Acoustic Felt Panels

One might wonder how much the décor of a 5-star restaurant contributes to the effectiveness of it. The answer would be 100 %, because when guests walk in the first. Chefs obviously have a lot on their shoulders, but let’s not forget the overall look of the restaurant allures customers in the first place. Care to know more? Give a good read to these ideas:

1. Go minimalistic

One of the key elements you would spot in the 5-star diners would be a simplistic design. If you really want the food to speak for your restaurant then keep the décor as subtle as possible. When you are maintaining accessories simpler make sure to infuse the ambiance with elements that will impress the visitors. As there would not be many fancy accessories to look at you will have to be very careful while picking up the minimal décor items because those would be going through high scrutiny.

2. Classic looks would always be love at first sight

No matter how the reinvention of the current restaurant décor is taking the world by storm, the old school would always be a favorite. Notice the five-star restaurants in periodic films, and you would get fantastic ideas. Some of the popular décor choices are:

  • Wood felt wall panels which would imply the style of old meets new. You are keeping the classic quotient of the wood intact but highlighting it with the aid of acoustic felt panels. This would be a treat if done to perfection.
  • Another classic which has managed to make its way even to this era is probably the tiled flooring. In case all you have in mind is dressing your restaurant a vintage look, keep the color of the flooring tiles limited to black and white only.

3. Themed restaurant is the crowd puller

Popping up its heads in every corner of a city, themed restaurants are quirky, fun and if given a thought can be elegant as well. All you have to keep in mind is to pick a theme which although is in a rage in the current year but has high chances to go off-board within the next few years! If your menu focuses on Korean cuisines then focus on décor items which will bring out the same:

  • You can always go for custom felt wall panel as it offers the flexibility to be designed just the way you want. Like, you can add tidbits of the country in your restaurant thus implying the fact that guests can have a Korean dining experience without actually buying tickets for the same.
  • If you have hand-picked classiest whiskeys and wines to be served in your restaurant then hunt for a theme which will do the talking and lure guests into ordering it. How about a black felt wall covering with artsy golden elements to portray the whiskey picture.

4. Let green take over everything

Whether your restaurant serves green or not, it should definitely be awarded a few plants. Let’s admit, plants when added in any décor, enlivens it and if the plants are natural, would you need to be reminded of how beneficial it is? Your modus operandi is to strategically make the most of green crawly plants, colorful flowers as well as fresh herbs.

If you can accomplish this task without stacking the restaurant with tons of plants, it will owe your visitors with the implication of how fresh and hygienic your restaurant and servings are.

5. Some cool light fixtures to brighten or otherwise

Lighting has the skills to turn an average dining place into something catching which will captivate you completely. As you might know, lighting also has something very important to do with energizing our spirits.

  • If what you have in mind is a 5-star romantic restaurant keep the lighting dim-lit at all times just to create the mystical ambiance. You would have to recreate the concept of candle-light dinners with the assistance of artificial lights.
  • Otherwise, if you are planning to give it a pop outlook, then go for lights which immediately brightens our mood at the same time is classy and posh.

You can either home DIY it if you have tantalizing skills to show off, or plan with the contractor dealing with the electric setup of your property.

6. Choose quirky but fancy seating options

Nowadays even if you are going to set up a star rated dining arena, you wouldn’t have to stick to conventional choices. Rather, you can do much more, look for inspirations. Bar and stool are way common in bars and offers less comfort, to be honest. Go for seating options which enables one to relax but present in a different outlook.

  • Pick up your old chair and then paint it with colors which can uplift the overall décor of the place. The paint need not belong to a single palate, and you can try out soothing prints in sober colors as well.
  • Another option; paint your chairs in varying shades and prints and then mix and match them. Like, one table should be coupled with 2 or 4 chairs of different patterns.

7. Time to go artsy to let the art speak about your food

Even a star rated restaurant can be adorned with décor items which will be handcrafted and would be unique to your restaurant. You can always find a talented local artist who would go out of their way to make your dreams come true:

  • A gallery lined with unique paintings which he/she cannot reproduce for any other purposes. Make sure to keep the wall tones neutral color just to bring out the vivid nature of the paintings.
  • Or an artifact; it may be a sculpture or an abstract statue which might be the landmark element of your restaurant.

With the changing trends, the décor ideas of the food and hospitality sector are also undergoing evolution. So to be on the safest side, infuse the decors that are unlikely to go off the trending charts within the next set of years.