Acoustic Sound PanelsBeing hotelier has many responsibilities. Your business can only flourish if the rooms are delightful and your guests pay repeated visits. The chances are that you are looking for ways to upgrade the decor for tempting customers. But the thought of massive renovations is holding you back. Don’t get upset. There are ways to create a memorable experience without breaking the bank. Read on to know the design ideas.

Rearrange the layout

If your hotel room suffers from old and outdated layout, they are sure to bounce customers online. The modern travelers, especially the millennial, are always looking for an attractive layout. So, move the sofas and couches.

Move them from the walls to make them appear floating. You can also place them against windows so that the guests can enjoy the outside view. This will take your room decor to the next level.

Style up with Decorative interior wall panels

Using Commercial textured wall panels is a great way to improve the look and feel of the hotel rooms. There are different types of interior wall paneling to deliver unique architectural solutions. Available in definite geometric shapes you can install them without any problem. They need no demolition or surface treatment.

Noise from the neighboring rooms is a common issue in the hotels. Some of the seamless 3d wall panels contain acoustic fiber and felt. Using those can remedy such problems. You can get them made from Gypsum, MDF, wood and decorative plastic wall panels. Other than cladding walls, you can also use them as unique ceiling solutions. These can give a new identity to any mundane hotel room.

Rejuvenate with live plants

While everyone expects comfort, no one likes repetitive design ideas. Make your hotel room a different one by including live plants. Place a flowering plant in an ornate pot on the windowsill. This can play havoc in creating an amiable environment.

Since people have an innate connection with greeneries, they stay relaxed near nature. A lot of low maintenance plants are available. Get one and adorn your hotel room with that. You may also opt for a bonsai for a beautiful look. Live plants help to purify the air. They will help to rejuvenate the ambiance and make your hotel room adorable.

Bring the landscape in

Engaging the senses is a great way to enhance the hotel room decoration. In case you have a great outdoor landscape, bring it in through a large glass window. There is nothing more magical than viewing nature the first time in the morning.

Even if there is no landscape, viewing a cityscape and outside hustle bustles also create a happy feeling. Moreover, the glass window will flood the room with a shower of natural light and refresh the gusts. Depending on your space availability, you may expand the room with a terrace.

Blackout drapes let the guests enjoy personal time zone

Guests arrive in a hotel form anywhere and anytime. It is obvious that they must have a proper sleep when they find the time. Blackout curtains offer a brilliant solution to make a room total dark at any odd hour. You must be having nice fabric curtains in your hotel rooms. Install blackout curtains along with the existing ones. They will make your hotel room a beautiful haven for the tired guests.

Why not make it romantic?

You may have a plush and comfortable bed in the hotel room. But, this is the most obvious expectation in a hotel. Give them special treatment by installing a bubble bath. This will create a romantic vibe and help to set the right mood. This is not very expensive.

A large number of different bubble options are available in the market. Install a soaking tub with varieties of bubble options. This will make the guest happier and cast a memorable experience.

Create the illusion of a floating bed

Lifting the bed a few inches more from the floor creates a whole new experience. Include LED lights underneath the supports. The under-lighting will bar the visibility of the supports and bed will appear to be floating. Such lights can also work as a beautiful light lamp and lift the ambiance.

Include a desk

Your guest may have muse and inspiration to write their brilliant ideas anytime. Make it possible by including a desk to help them be creative. They can also use it as a reading nook. Done right, this will add warmth to the hotel room.

Make the room tech savvy

People always drag Smart-phones, laptops, e-readers with them. They expect the availability of the latest technologies in the hotel rooms. Provide Wi-Fi connection with full internet access. This will make the hotel room adorable to the guests.

Install charging stations and USB ports in the room and arrange for Netflix. This will let the guests watch movies cuddling in the bed, and they will fall for your hotel.

Take care of lights

Lights can create a significant impact in a hotel room. Play with ambient, accent and task lighting to style up the hotel room. Use indirect diffused light for lighting up the room. Use wall lamps in pairs to create a feeling like Noah’s work. In case there is a statement piece in the room, highlight it with accent lighting.

You can include an over-sized lamp in one corner. Having dimmer arrangements will uplift the decor to the next level.

Offer something complimentary

Your guests are sure to like something to refresh after a long journey. There should be something free in the freeze. It could be anything from a bottle of mineral water to beer or some refreshments. This does not cost much. But your guest will feel pampered and leave with a memorable experience.


Hotel interiors are now going through massive changes for delivering personalized experiences. The above decor changes are simple and affordable. They can turn your simple hotel room into a fabulous one. Try these to let the guests a feeling of staying in the home away from home.