10 Decor Ideas For Posh Hotel RoomsPost hotels offer more experience than just stay. People pay for luxurious properties to feel good and have a different experience. So, it is imperative that Posh hotel rooms have the best of Décor ideas implemented in them. Here are 10 Décor ideas to add elegance to your Hotel rooms:

Install Fabric on the Walls

Whenever we enter a hotel room, one of the first things we notice are the walls. They consist of a lot of surface area and therefore grab instant attention.

Simple one-color paint does not do the trick. Instead, the walls must be pampered with unique fabric to make them look out of the world. The moment someone enters the hotel room, the beautifully fabricated walls would ensure a warm welcome.

Also, theme-based wall decoration can be done by using modular wall tiles to enhance the way the rooms look.

Pay attention to the Furniture

A hotel room houses plenty of luxury items. For obvious reasons, these items are intentionally placed to pamper the guest. So, every minute detail inside the posh hotel room deserves sound attention.

Most of these items belong to the furniture category. They define the overall ethos of the hotel theme and literally differentiate one hotel from another. For example, A hotel based on heritage architecture would have contemporary styled furniture, whereas another hotel that is designed on a modern theme would house the latest furniture designs.

Thus, it is not a good idea to ignore the kind of furniture you are placing inside your hotel room.

Merge the Outdoors with the Indoors

Many a times guests prefer to be around themes that are more natural and softer. They like to feel more connected to nature but by remaining cocooned inside the comfort of the hotel room.

For example, seamless 3D wall panels can be set up to give the room a nice touch. There are plenty of patterns and designs out there to chose from, that can entirely change the ambiance of the room.

Some of the most preferred patterns are those of green leaves, clouds, and waves.

Don't forget the doors

Unlike the things inside the hotel room, the doors of the setup get ignored too often. It can cost a part of the user's overall experience.

Designer doors of different colors, materials, and patterns that go with the overall décor theme can be considered. Also, in the inter-connected suite hotel rooms, the acoustic sliding doors set up on sliding door acoustic seals are the preferred choice.

All these minute things add up to the total extravagant experience the user would get when he/she stays at your hotel.

Let's go to the bathroom now

Another important section of every hotel room is the bathroom. There is no denying the fact that the plusher and more luxurious the washrooms are, the more special the guests feel.

The best way to décor this area is to extend the theme philosophy and simply add a sanitary touch to it. Again, modular wall times, appropriate flooring, sanitary fittings and lighting all contribute to the overall glory of the room.

Hey, look up to the ceiling!

Imagine yourself lying on the bed. What do you see? The Ceiling. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that this section of the hotel room is also well thought of.

Creative drop ceiling ideas can work wonders for making the top section of the room look great. The next question on your mind would be:

How much does a drop-down ceiling cost?

For a 10' x 12' room size, the cost of installing a drop-down ceiling can vary from $125 - $350. This would mean that by spending some money upfront you can get a permanent good-looking ceiling for your hotel room.

Customize the Room Lighting

Not every corner of the room needs light, and not every light needs to be the same color. Play with the room lighting to ensure that the overall ambiance is pleasant and soothing to the eyes.

Having a variety of lighting options in the hotel room would also give your guest some options. He might want to have dinner with his family in bright lighting while would want dim, soft lighting when he is about to sleep.

Overall, the lighting of the room does leave your guests with fond memories about where they stayed.

Space Management

A well-managed space is always appreciated. Even the guests staying with you would notice how thoughtfully the entire space of the hotel room has been planned and managed.

Although planning is easier said than done, there are hotels that have done an amazing job with their space planning.

For example, temporary soundproof partition walls can easily section your room space into bedroom and dining areas as well as isolate your room from noises. You might also think:

How to soundproof an existing wall?

This can be easily done by hanging soundproof curtains, installing soundproofing material on the existing wall, using acoustical foam, etc.

Include the Windows too

Curtains, window panes, glass quality, and color are also part of the décor and must not be overlooked. If the idea is to present your guest with scenic views outside his/her room, the windows must be well placed.

If not anything else, the view outside of a hotel room window gives a different perspective to the guests which is another feather in the overall hospitality experience cap.

Last but not the least…don't miss out on the small stuff

The big things matter, but so do the small stuff. Missing out on things such as ensuring new mineral water bottles, good quality towels and amenities in the washroom, floor mats (wherever necessary) might leave scope for the guest to be unsatisfied.

Therefore, it is better to run a checklist before allotting a room to any guest. This way, no box would be left unchecked as far as offering wonderful user experience is concerned.