These 9 Tips Are Essential For Designing Stylish Mall InteriorsDesigning the interior of your mall, it is vital that you focus both on the functionality as well as the aesthetic value of the design.

Selecting the right type of design can help to communicate a message to the customers and therefore help to create and maintain a brand image.

Discussed below are nine tips that can make your mall interiors look fabulous:

Start with the best wall panels

The moment your customers enter, it is the biggest area their eyes will meet, the walls. This is where your maximum investment in décor may lie, so we better be precise about it.

But if you want to cut a little cost, you can go for half wall paneling ideas. There are cheaper interior wall paneling options in the market. To not make it so obvious you can go for wood panels. They add a classy touch to the look.

If you can get hold of those crafty minds then you can also take the risks of DIY wall paneling ideas. Sometimes the best comes out of creative minds.

More light from nature

One of the most effective design approaches for shopping malls to maximize the natural light inside the mall. This can greatly reduce the costs of lighting in the day time.

Increasing natural light can also improve the look and the ambiance of the mall and thereby help to attract more customers. Large glass panels instead of opaque wall panels can be used on the windows to maintain a sealed environment while allowing light to come in.

If you don't want the interiors of the mall visible from outside, you can also use tainted glass, which can further help to enhance the look and feel of the place.

Plants that are not-so-real

Artificial plants can be used inside the mall to provide a natural look to the place. Imitations of various exotic plants from different countries can be used to provide a unique look to the place.

One of the biggest advantages of using faux plants is that it requires zero maintenance and therefore much cheaper in the long run. But if maintenance is not a concern, then you can also go for natural plants, if you can ensure the plants regularly receive sunlight and water.

Overall, greeneries can always be a great addition to the interiors and can have a positive impact on the customer's psyche.

Augmented reality Technology

One of the more recent advances in technology is augmented reality. This technology involves overlaying digital information over real visual input.

Specialized glasses embedded with this technology can receive these digital data, which includes information about each product and the outlay of the mall, which can help the customers to find and purchase the product they need.

This technology can be used in the design of the mall to improve their experience of the place, adding information such a product reviews and product specifics and well as virtual demonstrations which the customers can watch on the augmented reality glasses.

The power from the sun

Lighting the interiors of the mall is an important consideration and a regular expense for the mall. Since most shopping malls need to be comparatively larger than single stores, it is vital that all the exhibits are well visible to the customers.

The expenses of lighting the mall can be significantly offset by using solar lights and solar panels.

The panels can not only reduce the overall costs of running the mall but also create a positive image for the brand among the customers and therefore help in better market penetration and market share.

Careful segregation of the products

Effective segregation of products in another important design consideration for a mall as it can influence how the customers move between various product displays and the ease with which they can locate and access the product they want.

Several malls have implemented the strategy of placing similar products based on its usage together (for example, segregating products based on categories such as cooking equipment/utensils or washing and cleaning equipment), to allow customers to purchase related products together.

This can improve the experience of the customers while purchasing at your mall and therefore help to attract as well as retain customers.

Where to eat?

While designing the mall, it is vital to consider placing food stalls at strategic locations in the mall to allow the customers to eat while they are shopping.

Food stalls not only help to engage the customers longer but also increases the time the customers spend inside the mall and therefore help to increase their spending inside the mall.

Thus, including the idea of food stalls in the design plan for the mall is an effective idea for ensuring the success of the mall. Moreover, the food stalls can also have an adjoining area where the customers can sit and enjoy their food, which can give them a more relaxing feeling and a positive experience.

Extravagance for halls

The halls and main corridors of the mall should be spacious enough to prevent a sense of claustrophobia among the customers. Small and dingy passages and halls can adversely affect the experience of the customers, make the place look crowded and can even repel many customers.

A large spacious interior of the mall can prevent that from occurring and can help to have a large inflow of customers and thus improve productivity as well as the functionality of the place.

It is vital to consider the space of the halls, ensuring enough large spaces exist to prevent overcrowding.

A little entertainment

Including an idea for entertainment for the customers can further improve engagement with them, increase their time spent in the malls and help to improve the experience of the customers.

Large television can be used on the walls of the mall and music systems can be used to relay good music. A space for live performances can also be included in the design which can further attract more customers.

Good interior design can also improve the productivity of the employees and improve the performance of the mall. Make it an asset with proper planning on your budget and theme.

Who knows the décor may be the reason why people will enter your mall.