9 Foolproof Ways To Glam Up Your Hotel Room DcorThe one aspect of your hotel that your customers will always judge you by is the quality of your rooms. While many may be tempted to think of hotel rooms as merely functional sleeping spaces, your guests spend a considerable amount of time there and want to return to a welcoming, warm ambiance at the end of a long day. If you're looking to increase customer loyalty, therefore, investing in some room redecoration is one of the best things you can do. Also, it doesn't mean you need to redo the furnishings completely – the following tips will help you add touches of glamour that will transform your room instantly.

Add some room dividers

There is nothing as effective or stylish as some top quality room dividers to create the illusion of more space. Multiple types of room dividers are available in different sizes and materials to enhance the theme of your room.

For a theme that leans towards the traditional, a carved room divider screen is excellent for creating a separate dressing area. For a more modern room, on the other hand, sleek wooden room divider shelves provide a sophisticated touch while also adding storage space.

Add a mural or other artwork behind the bed

Murals are an excellent way to add a distinctive touch to any hotel room. Different paints can be used to create murals of faces, people or objects that guests will appreciate. You can hire artists to come in and do the job for you.

If the room is done in mostly neutral colors, a mural in gold or bronze paint can act as an eye-catching detail. Again, if the room has a more rustic feel to it with materials like stone and wickerwork, a mural in black acts as a subtler element. If a mural doesn't quite fit in with your décor, you can also add some stylish 4x8 wall paneling for an artistic touch.

Place the bed on an elevated platform

This is a great way to separate the sleeping and relaxation areas in your room so as to further enhance the feeling of more space. You can keep the bed on a slightly raised platform or create a higher space with steps leading up to it.

You can also make the platform bigger and turn it into a mini sleeping area. For instance, apart from the bed you can add a side table or a chest of drawers and place some posh panels on the wall behind for a classy effect.

Use themed lighting

Lighting, undoubtedly, can make or break any room. Your guests require both soft lights for reading and bright lights for the whole room – choosing the right intensity and size of your lights is a crucial step for your room ambiance.

Yellow lights in antique brackets or holders are a great addition to a traditional-style room. Again, for contemporary décor, white table and ceiling lights in sleek black holders are a good choice.

Add suspended ceiling tiles

There's something extremely fancy about suspended tiles that hang from the ceiling like a piece of artwork. Adding decorative drop ceiling tiles can up the style quotient of your room like nothing else.

It is important to choose tile patterns and holders that match the theme of the room and hang neither too high nor too low. Also, as these tiles are highly distinctive on their own, you should ideally paint the ceiling in a neutral shade and avoid putting up any other ceiling artwork.

Add a touch of greenery

Greenery soothes the eye wherever one happens to be, and a touch of greenery in a hotel room will instantly uplift your guest's mood the moment he or she enters the room. Depending on your budget you can go for either natural or artificial greenery.

You can keep potted plants near the windows, add a vase of flowers to the desk or keep small plants on the bedside tables. Use holders that fit with the theme of the room and are neither too large nor too small for the plants in them.

Lay down some rugs/mats

Your flooring may be carpeted, wood-paneled or stone-tiled as the case may be. Nothing says cozy, however, like a soft rug or mat in the middle of the floor. Opt for colors and fabrics that go with the theme of your room – quilted mats for casual décor, and solid-colored plush mats for a sleeker look.

When buying mats and rugs, it's important for you to pick high-quality fabrics that don't make bare feet itch. It's also essential to use fabrics that are hypoallergenic. Many guests, particularly younger children, may sit directly on your rugs and mats, and it's crucial that your fabrics don't end up triggering allergic reactions.

Use neutral-hued drapes for windows

Drapes are an indispensable part of your hotel room décor as they take up a substantial part of your wall space, especially when closed. While tastefully patterned drapes can go a long way in enhancing the theme of your room, too often they end up being tacky or overwhelming, which brings down the overall feel.

Instead, opt for plain drapes in neutral colors like cream, beige or lavender. They go with practically any theme, are not distracting and are less likely to fade from sun exposure. Choose a high-quality fabric and redo your windows – you'll be surprised how much classier your room will look!

Keep the décor minimalistic

Unless your hotel has a specific theme, minimalistic décor works best in most standard hotel rooms. Furniture and accessories in neutral colors look smart, go well together and are nearly impossible to go wrong with.

Use sleek wooden furniture and pair it with linen and upholstery in solid colors in the warm or neutral spectrum. White is a striking color for accessories, and white vases on a wooden shelf add instant glamour.

Depending on the theme of your hotel rooms and the feel you are going for, you can use one or more of the above tips to suit your needs. What is certain, however, is that these tips are guaranteed to add class, style, and distinction to your rooms – which will go a long way in delighting your customers!