Upgrade The Decor Of Your Home Visually And Acoustically

Our home is our daily retreat. But the problem of urban living is that there is noise everywhere. Traffic noises, home theater, loud music in the next apartment are some of the examples.

This necessitates that we must make our homes beautiful and free from distraction. This will improve the quality of life. Here are some inspiring ideas on how you can do that. Here are some inspiring ideas on how you can do that.

1. Coat with sound reducing paints

Sound reducing paint offers a cost-effective solution for aesthetic and acoustic improvement of the interior. It is a two-step system that includes a base coat and a finish coat. Spray the walls with these, and you will have reasonable noise dampening. You may have more sound reduction by increasing the mass of the paint. These are available in light neutral shades to complement any interior décor project.

2. Get the right furniture

Do have the experience of how your voice echoes if a room is empty? And, how does it fill when that has furniture? If not, check it now. You will find that your voice reverberates more in an empty room. This is because it gets enough space to bounce off from the walls, ceiling floor, and windows.

This makes furnishing of the room very. You can get dual benefit from this. It improves aesthetics and also helps to dampen the noises.

You can do the followings to improve the aesthetics and acoustics in the home.

Cover the floor

A cement or hardwood floor lets sound bounce off from it. Carpeting the floor is one of the most effective ways to prevent that. Being soft it absorbs the most of the sound and makes your room a listeners’ paradise.

These are available in vibrant colors and textures and lift up the decoration. Pick one that is thick and soft. It will affect better sound absorption. There will also be no thumping sounds of the footsteps. If carpeting is not your option, you may have area rugs and blankets. They will have the same effect.

Fill with elegant couches

You can include upholstered sofas and couches depending on the nature of the room. Chose the softer types with thick cover and moved them away from the wall. They will look floating and make the room look chic and classy. You can also add throw rugs on the sofa. Since these have soft surfaces, they are good sound absorbers. Including them in the home will improve the acoustics as well.

Use heavy draperies

Curtains and draperies are good for both fashion and function. Hanging thick, plush drapes and curtains help to muffle the outside noise. Moreover, they also absorb the ambient noise that floats in the room. They become more effective when you layer them. Get these in vibrant color to uplift the decoration.

Tap with tapestries

Tapestries are an excellent interior décor element. Coming in colorful designs, they help to create a beautiful focal point and lift up the decoration. When you adorn the wall with a tapestry, its soft fabric, and porous design help to absorb sound. You can also add tapestries to the bed or sofa depending on your décor theme. This will change the look and feel of the room and also reduce echoing.

Bring in a bookshelf

If you happen to share your wall with a noisy neighbor, place a bookshelf against the wall. You can even make it from the floor to the ceiling. This will act as your mini library and will improve the décor. Fill it up with irregular shapes of books. Also, put the magazines and other reading materials into it. The higher the size of the shelf, the more will be the noise dampening effect.

Consider the door

The door is a big culprit for the inward flow of sound. Most of the apartments have hollow doors. These hardly help in blocking sound. The best way is to replace it with a door made of solid wood. If that is not possible, you should plug the gaps and holes in the door. Sound also flow through the gap between the door and floor. Plug it with a rubber pad. These will deliver you a quiet environment.

3. Sneak nature in

Among all the ways of sneaking nature in, the live plants are the best. It adds life to the interior and spruce up the home with their lush green presence. Humans have an innate connection with greens. They feel relaxed and comfortable when near nature. They also help to clean the air inside.

These have sound absorbing features and also act as a barrier to sound transfer. These make live plants great for noisy environments. While there are many of them, you may try the followings:

  • Weeping Fig
  • Peace Lilies
  • Rubber Plants
  • Money Tree
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig


These have broad and bushy leaves. You can place them anywhere in the home. They act as a great noise-reducing element while improving the décor.

4. Use decorative sound dampening panels

These wall panels can deliver an upgraded home with effective sound absorptions. Custom acoustic fiber and felt are the two components of these panels. The acoustic wall panel has excellent NRC and can dampen the noise well.

The fabric acoustic wall panels are available in forms. Modular tiles, ceiling baffles, divider screens, hanging solutions are the varieties. Coming in a wide range of color the 3d acoustic wall panels can make your home a visual delight.

Fire safety is another excellent feature of the decorative wall panels. These do not contain any harsh chemicals and are non-toxic. They blend form and function together to deliver an adorable home.


Aesthetics and acoustics are the two wings of home décor. Balancing them can make your home excel. The above gives some inspiring ideas on how to do that. These are quite simple and easy to adapt. You may try those for your home. They will let you have a beautiful home without any distraction.