Why Use Suspended CeilingsThere is a reason why ceilings are called “the forgotten wall.”. Despite being critical in setting the mood in a room, ceilings don’t get the thought and attention they deserve. Ceilings heighten the room’s appeal and are a great way to bring personality to any space. Not just any ceiling can bring glamour to your space, suspended ceilings are the way to go. Also known as ‘dropped ceiling’ or ‘false ceiling’, these are secondary ceilings that are suspended from the structural floor slab above, creating a void between the underside of the floor slab and the top of the suspended ceiling. This gap, often between 3-8 inches, is where the name ‘dropped’ or ‘false’ ceiling comes from.

Suspended ceilings are very popular ceiling treatments in commercial properties and offer a polished, clean finish. They also hide wires, pipeworks, and other installations that can distract people from the visual aesthetics of the setting. One of the most cost-effective ceiling solutions, suspended ceilings offer a variety of benefits. Below are a few reasons why to use suspended ceilings for commercial properties.

Ease of Installation and Removal

Suspended ceilings are not just easy to install but they are easy to remove as well. They are indeed a brilliant solution as you can easily remove them, do the necessary repairs of wiring, pipeworks, etc, and install them again without any fuss. This is especially important for spaces that cannot afford any downtime.


Apart from bringing smooth and attractive visual aesthetics to the setting, suspended ceilings are also known to provide effective acoustical properties. These ceilings act as an effective sound barrier between floors, and with the use of sound absorbing tiles or panels you can create a good acoustic environment in the setting.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Since suspended ceilings are suspended from the structural floor slab above, they lower the ceiling height of the interior space thereby reducing the heating needs of the space. The lower the energy required for heating the space, the lower the energy bill will be with improved insulation.


Poor lighting in commercial areas is one of the major reasons for eye strain, poor productivity, fatigue, and lower concentration levels. The choice of ceiling tiles and panels (glossy, polished, etc) can create bright interiors and enhance the look and feel of the space. Suspended ceiling solutions with a high light reflectance will not only make your interior design more attractive, but it will make it more comfortable.


Suspended ceilings come in fire-resistant options that can offer protection during a fire to allow evacuation. This protection can be for a few minutes to hours, so research your options carefully before choosing one. To increase the protection level, there is also an option of installing additional fire barriers above the suspended ceilings.

Improved Hygiene

Suspended ceilings also come in antimicrobial options that are ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms, etc. There are options that come treated with special formulated antibacterial and other treatments to decrease mould and bacteria.

Concealing Unsightly Elements

As mentioned before, suspended ceilings can conceal wires, pipes, and ductwork effectively and can also help in concealing visual imperfections in the ceiling.