Nine Fantastic Hacks To Creating A Versatile Banquet Hall

Gone are those days when a hotel’s banquet hall was used only for wedding receptions. Today banquet halls used for both social and commercial purposes. Be it a bridal shower or a baby shower, a company get-together or corporate sales fair, a birthday party or a bachelor’s party, a condolence meet or a college reunion, banquet halls are the need of the hour.

So how do hotels create a banquet hall which is as versatile as its various uses?

These simple and dependable ideas are guaranteed to create a customizable and changeable banquet hall to meet a broad spectrum of client requirements without burning a hole through your pocket! And add to your banquet hall revenue by offering unique added services!

Here are Nine Fantastic Hacks To Creating a Versatile Banquet Hall:

1. Use Modular Arts

Is it possible to host a baby shower and college reunion on the same day at the same time in the same banquet hall? Yes! Modern day interior designers recommend modular, arts-based and unique interlocking panels to create wall panels in practically no time. Creative designs add to the versatility of décor to create seamless spaces.

The hugely popular installations help not just to create versatility of use but to also enhance the visual beauty of the banquet hall. Retractable and portable cubicle screens may be used to develop kiosks and cubicles for trade-fairs held in banquet halls. Even sliding mirror doors are often recommended by interior designers to create an optical illusion of enhancing floor space of smaller areas.

2. Suspended Ceiling Tiles

The famous architect Le Corbusier once said, “Light creates ambiance and feel of a place.” Each event calls for a different form of lighting. While corporate events are preferred to be brightly lit, a dinner party may need dim and soothing lighting.

One of the most closely guarded secret to creating ambient lighting to suit a wide range of moods is the use of drop-down ceiling grids. They are not just great for creating excellent ambiance but are also preferred for many practical reasons. They are used to conceal wiring, ducts, pipes, air-conditioning/heating systems, moisture-barriers and repair works.

3. Improved Acoustics

What is a party without good sound? If your hotel is losing out on precious business due to lack of superior acoustics, you may consider using acoustic foam or customized acoustic panels. Along with providing a better sound experience, these modern day decorative acoustic wall panels are a beautiful wall adornment.

Sliding soundproof room dividers may also be used to prevent sound from escaping the banquet hall. No more complaints about loud music from neighbors or other guests!

4. Internet Connectivity

Internet connectivity and Wi-Fi are essential for a good banquet hall. Added broadband stations and Wi-Fi routers are a strong selling point for business conferences and trade fairs.

Very often video-conferencing and online research are required during business events. A good internet connection will not just keep the business clientele satisfied, but will also ensure that clients using social media are easily able to upload live videos and photos. Nothing better than free social media publicity! Every “Check-In” on Facebook is an integral part of improving online fame!

5. Screens, Sound & Charging Facilities

Most events today have live videography and photography taking place. Screens placed at strategic locations will help improve the synergy between the hosts and guests.

A state-of-the-art sound system may be provided at an extra cost to ensure the success of music programs or parties. A charging-bay can also be added to the banquet hall to facilitate charging of mobiles, laptops and other electronic devices.

6. Flexibility

Very often banquet halls come across requests for a combination of events. A client may want to host a wedding followed by a party, or a company may want to host a commercial presentation followed by a dinner.

Banquet halls equipped with portable and flexible plastic room dividers or room divider walls are easily able to change the ambiance and mood for different events within negligible time. These dividers can be set-up with minimum efforts and can also be aesthetically pleasing.

7. Small Kitchen Area:

Events hosted by businesses, schools, and colleges often require kitchen equipment and space to help reduce the cost of events by saving money spent on expensive catering for food and beverages. By providing basic kitchen equipment at an extra cost, banquet halls can harness clients looking for such niche events.

Banquet halls may be equipped with microwaves, hot-water kettles, unbreakable crockery to offer as extra services to clients. Even vending machines are selling soft drinks, ice-creams and snacks may be set up if there is no space constraint.

8. Add-on Services

Most customers who are hosting events in banquet halls end up paying high charges to event managers for add-on services needed during the event. It is also very time-consuming and challenging to manage these agencies.

Banquet halls may provide add-on services like magicians, musicians, bartenders, tattoo artists, henna artists, caricaturists, photo booth and photographers to customers at an extra cost. Besides bringing in extra revenue, it is a small step to providing greater comfort to clients.

9. Flooring

One of the easiest ways to optimize banquet hall flexibility is by changing the flooring. Easily available self-adhesive felt rolls offer a wide range of flooring options that can be effortlessly customized according to client requirement. An ocean-themed birthday party for a sixteen-year-old? Use the turquoise blue felt-squares!

A Hollywood theme party for a wedding? Use the patterned felt-squares! A jungle-themed party for a ten-year-old? Use the various shades of green!!! With a wide palette of color options and effortless installation, the banquet hall may be changed to suit your requirement within no time. These flexible floor squares are easy to clean and store when not in use.

Parting Thoughts

The secret of creating a banquet hall is not rocket science. Whether it is playing around with the lighting or creating a unique flooring, adaptability is key to creating a versatile banquet hall. Greater versatility brings a far-reaching customer base. Stretch your banquet hall beyond the wedding parties!! With these exceptional but simplistic ideas turn your banquet hall into an ever-changing and dynamic space for kiddy parties, reunions, student get-togethers, college seminars, business events, yoga/meditation camps, music concerts, baby/bridal showers, bachelorette/bachelor party, trade-fair or even a condolence-meet! There is no limit to using your banquet hall now!