Want To Make Your Office Decor Ideal For Productivity Try These 10 IdeasEver wondered what separates the successful from the mediocre? It is Productivity. If you aspire to be more efficient and plan to get more work done in less time, then read on. Here are 10 office décor ideas that can up your productivity game:


The human body is programmed to function better under bright lighting conditions. The sunlight, energy and the biological clock help push forward through the day and get more done. Thus, your office should facilitate the best lighting possible in your work area.

If you have an option of choosing your workspace, chose the one with the brightest lighting. If not, you may even consider bringing your own lights/lamps. This will help you focus better on your work and keep dizziness at bay.

Motivational Messages

Productivity is an on-going pursuit and not something one can achieve for once and sit over. Basically, your office must have enough motivation to propel you towards better productivity all the time. This can be achieved by surrounding the office area with motivational pictures and messages.

Whenever you feel exhausted and can't imagine going any forward, look around. The motivational texts would surely tickle your mind in going the extra mile. Also, regular shuffling of the messages is important to keep our minds from getting bored with the existing ones.


Besides lighting and doses of motivation, appropriate comfort levels are also necessary for a person to be productive. Office furniture is what you sit around for hours together and if the same is not up to the mark, it can be a serious distraction and even cause stress.

Thus, consider revamping your office furniture to suit your comfort needs. Theme based cubicle decoration, ergonomic chairs, executive desks, cabinets can add to the overall appeal of your workspace and help you manage your work better.


Much of your unproductivity is because of the chaos and clutter you sit around. Usually, such environments don't allow the mind to focus and always lead to confusion and stress. If you wish to avoid being worked up, keep a check on the amount of clutter you're dealing with.

Imagine having an office space, clean and sharp; allowing you to work at your best potential. This can be easily achieved by installing synthetic wall panel designs in your office and making sections for different purposes.

You can work on one side of the wall while keeping the other side for leisure activities, tea breaks, etc. It is indeed one of the best ways to enhance your work standards.


Needless to mention this one, the room temperature may seem like a non-issue, but it makes a whole lot of difference. Just like the discomfort issues about furniture mentioned before, even the room temperature can make you feel bored, exhausted, worked up and tensed.

A pleasant environment is obviously more desirable to get more work done in less time. If you have standing partition wall systems, you must consult your workplace solutions team to tune the AC temperature of your work area to suit your comfort levels. Soon after which you'd observe a hike in your work efficiency.

Keep a check on the noises around you

Clamour seldom contributes to good work. In fact, noises around you bring down your attention and make it difficult for you to focus. If you have remained insensitive to such noises around you thinking they hardly matter, think again!

It is usually not difficult to spot a calm, peaceful place to sit and work. In fact, it is best to have temporary soundproof wall dividers so that all employees get a very peaceful environment to work in.

How much does a fake wall cost?

Depending on the shape, size, and material of the wall, the cost varies from $150 - $500 for 8-foot-high walls. But once in your office, it would entirely change the way your workplace is organized.

Also, if your office is overcrowded, you may even consider the possibility of politely objecting to the noise around. This way you'd create some noiseless office environment for yourself and therefore be able to work better.

Room Fragrance

Who doesn't like a nice smelling environment to work in? This might seem a bit too much, but you can't rule out the fact that a sense of good smell can alleviate your mindset, mood and thus productivity. Here are a few known scents that work wonders in office spaces:

Citrus: Good for lifting spirits

Cinnamon: Believed to improve focus

Lavender: For a feeling of relaxation

Peppermint: Known to lift moods

Depending on where you work from, you can easily add scents around you to make you feel better. These scents can be bought in the form of candles, essential oils and incense.

Embrace Mother Nature

Another extraordinary way of being more productive at work is to get in touch with some nature. The psychological boost this provides to a human brain is immeasurable. Go for a walk after lunch, put plants in your office, customize your desktop wallpaper to something more natural.

Doing all this might not result in an immediate boost in productivity. But in the long run, you would surely notice a change in your work quality.


Pleasant colors contribute significantly to your productivity levels. Analyze the colors you sit around now, and you'd realize that not every color suits your eye. In fact, there would be some that don't even match up to your taste.

If possible, chose colors that inspire happiness and focus on you. For example, Blue color is widely believed to enhance productivity. Also, these colors can be on your desk, wallpaper, office furniture, wallpapers, carpets, creative drop-down ceilings; literally anywhere.

What is a drop-down ceiling?

It is a beautiful grid-work in the shape of an inverted "T" that hang from overhead structures. It greatly enhances the look and feels of your surroundings.

Structure Storages

The last but not the least, structure your storage spaces. Often, we sit on piles of books, papers, files that are seldom of immediate use to us. Make such unused things scarce from your workplace.

Structure your drawers and cabinets so that you can easily find your stuff. Remember, not wasting time in these things would leave you with more time for your work, thereby increasing productivity.

However, you might have to invest a bit of time, in the beginning, to set things up, properly arrange your stuff inside whatever storage areas you have in your possession, but ultimately it would serve you good.


Overall, it would not be wrong to say that our productivity lies in our hands. If we have a will, we would have a way.

Try implementing the above 10 ideas at your workplace. These would not only make you more efficient at whatever you do but make you feel good about yourself too.