Choosing and Installing the Right Baffle for Your SpaceIf you think that utility and beauty don’t go hand in hand, think again. When it comes to acoustic baffles, they absolutely do. Baffles are some of the most effective and eye-catching acoustic solutions available and bring great acoustic performance and aesthetics to the space. Sound baffles offer spectacular visual improvements without taking up a footprint in your floor space. If you’re considering incorporating baffles in your commercial space, look below to help choose and install the right acoustic baffling.


Acoustic baffles consist of blades or slender fins that are made from a variety of materials. The materials determine the acoustic performance of the baffle and is also what makes baffles so flexible. From the core to the fabric, you can customize baffles according to your requirements.

Before you make a decision on a baffle, inquire from the provider on the core material and the fabric type that will be used in the baffle. You can choose from all sorts of materials when customizing a baffle like woven fabric, felt, wood finishes, fiberglass, and metal. Make sure that you know the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) ratings for each. If you seek baffles that will provide you excellent sound absorption, then opt for lighter, softer core materials and a felt finish.


Every acoustic provider has its own brand name for each shape/type of acoustic baffle it is offering. A few common ones are below –

Classic Blades

Baffles, in the form of blades and linear designs, are the most popular acoustic solutions that provide reliable acoustic comfort. They come in a variety of sizes, profiles, and color schemes and are ideal for commercial spaces that need widespread acoustic control. You can customize the length, depth, and width of blades according to your requirements as well as the spacing to accommodate your design and acoustical needs.

Waves (Ebbs and Flows)

Waves, or ebbs and flows, are modular solutions that will help you redefine the visual plane of your ceiling. If you need baffles that provide easy access to the plenum, then wave baffles are ideal -- just lift off the panels. These acoustic baffles typically have high sound absorption, but it still varies based on the material used.

Grid (Open Cell)

Grid or open cell baffle solutions are like ‘waffles’ in your ceiling that provide excellent acoustic performance. These are kits that can be installed as individual square or rectangular clouds and can be created in vibrant colors and various sizes and styles. Grid baffle solutions have high NRC ratings and bring a sleek aesthetic.

The type of ceiling you have in your commercial space will shape your acoustic baffle selection strategy. Each provider offers acoustic ceiling baffles in different specifications so make sure you let them know your ceiling type before deciding on an option.

Installing Baffles

Just like materials and appearance, every provider offers multiple baffle installation options for each type. Some even offer multiple mounting options. Blades are usually designed with suspension cables or clips where a bracket fits on the metal latticework of the existing ceiling, while grids can either use magnetic solutions or replace drop tiles entirely.




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