9 Super Luxurious Cafe Decor Ideas For CorporatesA café is not only about amazing food. It has a lot more to it, like an eye-catching the ambiance, which can only come about with extraordinary interior décor.

In the corporate world, a café is like a recreation center where the employees can sneak out of their monotonous workload and take a break.

Here are nine décor ideas for a luxurious café that will make you a winner within the corporate world.

Mixing walls and shelves

Walls consume the biggest area for any décor. Instead if having bare wall panels, you can customize them in such manner that cubical shelve organizers can be attached to the walls. You can buy metal cubical shelves or even DIY cubicle shelves to give it a more personalized look.

In these shelves, you can keep a number of items for your visitors to choose from such as organic tea leaves, exotic coffee beans, fragrances from around the world and much more.

The exterior of the café

It is especially important for a café inside the corporate sector to be welcoming. The tired workers are in constant search of a resort to rejuvenate their brains and body. The café exterior should at the least give them a similar vibe. Gigantic windows serve a great purpose of giving an idea to the customers of what lies inside the café or even what food is there in today's menu.

Invite our customers with attractive logos and one-liner such as "Want a break, grab a bite!". These catchphrases can be graphically painted o the glass windows or you can use one side of the exterior wall as a blank sheet for your catch lines.

A brilliant lighting design

Inside the corporate office, the eyes of your customers constantly meet a lot of bright light. There can be nothing more soothing to them to have enough natural light which comes with its own health benefits.

Use more subtle lightings such as combinations of yellow and blue to especially give them a positive mood and stimulate their work appetite along with the food appetite.

A lighting system that is breezy gives friendly attire to the interior of the café. For the ease of the customers, you can have smaller lamps in each of the tables which can be accessed as per the wishes of the customers.

Super comfortable seating arrangement

It is not just enough to have comfortable seats in a café within a corporate office. Your customers, the corporate employees seek for something much more, almost as comforting as the bed.

Although it might seem unusual, setting up floor beds in the café will provide your visitors just the ultra comfort, they so eagerly wait for.

You can also add hammocks where your visitors can come and take a quick nap while the food is being prepared.

Bean bags are a must which ensures that your employee-visitors get to act like a sloth bear just for a few minutes in the humdrum of the daily lives.

Grab and Rush scope

It is not always necessary that your customers will have the time to sit and enjoy their meal because they are under the constant pressure of completing their day's target.

Having an option of the takeaway meal will ensure the stomach satisfaction of such busy bees.

Put up a vending machine with a variety of food options such as biscuits, cookies, chocolates, canned drinks, chips, candies, and so on. Because such machines are self-operating, your customers do not have to wait for someone else to serve them. The similar purpose will also be served by putting up coffee and tea vending machines with multiple options to quench the thirst of your visitors.

A hangout center

Make your café a place for social gathering, which is absolutely informal in its nature. You can have various cards, board games, chess, mini carom boards, and various other activities that will take the mind off the formal communication taking place within the office.

You can give your customers a different kind of feel for technology by putting up PlayStations. This will allow visitors to bring out the child hidden under formal clothing.

Green Stressbusters

Could there be anything more than a corporate employee would want than waking on a beach or strolling amidst the mountains?

Give a touch of this feeling to your visitors by adding plants and flowers in the interior of your café. If ty choose the have a beach like an effect, palm or coconut trees are just what you need. Or if you are more of a mountain shepherd, fill your cafe with pines and creepers.

The color green is not only soothing for the brain but is also a necessity for your visitors, who seem to a considerable amount of their team working in front of computer screens.

A stimulating music system

Music is something that brings people from all cultures together and has meditative elements. A good music system installed in the café backed by an excellent and relaxing playlist that can be either instrumental or very subtle will add on to the entire aura of comfort that you plan to provide to your visitors.

Instead of having larger boom boxes, it would be a nice idea to have multiple smaller speakers evenly spread across the café in a manner that melody floats in the air rather than bouncing.

Game of Colors

Give a colorful touch to the café by having multi-colored cushions which will not only add to the comfort but will give a joyous visual pleasure. Bring in cushions of variety of shapes rather than sticking to cubes.

Having colorful rugs and curtains incorporating patterned fabrics will be the perfect partner to bring vibrancy into the rather exasperating workload of to your visitors.
Adding new trends to the décor of your café will create a buzz amongst your visitors and give the workforce of the office a perfect relaxation that they much deserve. Corporate café is a combination of home and work.

So your décor needs to be exuberant but you cannot negate the factor of giving them a welcoming hug!