Office Design Trends Ideas For 2019The Office. It evokes images of bland cabins, occupied by harried employees in a building that is by all means equally as non-descript. Yet an office is the place where most adults spend the majority of their time. And in our own ways, we try to make this unexciting workspace our own. From our favorite bobbleheads to family portraits we do everything possible to make our tiny office kingdom our own. Yet what about the office as a whole?

Most corporations desist from making the office space even remotely exciting. It is after all a challenging task. A room should be a reflection of the people in it. Yet how do you incorporate the personalities of scores of employees. What's admirable to one is offensive to many others. Decorating an office is thus a very tricky endeavor.

Glass Walls

Are you fed up with the opaque walls in your office? You are not the only one. Consider replacing your office walls with glass walls. These glass walls can be adorned with quirky company logos. You can even get a colored glass with varied designs. You can even ask the input of your employees regarding these designs. Plus a glass wall signifies openness and transparency. Or you could go for acoustic felt walls, that minimize noise if you think glass walls are too much.

Get funky chairs

Want your employees to embrace their own whimsy? Adorn your office with funky chairs or any other sitting apparatus. For example, Hanging chairs are all the rage these days. Few minutes in a funky hanging chair During breaks will refresh your employees. it will Evoke memories of Childhood spent in swings.

Throw out the tables

Who needs tables? The modern employee would much rather work lounging on cushions by the window. There is something oddly confining about a workspace consisting of a table and chair. Give your employees the freedom to mix it up and work wherever they want.

Siri or Alexa

During the early 90's most offices grappled with the question of whether they should buy computers or not. We all know the answer to that question. Today's offices have a different kind of dilemma. Siri or Alexa? Voice assistants are no longer confined to running your washing machines and playing your favorite music. They are soon coming to your office if they haven't already.

Healthy Workplace

Most offices are investing in their employees in a different way. By making offices more health conscious. Healthy snacks, wellness programs, in house gyms are all the rage in the modern office environment.

Flexible Office

Offices used to be about hierarchies. That is no longer true. The analyst reports to the manager who reports to the head of the department. Today's offices are about people connecting rapidly at all levels. It's about getting the job done. And most offices reflect that thinking. There are workspaces for formal meetings, there are spaces meant for collaborating. Then what you can do is fix the meeting room up with acoustic sliding doors and soundproof ceiling panels to minimize disturbance.

Embrace your mission statement

Most offices are plastering their mission statements in central spaces for all to see. Make this display as striking and engaging as possible. Make sure it inspires your employees or potential visitors.

Quirky Trash Cans

While everyone is busy accessorizing their offices with the latest furniture from IKEA. Here is what you can do to make your office unique. Get some quirky trash cans that go with your aesthetic.

A good view

An office with a good view sends a very important message. It says you have made it. Your office doesn't have to overlook Central Park or the beach or the city skyline for that matter, but if you have a good view. Put it on display. If not, a gorgeous backdrop always works.

Sense of smell

An office with a pleasant sense of smell adds an extra dimension to your workplace. But getting something as personal as smell right can be tricky. Plus the intensity has to be just right.

Add a splash of color

Make your office more colorful by coloring your workplace. Be it your breakroom, your conference room, don't be afraid to add color to your office. It will liven up the place. You can adorn your ceilings with bright drop ceilings in multi colors.


You can turn your office into the most ideal of workspaces but no office is complete without a plant or two. An office space no matter how well designed is still plastics and polymers. It has a cold impersonal feel to it. A dab of nature will liven the place up in a way that no color combination can manage.


Make your entryway as warm and inviting as possible. Most employees walk into their offices with hunched shoulders anticipating another day of drudgery and they walk out with the air of a man who has left prison. An inviting entryway will portray a message that each day is a new one full of exciting possibilities.

A big Clock

There's a reason clocks haven't gone out of style in the age of technology. That's because clocks are ornately designed devices with attractive displays that convey time as it were a physical thing. So get a big clock for your office for all to see. You can put up your clocks in faux wood panels.

Get a whiteboard

Get a whiteboard with colored markers for meetings, brainstorming sessions and much more. Hang your whiteboards against a white 3d wall panel.

Fun Folders

Administrative work is a mind-numbing but necessary part of office work. So why not make it more fun by adding quirky colorful folders.


Get a bookshelf to add books to your office space. It doesn't have to be a big bookshelf. A small compact one will do nicely. You can go for cubicle shelves if bookshelves occupy too much space.

Natural Lighting

Most offices spend a fortune on lighting, all the while ignoring the beautiful light coming from outside. Let the light in people. You can always do with more Vitamin D. A terrific office design idea if ever there was one.

Decorate your office with Rugs

Imagine walking on a pure velvety richness that transports you however briefly to your own personal paradise. A rug does more than cover your floor, it creates a sense of community and comfort.

So here are all the ways you can decorate your office space. If you love your job, these ideas will bring your work to a whole new level. If you hate your job, these ideas will make your workplace a tad more bearable. You can even use these interior design ideas while setting up your home office.