Upgrade The Decor Of A Boutique Hotel And Give It An Old School Charm With These 8 Hacks

When looking for a hotel, the bigger is not always better. This is where a boutique hotel excels. They have petite size, intimate atmosphere, and offer personalized service. A vintage touch can jazz up its decor to the next level and make it a destination. The chances are that you have a boutique hotel. Here are 8 hacks that can make your hotel the guests’ heartthrob.

1. Let it tell a story

Want to add an old school charm? Then your boutique hotel must tell a story from the past. Colors can help you do that. Major paint companies offer color palettes that date back to the yesteryears. Choose from these historical collections relate your hotel to a particular period. These are able to highlight the architectural style and make the hotel pop.

Also, be clear what you want to do with pints. There is no point in painting all the rooms in one color. It gives you nothing but a little cost saving. Paint the rooms based on how you want to use them. Paint a couple’s with lighter shades to make it romantic. The family rooms may have brighter colors. If there is an exposed beam, leave it as such. It will add to your old school vibe.

2. Make it calm with custom acoustic panels

Noise from the adjacent room can be much disturbing in a boutique hotel. The decorative interior wall paneling can make your hotel room different than usual. These are in are available as modular tiles, divider screens, ceiling solutions.

These decorative acoustic wall panels are available in a wide range of colors and styles. They let you feel the soft touch of felt with a premier sensory joy. You can use this cheap interior wall paneling in many ways. You may use a freestanding room divider screen in a large common room. This is great to separate the living and dining area.

Made from wool felt and sound absorbing material, these are non-toxic and non-allergic. They are also Class ‘A’ fire rated. These make your guests safe. They are also easy to install and can hide wall flaws.

3. Restore fixtures and fittings

Boutique hotels have more flexibility in interior design. Since most of these are located in old constructions, they boast a lot of character. Varieties of antique design fixtures like crown molding, ceiling coffers are available. Get them to deliver an old school feeling.

It is not that you have to repair everything every time. For instance, if there is a crack on the floor, do not replace or repair. Only make sure that it is clean and mold-free. This will add a rustic charm to the hotel.

Remove flaky paints from the windows and the door and try to reveal the original wood. Lacquer them to restore their unique look. This will deliver an antique look and feel to your boutique hotel.

4. Pull it up with an antique bed

The bed is the center of attraction in any type of hotel rooms. Consider giving it a vintage look. If it is not possible, then replace it. The antique beds are massive in general. Get one that fits the room without overwhelming it.

Arrange to get an artistic headboard behind the bed. This will add charm and character to the hotel room and make it an accent piece. You may also add soft cushion to make it comfortable for leaning.

Provide a comfortable mattress; the best that you can afford. Add large and soft pillows. Choose subtle monochromatic linen to give it a luxurious look. Also, include an old style blanket to add to the decor. These will deliver paramount comfort to your guest, and they would love this arrangement.

5. Use mirrors for an antique charm

Mirrors, especially the antique types, are great to add an old school charm to a boutique hotel. They have many advantages. They make the room bright by bouncing off light from all directions. They also create an illusion of more space.

Wide varieties of mirrors are available with ornate frames. They are available in round, square and oval shapes in different styles and sizes. Once installed this become a prize possession to take one back to the old days.

6. Lighting can guide you!

Lighting holds the key to form a guest’s experience. Varieties of antique style chandeliers, pendants and gothic style sconces are flooding the market. Install these in the hotel. They will impart an old school look.

There are also large varieties of LED lamps with a vintage look. You will get them in all shapes, sizes, and designs. This fakes the filaments to produce an old incandescent look. Use these to reach your decor goal.

7. Revamp the furniture

Your hotel furniture should align with the vintage look. If you already have some old furniture, inject life into them by repairing and polishing. Plenty of antique style seating arrangements are also available in the flea market. Get those that have comfortable cushions. Just varnish and refurbish them. They will make the hotel look gorgeous and vintage as well.

In case you want your hotel to relate to a particular period, get retro furniture of the period. This will lift up the ambiance with a vintage charm.

8. Delight the guests with something memorable

Adding something memorable cast a good impression on the guests. You may include the replica of a masterpiece in the common room. Also, add some driftwood sculptures. This will make the hotel look quirky.

Include an old style wall clock. This will impart a nice vintage look. You can also spruce up the common room with a huge globe and a compass. This will definitely remind the guests of the ancient voyagers.


Decorating is a creative project and does not mean that you have to break the bank. The ideas given above are simple but effective. These are sure to add class, culture and old school charm. Try those in your boutique hotel to make it a stand out from others.