5 On-Trend Ideas for Textured Wall PanelsTextured wall panels are highly recommended to bring life, character, and nuance to any interior space. They can turn an ordinary wall into a stunning and vibrant feature. These panels are a great way to add personality to your walls, usually seen in boutique hotels and fancy cocktail lounges, but are now gaining popularity in more common spaces. Textured wall panels evoke strong visual and tactile reactions with their beautiful range of designs and patterns. If you’re planning to introduce these decorative wall panels in your commercial space, follow these on-trend ideas that will take your space to the next level.

Wood Textured Wall Panels

Wood textured wall panels are warm and rustic, and bring a delightfully welcoming warmth to any space. We’re not talking about the nightmarish paneling seen in the 70’s, but instead realistic modern wood wall panels that create a refined atmosphere. From straight planks to knotted panels, fresh woodgrain to weathered, rustic to reclaimed, there are tons of options available when it comes to wood textured wall panels.

Felt Wall Panels

Felt wall panels are the easiest way to bring style and sound absorption to your interior design. They introduce vivid colors, plush texture and softness to the setting. Felt panels easily turn your ordinary walls into a functional work of art, and make a strong statement as a feature piece. These panels are cozy, on trend, attractive, and will help you find the best potential in your space, aesthetically and acoustically.

Floral Wall Panels

Whether you’re looking for an accent piece for your wall or just want panels that will bring a feel-good factor to your design scheme, floral wall panels are ideal. You can install them corner to corner, floor to ceiling or you can use them as an alternative to traditional headboard. With a wonderful balance of warmth and fun, floral wall panels have a unique charm that can provide your space with light and fun energy.

Waves Wall Panels

If you’re looking for a continuous, flowing design to weave throughout your space, then look no further than waves wall panels. With an amazing 3D design, these wall panels bring a sense of action, movement and continuity to your built environment. Waves wall panels are a dramatic and whimsical way to create visual depth and dimension.

Geometric Wall Panels

Geometric wall panels are some of the most universally respected contemporary paneling solutions around. These 3D wall panels exhibit subtle luxury and sophistication with their unique, graceful architectural applications that come in tessellated shapes that can be expanded to fit any space. If you think that your design scheme needs a dose of understated style, then opt for safe, evergreen geometric wall panels.


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