What Are Some Cool House Interior Designs For 2019If you are here, then we are sure that you are looking forward to giving your house a cool new look. Whether it is completely designing the décor, renovation or just a few changes, you want the house to speak for itself. The way your home is designed and decorated speaks a lot about you as well.

So what's new in 2019? Be it furniture, fixtures, wallpapers, sofa, color or anything, everything is changed in 2019 compared to the previous year. From 2018 to 2019, from subtle colors to bold ones and the whole new range of designs, here are some cool new interior design looks, you can go for and incorporate in your "Home Sweet Home".

Gave a thought to the fifth wall?

Oh, yes! We are talking about the ceiling. The four walls are always the center of your thoughts when it comes to design. But the ceiling can add a lot more to your space. 2019 is the year for statement ceilings. You can simply choose the colors following the 10-30-60 rule or wallpapers or decorative drop ceiling or suspended ceilings.


Noise kills beauty. To make your space luxurious, motivating, and attuned to productivity, look for décor ideas that help you reduce noise. Here, we recommend acoustic felt wall tiles; you can choose from a massive range of options. Next up, there are beautiful decorative drop ceiling tiles. Wondering how much does a drop ceiling cost? It's not much, really. Soundproof sliding doors are another great addition to your décor.

Bold Colors

If you are fond of bright and bold, 2019 is your year. It is time to bring in some bold colors in your house. With subtle white and grey, you can balance bright yellow, navy blue or lush red. But with these colors, balancing is most important. If ready to try something different, you can also go for modular wall tiles.

Metal is classy

Gone are the days of Stainless Steel. In 2019, brass and copper are in to give your place a refreshing and new look. They give a sleek finish and look classy. The best thing is, you can mix them up with your design irrespective of the size of your house.

Close to nature

We are not talking about putting some regular plants in the balcony. Bring the bold plants in. This trend is new and cool to be close to nature in every way possible. But it is important to know the plants keeping and watering instructions, amount of sunlight they need, what plants you can put in the living area, etc.

Floral is never gone

Floral patterns are always new and cool. In 2019 as well, floral is trending. You can go for some bold colored floral patterns to give your place a timeless impression.

Blush! Blush! And Blush!

Rose gold is out the door in 2019. It doesn't mix up very smoothly with everything else. But a little blush furniture is in. You can go for Millennial pink. This color has got all the attention in the past year and isn't in a mood to go anywhere. A piece of blush comfortable furniture is also a good choice.

Softer curves

Past few years have been the time for rigid and minimalist furniture. But curves are back in 2019 with bold colors. 2019 is all about adding warmth to your home. With neutral painted walls, a curved lush red sofa will give your place a different look. This trend is seen in tabletops and rugs as well but curved furniture piece is most welcome.

Boho is back

Boho was never out of style but it is back in 2019 with a great hit. You will find it back in every showroom and on every list. This trend is back with bolder and brighter colors this time and also much cleaner. It will add a character to your home. A mix of modern and vintage will refresh your place.

Multi-Functional piece

Having a little extra space is always welcome. Multifunctional furniture is not meant only for small spaces. It has caught the eyes of designers in 2019 to put up with smart and multifunctional furniture. It requires thinking out of the box to incorporate it into your place and make space for you than the furniture. You can choose some cubicle hanging shelf as they look very smart

Light-colored flooring

In the past few years, we have seen the trend of dark hard-wood flooring. But this trend is down the line for now. If you are looking for an open and airy look, light-colored flooring is for you. You can go for white or some light oak. It reflects more light and gives your space a cool and more vibrant look.

Bold in bathroom

White and light colors have always been the choice for a bathroom. But it's time for a change. In 2019, it is all about some dark and black for your bathroom. You can also go for mixing-up of colors but only the light and dark ones. Bright colors are surely not something you want in your bathroom. Terrazzo tiles are both in and out but you can always have them in the bathroom.

Matte finish

Shiny isn't always appealing. A little sparkle is good but the trend is more towards matte finish. Sparkle and shine are not out of trend but it can be tiring in a while. A balanced matte and sparkle are good.

Bring in some colors to the kitchen

Gone are the days of white countertops in the kitchen. Colors affect your mood. So let's bring some color into your kitchen. Marble is always classy and never goes out of trend. You can blend it with navy blue, black or dark painted cabinets.

Four-poster bed

Oh, yes! These are back in 2019. Four-poster beds have been out of trend for a while but they are making their way back this year. This piece of furniture has the power to give you a sense of comfort.

Uniquely, yours

This is your home and you should be satisfied with it once it is done. If you want to add in something extra which doesn't fit with everything but you want it there, go for it. Your place should look like what you want it to be and not some picture from a catalog. Talking about unique, you can try hanging acoustic panels from the ceiling in your living space. They are sure eye-catchers.

There are so many ideas to incorporate but all of them cannot be used in one place. You can choose whatever you want and which gives your place a character, something which will make your house a home. So choose something which reflects the style, class and you as well but doesn't compromise with your comfort.