Wall Decor Guide For Quirky Cafes

Cafes are a very popular place these days to meet up friends and relatives. They have also become a meeting point for students, business clients, elderly people, and young people. People like to come here to relax, celebrate events, tie up business deals, or simply exchange notes.

As a café owner, you need to be more conscious of the clients and the way you decorate your place. This is one of the surest ways to attract more footfalls to your cafe. People today look for out of the ordinarily done up eating joints. They want a novelty and a change from the way their own home looks like.

Theme Based Cafes

Cafes to have their characteristic traits; these traits may even be unusual or offbeat. So, the décor to has to be offbeat and peculiar to the theme they you want to depict in the café. You need to choose the theme which could range from vintage to modern, rustic to rural, classic to the Mediterranean, musical to nautical. Try out the urban, high tech or even the aviator look.

Importance of Wall Décor

Each wall should have a story to tell and relate to the visitors. The walls should come alive. Clients need to feel the vibe of the theme the moment they enter the café. This visual impact stays in the memory for a long time and is a reference point for spreading the word around to others. So, what does the café look like is an important question that needs to be answered?

Wall Décor Ideas for Exteriors

Depending upon the theme that you have chosen, the first thing to focus upon is the walls. The look of the café largely depends on the appearance and décor of the walls, both inner and outer. The first look which attracts clients to the café is the exteriors. To explore ideas for large outdoor wall art. One of the striking looks is that of faux brick tile on the exterior walls. The appearance is neat and eye-catching.

Hang some potted plants, and the place looks great. Fix the signage. You can even try painting some graffiti on the walls outside. Hang some lanterns for a different look.

Wall Décor Ideas for Interiors

The interiors too need a lot of attention. Visitors will sit there for long durations, explore the walls, and take back memories from there. Make the walls come alive with 3d wall panels. Try out 3d wall décor to create the ambiance.

Display eye-catching information on these walls. Wondering what could these be?

It could be information about the café and the owners. You can hang lots of photographs for this. Visitors always have the curiosity to know something more about the owners of restaurants and cafes. Display lots of attractive and colorful visuals of the food and drink items on these walls. It stimulates the taste buds and makes diners order well. You could also put up visuals of food being cooked in your kitchen. It connects the diners even more with the café. Hang pictures of cuisines and the places they originate from.

On one wall, create a memory space. Let visitors sign in and leave feedback messages. Use another wall for fixing tires and tubes of various sizes. Use these as frames of photographs or even as indoor wall planters. Hang a wall clock inside one of the tires or tubes. Collect all broken crockery items. Create a wall décor with these plates and saucers. You can even fix half cups and glasses here.

Collect old books and magazines. Paste the front covers of these and make a book wall. It is unusual and quirky. Similarly, you could have a musical corner with musical instruments, some popular lyrics of old classics, notations, etc on it. Try this out with lights and lamps of all sizes and shapes. Make a time wall with clocks of various shapes and sizes fixed on the wall. You can have some ticking away with time dimensions in multiple countries as well.

Try the money wall with old and antique coins and notes on display. Frame them if you wish to preserve them longer and for security reasons. In place of these money denominations, you can also use pictures of national flags, stamps and envelops from various nations.

Comic characters and cartoons from newspapers and magazines too are an excellent idea for a wall décor in a café. The younger lot relates well with it, and so do the elderly who travel back in time and smile a while. You can also create a classroom or a college scenario on the walls to attract the youth. Display a collection of toys like vehicles, dolls, stuffed toys, etc for that same effect.

Creating Partitions Inside

In case you plan to partition the area inside, go in for bamboo wall panels as a substitute for brick walls. For the rest of the city, you can fix the beautiful and durable textured wall panels or decorative wood wall panels on the walls. These panels come in many designs like cumulous, flaps, dots, etc. Choose the cool blue glacier, geometric planar or bold adventure looks for the café. You can try out the variety of wood, metal, or stone finish too.

Wall Decor and Storage

You will definitely need lots of storage space inside the café. The best option is to fix shelves or cabinets on the walls. But, you can stop the walls from looking dull and boring with all this storage. Blend in wall décor with the shelves. Display your crockery and cutlery tastefully. Use the bar area to display all glassware on open and closed shelves. Fix lights inside the shelves to make the city stand out.

Cafes need to be cozy, warm, and welcoming. Try out any of these wall décor ideas and see the place fill up with regular visitors and newer ones joining in often.