How To Make Your Co Working Space Special With Smart DecorIf you have a co-working space, it means that you want to work at a place which gives you a disciplined feel not exactly office-like plus it is comfortable and more productive. The best thing is that there is no boss around to poke his head in your work every now and then.

Let's do some serious talk now. Today is the time of people who run an office from home and freelancers. With the increase in their numbers, the trend of co-working spaces is also following. And it is better to rent a co-working space if it can save your money rather than having a proper office.

If co-working space then why not co-working space décor? Yes, you can decorate your space the way you want. Just keep in mind the customer base and their needs. One question that almost everyone asks is - is co-working space décor worth it? Let us put it in another way. If it increases productivity, help you make more money, then yes, it's worth it.

Here are some really good and affordable co-working space design ideas, you can incorporate.

For large space

If you have large spaces which you want to divide into smaller ones, we recommend temporary soundproof partition walls. They serve a dual purpose as they serve as a partition, provide soundproofing and can be removed as and when you want.

But that office-like feel…

9-5 job sitting in your cubicle is very boring. But after a while, working from home, we miss that feel too. In your space, you can install free-standing glass partitions. They are really good if you wish for a little privacy while working.

Chilling room or chilling office

You can either give your complete co-working space an informal look by making it look like a chilling space. But if you want some formal and office look you can make a separate chilling room. Just put some bean bags and music or whatever you want to add in that space. So you work in a disciplined manner and go chill for a while.

Natural theme

While working in the office, what we miss most is the interaction with nature. So you can give your place a natural touch. You can put some plants into your space. Natural light is the most important and most wanted in your space. If you can bring in some natural light with an informal, casual and comfortable seating arrangement, it is really cool.

No desk at all

This is serious. No desks. Instead of them, create cozy and cushiony areas where one can work comfortably. It will differentiate your space from the office and is comfortable to work in.


This is something everyone wishes for in their office space. Add hammocks to your space. While you can work lying in them, you can also take a quick nap in between the work. It looks really cool. Hammocks are a new trend in co-working space due to their popularity among everyone.

What about walls?

If you want something natural for the walls, we recommend you decorative wood panels for walls. Now question is - is wood paneling real wood or plastic? Wood paneling is made of real interlocking woods. It is also available in plastic and other materials. But if you want real wood, go for it. Another option is felt wall panels or acoustic felt wall covering. It is made of fine wool and looks rich, natural and elegant.

Pin/ bulletin boards

We use pin boards and bulletin boards in the office. For your co-working space, let's switch these and place a chalkboard. We use them in our kitchen as an art piece then why not in the office? You can hang them in your office and use to make quick notes. It is a bit old school but it is the new trend and it looks better than the whiteboards we use in the office.

Tick tock! Tick tock!

A wall clock is a very important piece in an office. Though many of us hate it for not striking 5 o'clock a little earlier. Jokes apart, it is important. So choose a wall clock which goes with your arrangement. It should align with the rest of the look of your space else it spoils the look of the whole space.

Café or bar look

One more trend which you can go for is to give your space a look of a coffee shop or a bar. Lined tables with comfy chairs are a great choice. Work cafe is the new term nowadays. People, especially freelancers, look for cool cafes to work in silence. So give your co-working space the look everyone wants.


These are very important as they add character to your place. You can place creatively designed mugs, pen stands, paperweights, cute pens, and unique supplies. Add whatever you want to place which will not look boring.

Hanging ceiling

It is very common that people forget about this fifth wall while designing their space. But this wall can give a different look to your place. We recommend you to choose from decorative drop ceiling tiles or hanging acoustic panels from ceiling. It is also asked often that -how much it costs to put in a suspended or drop ceiling. But it is really affordable.

Carpets and flooring

You can skip the expensive carpets and rugs if the flooring is good. If there is a hardwood floor you don't need anything else. If you still want to you can choose some simple looking carpets.

You see, there are so many ways to make your co-working space special with some smart décor. Be it walls, looks, accessories, chairs, ceiling, floor, or anything, you can give it a unique look. By little creativity, you can turn around the way space looks. And all this is for increasing productivity, to feel good and comfortable when you are working. With so many options available to you, change the way you work by changing the space where you work.