9 Themed Decor Ideas For Your Cafe

Cafes today are more than just eating out spaces. They are cozy, warm, inviting, and alive places which attract customers with their looks and cuisine both equally. Students, clients, business dealers, friends, relatives all meet up here looking for a good outing along with some tasty food here. Thus, decorating it well is imperative.

If you are in any way connected with casinos, restaurants, or cafes, you need to decorate the eating joint beautifully. That’s’ the way you will up the profits of your business.

Why a Theme-Based Décor

Themed décor ideas are the in thing for modern cafes. They create an ambiance and thereby, the mood for the diners. It is important to select a theme for your café if you want to increase your profits. You need to keep abreast of the vast number of competitors in the markets today.

Before you begin work on a theme, keep in mind the clientele that you are expecting and the locality in which your café is based. Use theme-based ideas of modular arts and Work out the budget and get down to work.

Marking the Area

Then divide the area into different partitions. Wondering how to do that? Use the room divider screen in the café. You could also use the cubicle privacy screen inside. There are also cubicle dividers for cafes available in the market. These screen ad partitions come in many designs like flaps, stencils in various themes, etc. and can be very easily fixed anywhere. Just choose the size and color and place them anywhere in the café.

Taking Care of Acoustics

Your café will definitely have music playing in it. The kind of music depends upon the type of visitors you get. Sometimes it could be soothing and sometimes loud and rock. For any music, you need to take care of two things. Your clients will like to enjoy listening to it without outside noises disturbing the; secondly, you don’t want complaints from the neighbors that there is too loud music playing in your café.

So, take care of the acoustics. How do you do that? You can fix acoustic wall panels to unwanted muff sounds. Fix soundproof sliding doors as acoustic solutions. Additionally, solve the problem of acoustics with soundproof ceiling tiles. All these look beautiful and decorative. You can get them to match and complement any theme décor that you choose.

Some Theme Based Décor Ideas

Now that your basic requirement of partitioning the café and taking care of the acoustics is done with let’s look at some ideas for your café.

1. Cinematic

Cinema is the base for most people to relate to and be attracted to. Popular scenes from films, both old and new, are always a big hit with the masses. The elderly lot will connect well with the old-time classics, and the youngsters will love the musicals and the action movies. Children will love comedies and animal-based movies. Images of favorite stars in all genres are an excellent idea for a café often frequented by people of all ages.

2. Musical

Music is another all-time favorite for everyone across the world. People of all ages enjoy it in some form or the other. Hang posters, musical instruments, lyrics, lyrical notes, old long-playing records anywhere in the café. Play different genres of music and see the café be a big hit. Remember that people order according to the mood created by the music playing in the café. If you want diners to keep sitting there at leisure, play soft and slow numbers. But if you want your café to be a fast-paced one, play contemporary and rock music.

3. Disney

The child inside a grown up never dies. It is simply hidden inside waiting to be awakened. Use this to create a Disney theme. Cartoons and other Disney characters are the best way to attract young children. Keep them happy and gurgling over your café décor. Adults will follow them!

4. Jungle Book

The jungle and animal life is another fascinating and vast theme for the café décor. Create an animal habitat. It could be aquatic animals, a forest scene, a mini zoo, etc. Animal lovers will throng here in large numbers. Keep some bird feeders too. Hang a couple of artificial and real nests. Let the birds come in to chirp for the diners. They will love it.

5. Aviator

The bold and adventurous aviator looks are never out of fashion. Create an ambiance with this theme. It will be a big hit with the youth and aspiring teenagers.

6. Nautical

Water has always fascinated people. Create a nautical theme with marine life. Place some aquariums with fish swimming. People will distress themselves when they see the fish swimming and then come back for more. Images of sea creatures, ships, sailors beaches, etc go very well here.

7. Vintage

The Vintage always holds a mystery for many. They want to know how their ancestors lived and enjoyed life. This theme could have images, mini models of cars and other transport. It could be coins, tools, utensils, jewelry, etc. Attract people to your café with the vintage look. If possible, place a vintage car and open a drinks corner there. Use old autos, tempos, and bikes too and set up stalls in them.

8. Literary

Books are a man’s real friend. Have a mini library with some comfortable armchairs and a low coffee table near it. You could also place some colorful bean bags for clients to sit there. Display covers of old classics, books or magazines. You could also display the invention of the printing press and how the newspapers have evolved since. People with verbal-linguistic skills will love this idea.

9. Futuristic

Look into the future and create a futuristic image in the café. Place modern and sleek furniture and other accessories. Play complementary music. Let the people feel that they have been transported into the future.

Innovate and create a new theme for your café too. Be bold, be contemporary. See your business grow and your dinner full always. See them literally eating out of your hands!