5 Decorative Acoustic Panel IdeasWhether you’re trying to create a productive, acoustically comfortable indoor environment in your commercial space or you’re trying to make a statement by creating a breathtaking design, decorative acoustic panels are all you’re going to need. Gone are the days of strictly utilitarian panels that left you with a visually unbalanced eyesore of a scene. Modern decorative acoustic panels are designed on the principle that aesthetics matter, and don’t have to come at the cost of performance. Below are a few decorative acoustic panel ideas that will satisfy your style and bring exceptional acoustic control to the space.


Instead of being flat planes, your walls can take on visual depth and dimension - this is what 3D acoustic panels will bring to your space. Featuring bold, dramatic patterns. 3D acoustic wall panels will ensure an acoustically calm work environment, as well as a visually interesting modern aesthetic. From organic waves and bubbles to geometric patterns, you can create 3D acoustic panels in a huge number of shapes and designs.


If you’re not one for bold patterns and prefer something understated and classy, then linear acoustic panels are ideal for you. A great choice for a formal environment, these decorative panels introduce clean lines and a sleek, minimal look to the environment. You can opt for colors or just go with classic white or black for a more subtle appeal.


One-of-a-kind decorative acoustic panels featuring overhead clouds, these architectural elements will enable you to create conversation areas and meeting spots with suspended clouds hanging from the ceiling. 

Divider Screens

Acoustic dividers screens are at the pinnacle of versatility. These screens can be suspended from the ceiling and hung between working pods, dividing your open office space into small teams with as much or as little privacy and separation as you desire. Suspended acoustic dividers screens also leave a lot of room for customization in their colors, materials, and also the carving shapes and designs they use.

Flat Panels

There’s nothing more efficient for noise control than flat acoustic wall panels. Cover huge areas at a time and choose the perfect colors for your space, and watch your space transform visibly and audibly. When you’re under a budget, or you just need maximal acoustic control, you’ll find the best results with large acoustic panels.