absurd, and it's quite obvious for you to think like that. But if you trust your instincts and install these on every desk of your organization, most of your employees’ will greet you with happy faces. Yes, you guessed it right,

  • It adds a pop of color, and that can immediately lighten and brighten your mind in a dilemmatic scenario. But it also can suck your frustration and fatigue and can act as stress balls, ever heard about that?
  • If your inner kid hasn’t abandoned your soul; just pick up the duck and have quick chitchat before concentrating on your work.

7. Playing with nature

Who said plants, both natural and artificial couldn’t belong in a formal environment? Anything which can aid in bringing life to a monotonous and asphalt space is cordially welcome. Place some potted plants in your office, if you can think of some ways to add it to beautify the interiors. For a fun outlook, use fake grass and install it outside cubicle and cabins and wherever you feel like. Now even if your employees are working 9 hours a day, at some point in time, they might get the sensation of relaxing in a park, thrilling right?

8. Does your office have a slide? Why not?

Another idea which might seem crazy at first but all will appreciate it. Sliding was a fun thing to do in the childhood and every time you traveled through the slide, you were thrilled. Install it and see your employees reminiscing the lost times and laughing out loud while enjoying themselves. Do that, and you will be astonished that everyone is turning up regularly without any miss!

9. A rooftop space to be oneself with nature

Turn the terrace of your office into a communicating hub. Place a few comfy couches, add bookshelves and encourage employees to spend a few minutes every day there. Being in direct contact with nature will not only positively impact their body but will also make them feel good about everything.